Time Warner Cable Will Credit Showtime Subs for Blackout, But Nothing for Loss of CBS

Cable op’s customers nationwide lost access to premium cabler Friday, and CBS stations went dark in eight TW Cable markets

Time Warner Cable will extend credits to Showtime subscribers after the operator dropped the net Friday as part of the MSO’s contract battle with premium cabler’s parent CBS, but it will not credit customers for the Eye’s local TV stations that also went dark in New York, L.A., Dallas and elsewhere.

The operator’s customers who subscribe to Showtime and The Movie Channel will receive a credit retroactive to the first day of the blackout.

While the blackout is in effect, “as a courtesy, we are providing alternative programming from Starz and/or Encore” to Showtime customers, the MSO said.

CBS, however, is part of TW Cable’s basic programming package and “the pieces of that package change from time to time — sometimes we add channels, and sometimes we drop them,” Time Warner Cable rep Maureen Huff said. “We do not make it a policy to credit customers for any individual channel change, because the whole package continues to provide value.”

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At around 5 p.m. Eastern Friday, Time Warner Cable removed CBS-owned stations in New York, L.A., Dallas and five other markets from customer lineups. It also dropped Showtime, TMC, Flix and Smithsonian services nationwide.

The blackouts came after weeks of contentious negotiations and several extensions to the companies’ previous agreement, struck in 2008. The chief sticking point is the rate increase CBS is asking for local TV stations: Time Warner Cable says the Eye is demanding 600% more than the operator pays other CBS affiliates, an assertion CBS called “fictional and ridiculous.”

According to Showtime, premium cabler had authorized TW Cable to continue carrying the channel while negotiations continued.

“Showtime has been working in good faith with Time Warner Cable to work out a contract, and is deeply disappointed with Time Warner Cable’s decision to pull Showtime channels,” network said in a statement.

Showtime is blacked out not only for Time Warner Cable customers, but also for subscribers of Bright House Networks, which has an arrangement with the larger operator to piggyback on its programming deals.

Meanwhile, CBS Sports issued an advisory Friday that Time Warner Cable subscribers in the affected local markets “will be deprived” of the Eye’s live the World Golf Championships: Bridgestone Invitational coverage beginning on Saturday, Aug. 3. In addition, broadcaster said those cable subs will miss CBS Sports’ coverage of the season’s final major, the PGA Championship beginning Thursday, Aug. 8, and continuing through final-round coverage on Sunday, Aug. 11.

In addition, CBS said Time Warner Cable subscribers in New York will miss the Aug. 9 NFL preseason game between the New York Jets at Detroit Lions and the Aug. 17 Jets vs. Jacksonville Jaguars matchup. The operator’s L.A. subs will miss the Aug. 5-6 Dodgers at St. Louis Cardinals games on KCAL 9; the Aug. 8 San Diego Chargers vs. Seattle Seahawks game; the Aug. 13 Dodgers vs. New York Mets game; and Aug. 18 Dodgers at Philadelphia Phillies game.

In Dallas-Ft. Worth, Time Warner Cable subscribers will miss games including the Aug. 2 Texas Rangers at Oakland Athletics game on TXA 21, Aug. 9 Dallas Cowboys at Oakland Raiders preseason game and the Aug. 9 Texas Rangers at Houston Astros game.

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  1. KLS says:

    It is frustrating when Showtime is removed by Time Warner for ‘outrageous demands’ by CBS and they can’t or won’t tell me what those outrageous demands are. It’s a pay channel. Tell me what I’d have to pay and I’ll decide if I’m willing to accept the increase in my cable bill or not.

  2. Prentis Hancock says:

    Bring Showtime back now! The arrogance of power portrayed by Time Warner Cable is mindboggling. Do the right thing.

  3. kina mathis says:

    I don’t care about money, I WANT SHOWTIME!!!!! I will pay a shitload of money right now if they will let me watch my goddamn shows! That’s stupid your obviously not a Dexter fan! I don’t even have the option of paying more to see my damn shows! That’s stupid man, you have customers saying please let me pay for showtime at least give me the option and we don’t even have that! I think everyone who runs every cable provider on the planet should have to be a huge tv fan so when shit like this happens the fans missing their shows would be the most important thing being discussed!!!!! Nobody cares that Dexter fans are missing the last six episodes the last season ever!!! Dexter is over after this year and I’m missing it and nobody cares! Fuck Time Warner, they don’t give two shits about their customers and that’s why they suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Eric says:

    All you idiots here bitching that TWC has screwed you are missing the point. You are probably the same ppl who complain about rate increases and hikes..you cant have it both ways. I for one, am willing to put up with this for awhile to keep my cable bill from going up. lets see who blinks first, if its TWC.. your bill is going up.

    • kina mathis says:

      Who cares? Let my freaking bill go up!!! I need Dexter, I need homeland, I need showtime!!!! And I’m going where I can get it!

  5. Dawn says:

    i’m missing dexter right now and if it does not come back i will miss homeland. what a bunch of crap. better get a refund and now i need to find another way to watch this show. so mad. it’s the one thing i look forward to on sundays and they gotta go F it up. thanks TWC you suck. i have thought that from day one but you are the only carrier in my area. might have to do dish or direct tv now.

  6. gypsy says:

    I have had enough. This is total hogwash. I pay way too much for way too little. I’ll be leading the charge to dump TWC and go w/ satellite if I’m forced to miss one more episode of Ray Donovan. Expect to see me w/ a big picket sign and 1000 of my extremely unsatisfied friends on the news. You money grubbing SOB’s

  7. Carine says:

    And no cbs/showtime in Hawaii!! :(

  8. Daniel says:

    CBS should just sell their own little small package so we don’t need a middle man like time warner and I could just watch my shows via apps

  9. Mary says:

    Better get your act together Time Warner or customers will leaving in droves – disgusting!

  10. larry says:

    i have gone on to at&t. good riddens twc, you did it to your ownself.

  11. HH says:

    That ought to be worth about 3 dollars. You can go buy a very large drink with that (if you don’t live in NYC).

  12. HH says:

    That’s fine. CBS is no real loss anyway.

  13. Trail_Boss says:

    Who cares? Good by and good riddance CBS. In this day and age there is no reason we should have to buy a hundred channels we don’t watch.

  14. james says:


  15. Chanel B says:

    The blackout in Dallas has also caused some type of glich because I also lost Starz & Starz On Demand which I pay for. I’m extremely upset that TWC can hold my cable service hostage!

  16. Linda says:

    People who subscribed to Showtime & TMC should band together to file a class action lawsuit against Time Warner Cable for breach of contract for denying people services that they pay for IN ADVANCE.

  17. deborah holt says:

    I agree with all nine comments. Nothing much left to add to the nine outraged comments

  18. Sandra says:

    Shame on you Time Warner!!! I pay extra for this tier of shows and I do expect a refund. I for one will be leaving your company. There are other companies that care about their customer! I do not call this good customer service.

  19. Angel says:

    It is a sad day in DFW, when the upwards of 9 channels are removed from my line up. Thanks TWC for reminding me why I left Comcast as you moved into the market a few years back. I appreciate, losing more than half of my high content programming. I appreciate the opportunity to consider alternatives for the preseason kicks in to full swing. Loving the the fact that NBC carries the first game, which is plenty of time to find a provider that actually meets my needs. Fyi, at least 25% of your subscriber base subscribed, because an “antenna” was ineffectual. Dishearten by the lack of consideration on the people that pay the bills.

  20. Sean says:

    Thank you TWC!! CBS Stinks!!

  21. Mitch O says:

    TWC and CBS both suck. They already charge too much for programming and already losing viewers to Internet and satellite. Why lead the charge with your outrageous claims against each other?

  22. Laura Ferruchie says:

    THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!!!! I want dexter & ray Donovan back!! Ahhhhhh so mad I hate u time Warner cable

  23. JayChen says:

    These stations are basic services we rely on for local news. They used to come free via antenna. I don’t care the justification or the outrageousness of the demand. Work out the differences or expect folks to bail. Starz kids programming (what’s being offered in LA) is not an adequate substitute, incidentally. Many of are not kids and we pay way too much for too little as it is. How about TCM at least?

  24. HMarie says:

    I am going to encourage everyone I know that has TWC to get another provider. How could they make us pay all this money and THEY choose to cut our programming! How dare they do this! They’ve been charging us outlandish prices for the poor quality of programs they give — robbing customers blind – this is just Karma for them! Let them see how it feels…and watch their customers leave and go to their competitors!

  25. Nope says:

    Time Warner cable is terrible service nd product. Crush them

  26. Fuck says:

    No time Warner cable for me. It is a terrible service

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