CBS Blocks Time Warner Cable Internet Users from Full Episodes Online

CBS Blocks Time Warner Cable Internet

The TV war between CBS and Time Warner Cable boiled over into online video Friday, as the Eye retaliated against the operator by blocking all TW Cable broadband customers from accessing full episodes on and mobile apps.

CBS-owned local TV stations went dark in several Time Warner Cable markets Friday, including New York, L.A. and Dallas, and the cable operator removed Showtime and three other cable nets.

TW Cable broadband customers across the MSO’s entire U.S. footprint who attempt to access content on now see a message that the videos are unavailable.

“If Time Warner Cable is a customer’s Internet service provider, then their access to CBS full episode content via online and mobile platforms has been suspended as a result of Time Warner Cable’s decision to drop CBS and Showtime from their market,” CBS spokesman Dan McClintock said in an email. “As soon as CBS is restored on Time Warner Cable systems in affected markets, that content will be accessible again.”

Time Warner Cable, in a statement, said, “CBS has shown utter lack of regard for consumers by blocking Time Warner Cable’s customers, including our high-speed data only customers, from accessing their shows on their free website. CBS enjoys the privilege of using public owned airwaves to deliver their programming — they should not be allowed to abuse that privilege.”

Programmers engaged in disputes with pay TV ops have in the past blocked or removed free Internet videos, trying to gain leverage. In October 2010, Fox temporarily blocked Cablevision broadband subs from watching shows online via and Hulu. Last summer, Viacom pulled dozens of free, full-length eps from its websites during a carriage fight with DirecTV, a move that affected all Internet users.

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  1. Use Formula Or Go To Your Car says:

    Eff CBS. Greedy pigs think they can charge 6 times as everyone else when I can get it for FREE on antannae t.v. and online. I BETTER not have to be paying an extra 1.00 a month for their garbage.

  2. Prof. L. Stouder says:

    This is ridiculous and outrageous. Not only is it censorship, but it is discriminatory. This is a sleazy, underhanded tactic. Live programs are not even available via the Internet. So, what is the point? Deprive me know and gouge me for more money later for something you give away over the air. Not only that, when I pay for it via cable, I still have to watch the advertising from which you collect you millions. Isn’t that double dipping?I am outraged at this greedy, misdirected move by CBS. I would like to see a class-action lawsuit against CBS on this. CBS wants outrage, they got outrage.

  3. Dennis McHaney says:

    Making Showtime fans suffer for using Time Warner shows who the villain is here. Many users don’t have any other options if they want high speed internet. I wouldn’t go near TWC if I had a better choice, but I don’t. I will never watch a CBS program again, no matter what happens. CBS and Time Warner are both acting like stubborn children.

  4. james says:

    TWC charges me a fortune for their service. As far as my Manhattan building is concerned, they have a monopoly. So I either pay them, or use rabbit ears for terrestrial TV. They make huge profits from these monopolies. PAY CBS whatever ou have to pay them, TWC, out of the ridiculous profits you make, and do not pass the cost on to me. And get my my CBS back.

  5. Glenda says:

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  6. john philips says:

    I’ll be watching CBS online with VPN. For showtime, there’s always P2P..

  7. The Eye sucks says:

    CBS (run by “Les is Less” Moonves) are greedy bastards. You will lose and already have!

  8. CMB says:

    CBS has online programming is available free of charge to the public (provided you watch the commercials – which is fair) but they are blocking access to selected internet providers. This is unfair – I am not affected by this blockage and I have not lost access to CBS either through cable TV or Internet. But I MUST protest their action as being a CENSORSHIP of the internet based on THE INTERNET PROVIDER ONLY>

  9. Carl says:

    CBS is evil. I stopped watching their shows years ago when they played 1 season of The Mentalist online, then told us we had to watch on TV. No TV show is good enough to let them push me around (The Mentalist itself is not even near the top), so I avoided CBS altogether. FU.

    I returned to CBS not long ago when they resumed streaming that show. And now they are once again playing games, telling me I can’t watch TV because they are having a fight with my INTERNET provider over the cable TV service I don’t even use.

    I eagerly await the death of the “broadcast” dinosaurs and their control over everything. The news is no longer controlled by ancient firms which were once special just because they had the ability to print ink on paper. Soon, video entertainment will no longer be controlled by antique blowhards who were only once special because they had metal antennas and licenses for RF broadcasting.

    Time Warner is evil enough too. They are now charging me $4/month to “lease” a $20 cable modem which I have been using for 5 years, so it’s not like I am taking their side.

  10. Dear CBS. Go fuck yourself. I am on TWC. But our CBS is broadcast over a local station, so we still have access to CBS on the TV. Why am I being punished for which internet service I use? You are PUNISHING VIEWERS NOT TIME WARNER. Go fuck yourself and die.

    • Use Formula Or Go To Your Car says:

      You got it. Same here–CBS can fuck off and die. I have TWC, antennae tv AND a non-TWC internet connection, so I can watch it anywhere I want. Greedy bastards.

  11. or do something simpler and change your Proxy server in IE, Firefox or Chrome

    just look up how to do it in each of your different browsers

  12. CBS and its affiliates enjoy very high advertising rates that have been set thanks to the number of eyeballs those commercials reach. The number of eyeballs those commercials reach is high thanks to cable companies like TWC. Take away those cable companies and you drastically cut the number of people seeing CBS programming…and by extension, its commercials.

    So here’s the natural question: Does CBS share any of that advertising revenue with TWC or any other cable company? If not, why not? After all, the cable companies are the ones who are able to deliver those viewers. Put another way, advertisers should immediately demand a cut to their ad rates because CBS and its affiliates are NOT delivering the number of viewers those rates are predicated on.

  13. Steve Tapp says:

    Cable customers, that input on the back of your TV works with an antenna as well as with a cable box. You can likely rig up a duplex input if you need to. I record any traditionally OTA broadcast program I want with an inexpensive USB tuner attached to my PC using its own or Windows Media Center software, and in higher resolution than the typically more compressed cable company version of the signal. All cable companies should be required to integrate an OTA antenna input into their set-top boxes, harmonized — as far as channel numbering is concerned — in favor of FCC-assigned channel numbering, so that, for example, your OTA channel 4 MUST appear within the cable company’s numbering system as channel 4, with subchannels such as 4.1 and 4.2 appearing as assigned by the FCC in over-the-air reception and tuning, without any additional switching between OTA and cable sources being required. Conversely, at the same time, both “must-carry” and retransmission fees should be abolished in favor of voluntary market sorting-out.

    • Tim says:

      That would be nice if I could get OTA where I live. I am stuck with cable/satellite/phone for any live TV viewing.

      I am not sure of the affect it would have on streaming TV, but if I were a TWC internet user I would check out one of the anonymizer services that are out there.

      • Steve Wetzel says:

        Don’t forget that OTA (OverTheAir) transmissions are much faster received than cable. My father and I can watch the same football game, and I’ll be a good 9-10 seconds ahead of his Comcast channel. BTW – a digital signal carries much further than an analogue signal.That old antenna? Hook it up!

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