Jesse Ventura to Host Daily Internet Show Blasting American ‘Hypocrisy’ (VIDEO)

Jesse Ventura Host Daily Internet Show

‘Off the Grid’ on Ora TV will feature ex-wrestler and former pol opining on current events and U.S. politics

Jesse Ventura is set to host “Off the Grid,” a daily talkshow on Internet-video site Ora TV that will feature the ex-wrestler, former Minnesota governor and libertarian rabble-rouser sounding off on a range of current events.

The show, to debut in January, will cover topics ranging from Obamacare to the NSA spying scandal — focusing, Ventura said, on the hypocrisy of America’s political leaders.

“I have a difficult time being able to express my independent viewpoints about our country,” said Ventura, whose real name is James Janos. “What we have with Ora is a means to express myself uninhibited. I can say what I feel without censorship.”

Ora TV’s major investor is América Móvil, the Latin American wireless service provider majority owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. Ventura hooked up with the New York-based webcaster after he appeared on Larry King’s “Politicking” talkshow, which also is produced by Ora TV.

“Larry and I got discussing, and he said, ‘They’ll give you the freedom to do what you want,'” Ventura said.

In a dollop of marketing hype, Ventura said “Off the Grid” will be produced at “undisclosed locations” outside the United States, purportedly to avoid the threat of government censorship. “This will be like Radio Free Europe, broadcasting propaganda over the Iron Curtain,” he said. “This will be Internet Free America.”

“Off the Grid” is tentatively scheduled to go live Jan. 20, 2014. The show will tape two or three days per week and run four to five episodes weekly on Ora.TV, with additional segments during the elections. Allison Glader and Jason Rovou are executive producers.

Ventura, 62, said the Internet broadcasting format will free him from the interference he’s encountered in the TV biz. In 2003, after leaving the Minnesota governor’s office, he signed a three-year contract with MSNBC — but, he claimed, “unfortunately they didn’t let anyone on the air who disagreed with the Iraq war. I got paid for three years and I did nothing.”

As an example of the “hypocrisy” he plans to highlight, Ventura criticized American leaders who eulogized Nelson Mandela even as the country continues to operate the Guantanamo Bay military detention facility. “The hypocrisy of the U.S. is [that it is] holding people in Guantanamo until they die. How dare we go honor Nelson Mandela when we are doing the same thing?”

He likened the approach of “Off the Grid” to the show he had on Turner’s TruTV, “Conspiracy Theory,” which ran from 2009 to 2012. “We’ll go to places and talk about things you won’t hear in the mainstream media,” Ventura said.

Ventura’s show will be free to watch. Ora TV is approaching prospective advertisers about sponsoring “Off the Grid.” CEO Jon Housman admitted the show will appeal to a narrower set of marketers than more general-interest fare: “Political content tends to attract different kinds of advertisers.”

Watch a teaser for Jesse Ventura’s “Off the Grid”:

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  1. IT 2 IT says:

    The CRED of the KYLE story, as presented and promoted, is GONE.

    Likewise with the KOREAN WAR ——‘unconscious’ EASTWOOD.

    He’s spend over a decade now delivering one POST America demoralization op
    after another.

    With the ‘on cue’ American Sniper prop op —he’s bringing demoralization ops
    to a whole new, deeper level.

  2. tin foil says:

    Jessie, If I where you I’d be very careful. You and your son have obviously been subjected to some sort of government x-ray or laser weapon in the past and it appears it is ongoing!!! Stay with me on this , I’ll make it brief. The program was developed shortly after WW ll by an agency that would become DARPA. The project code named (BALLD) was to be the governments first foray into deathrays. It was a initially and purposely developed to be low powered and then scaled up to apocalyptic levels of power if it was sucsefull at low power stages. The code name (BALLD) stands for (Brief Alternating Laser Light Defolicalization). I attached a PDF that fully explains the (BALLD) history and results.I urge you and your son to read it. For I fear you have fallen victim of being (BALLD)!!! Thanks, Tin Foilhat

    • ninny says:

      Defolicalization, Is that even a word? Genetics<—– Does any one know exactly why people go bald? I don't. Great joke tho, hasn't gone unappreciated.

  3. Derek says:

    Jesse Ventura is a true patriot that has served our country, and he keeps continuing to serve the American people. Additionally, people say I am too liberal in my views, but I would vote for Gov. Ventura over any other politician. Why? We need more politicians questioning, and fixing the dysfunctioning by not adding to it. That is why I refer to Einstein, which he always said to question everything. Gov. Ventura does a good at questioning the the individuals that work for the government, which are representing personal corporate interest. As long as we have corporate lobbyist that out number the grassroots lobbying in this country. People might realize its not the government, but interest groups. I look forward to his radio show, and wish him best of luck. From one veteran to another.. Thank you for service to our country…

  4. Christopher says:

    As a producer and Brooklyn photographer any time you need any sort of help from me, you got it! I believe in Jesse Ventura as a true leader and a proud American. I’m so sick of the brainwashing that is now looked upon as truth which is crazy. It saddens me that so many people are to lazy to wake up, to distracted to peek behind the curtain. Freedom is both sides so I want to hear what Jesse has to say.

  5. brandon keown says:

    Jesse Ventura needs to run for president

  6. Terri Oke says:

    It totally disgusts me that the media NEVER says that Jesse was a NAVY SEAL!!!
    Makes them look soooo ignorant and makes me suspicious of their intent too. js

  7. Karimster says:

    Jesse for President! Only with someone like him does the world stand a chance. One can only hope he isn’t assassinated. Seems Haliburton and it’s cronies rule the world…. Haarp’s working all right! Sure like to here what he has to say about Fukishima. First Hero-shima, Now Fuk-ushima. Peace

    • Lisa says:

      I was worried about him getting assassinated, but how clever he is to write a book about kennedy assassination. if they try to take him down, it’s going to look really bad for them.

  8. Justin says:

    I’ve been dying to hear some new info from Jesse. I was oblivious to politics until he lit a fire under my ass. Ventura 2016!!!

  9. Alissa says:

    I remember the days of Radio Free Europe – so cool to bring that concept back. All the major networks cover the same news. I’ll definitely be watching!! Jesse is my hero!

  10. Steve says:

    Jesse Ventura 2016!! Cant wait to see what he exposes on the new show!

  11. Lisa says:

    Jesse Ventura and Bernie Sanders for Pres and Vice

  12. Leslie Davis says:

    Jesse Ventura is a dangerous man who cannot be trusted.
    He defrauded the people of Minnesota to become Governor.
    He lied about being a Navy SEAL and stole the valor of others
    for publicity to win the 1998 election by 56,363 votes, less
    than 3% of the 2 million votes cast.
    Ventura bribed a guy to leave the 1998 Reform Party so he
    wouldn’t have competition in the primary and when complaints
    were filed against him for election violations he bribed the
    investigators to fix the investigation of the complaints.
    This is well documented in my book “ALWAYS CHEAT”.
    Call me for a complimentary copy.
    Leslie Davis – 612-529-5253

    • Mr. Davis, you and the rest of the right is what is wrong with our country, you are a relic, of an out dated, cold war conservative who has out lived any usefulness you may have had, where did you serve? Which war did you fight in? chances are you didn’t, otherwise you would known that Jesse is a vet, you are what is called a tweener, in between Korea and Viet Nam, or perhaps you had mommy and daddy got you that deferment so you would have to go, like silver spooner George W and Clinton, at any case, it is old farts like you, that believe in the “trickle down effect” as well as, the ends DOES justify the means, and like a bobble head Nixon doll you believe in all that the present administration is doing is “right” because after all, “Americans are some how better then everyone else” and our president is deserving our respect, well Mr. Davis, I have some news for you, people like you, McCain, Graham, Feinstein, have absolutely nothing to offer the young Americans who will govern this nation, your thoughts and beliefs are nothing more than a mustard fart in a strong headwind, maybe now would be a good time for you to go visit those kids that don’t have anything to do with you because they think your an ass, you are as out of place, out of step, and awkward in thinking, as a three legged cat trying to covering a trud on a frozen pond, and if you think distorting the facts, is somehow going to help your Grand Old Party, perhaps it would be best if you had that party back at your assisted living center recreation room during bingo, whereas all you having said here is nonsense and holds no water, just you, and as this country changes around you, know this we’re correct in our thoughts and deeds and your not.

    • Leslie Davis First of all you are spouting LIES about Jesse Ventura,I was in BUD/s and I can say I Personally looked up Jesse Ventura in the Navy Seal BUD/s quarterdeck computer while Standing watch. His name at the time was James George Janos at the time of his BUD/s UDT class. You CLEARLY have ZERO credibility in anything you say so please SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH AND LEAVE THE UNITED STATES IMMEDIATELY.

      • Tom says:

        Thanks Daniel for responding quickly to defuse and debunk the fraud fakesters willing to spew smut to mount the Hillary backers at all costs…

      • And to Back up my FACTS I was in BUD/s class 246 in the spring/summer of 2003 at Naval Special Warfare Command In Coronado CA 2446 trident way 92155. Why dont you call and ask them yourself (619) 437-2351. VENTURA/PAUL 2016!! LOVE YOU JESSE!!!

    • Tom says:

      Leslie- that is such bullsh*&- wow- I am from Minnesota and tracked Jesse’s term as Governor and how he got there- you are a fraud – fake- are you of party to the READY FOR HILLARY stooges?

  13. desi says:

    Dear Governor

    Cant wait for ur new show to launch! Pls Pls Pls seriously consider 2016!

    • Tom says:

      Me too! That is why I have researched and got the forms to put Jesse on the ballot in my state of Hawaii as an INDEPENDENT candidate for 2016- remember now- it is up to us to get Jesse on the ballot- he will run if we at our grassroots level get him to qualify at each state – I am already on top of it for Hawaii- we need the other 49 states to follow suit.

  14. Jesse Ventura 2016!!! I love that there is a new show from Jesse! :) I can’t wait! My excitement is just boiling over and I can hardly contain it!

  15. Tom Berg says:

    Here in Hawaii we desperately need a third party to emerge- a true independent – to legalize industrial hemp, decriminalize marijuana, put our money into fixing our own infrastructure instead of on foreign nations who spit on and burn our flag, repeal Citizens United- take the money out of elections, and most importantly, empower Americans to be free from government intrusions known and unknown. Pull our military out of foreign soil and put them on the border here instead- guarding our harbors etc. Absolutely Jesse in 2016.

  16. Art says:

    Jesse Ventura 2016!

  17. Diana says:

    I hope one day Jesse Ventura will one day see truth IS= Father God and so are his words ,all truth .If Jesse Ventura can recognize follow the money (the love of money is the root of all evil)and the lies of governments and the evil they do , he surely can recognize the opposite of that .Truth is my 1st love!

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