Ted Cruz to Guest on ‘Tonight Show with Jay Leno’

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), the political face of the recent government shutdown, will make his first late night TV appearance on Nov. 8 when he guests on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

Cruz’s appearance reflects the increasingly common trend of political figures, no matter how controversial, venturing into late night, often in hopes of softening their image or reaching audiences normally not tuned in to politics. Cruz is mentioned as a possible candidate in 2016, and his appearance would be in line with other past candidates who have appeared in late night in advance of a run. In 2010, Mitt Romney appeared on “Late Show with David Letterman” as he promoted his pre-campaign tome, “No Apology.”

PHOTOS: Politicians on Late Night TV

In a press release, NBC said that Cruz will discuss the government shutdown, the debt ceiling, Washington gridlock and the state of the Republican party.

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  1. James R Phillips says:

    Pandering to the extreme right or left is dangerous. Has big media lost it’s sense of responsibility?

  2. Lloyd says:

    Can’t wait
    Way to go Ted

  3. Dick Delson says:

    Ted Cruz is a loud mouth idiot. If he’s the best thew GOP has to offer, it will be a long time before Republicans regain the Presidency.

    • yeziam12 says:

      Cruz is a loud mouth idiot…if you fall for that, I’m happy to inform his tactics will likely get no better than simply putting things off. He has “nothing up his sleeve” or apparently the mental agility to find anything other than fake filibusters – just another failed stall tactic. Yeah, put you money on that dark horse, I’ll be glad to take that bet.

  4. yvonne p. rivera says:

    i am waiting for him to appear, on the rachel maddow, ed, politics nation and lawrence odonnell shows, since he is such a showman.

  5. Marsha says:

    Jay, thank you for having Ted Cruz! He’s a scholar, graduated with honors from Harvard. He’s a strong man of valor and integrity who keeps his word. He represents so many of middle class, hard working, God loving rural Americans who have given blood, sweat & tears to our country. Bless you for honoring us!

  6. Ava Hutchens says:

    Will look forward to watching this show. I always liked Jay and Ted Cruz is awesome.

  7. lede says:

    Guess Jay is saying…”what the hell, they have cancelled my show and I don’t care how low I stoop. Come on Rafael Cruz”.

  8. Kate says:

    Why is he controversial? Because he believes in small government, lower taxes and working of the 17 Trillion dollar debt. I call that the only sane one up there in DC

  9. Jim Moore says:

    Make ’em laugh, Ted.

  10. SeeEss says:

    Better for him to be on Jay leno. He is a decent man. Unlike David Letterman who should be run out of town for his lair @ CBS where he screwed any intern he could get his hands on while the mother of his child- he didn’t even have the decency to marry her- is made a fool of. I could never stand Letterman and his nasty, mean streak. Anyone capable of doing what he did is contemptible.

  11. Phyllis Tarbox says:

    Great to see so many quoting the Faux/GOP party line regarding ACA …

    Remember the good old days before “Obamacare” when”

    Insurance companies could deny coverage for pre-existing conditions, which they, not you got to define and determine.

    If they had to play a claim, insurance companies could drop you from coverage as punishment for actually receiving the services you paid for.

    You could not appeal an insurance company’s decision.

    Insurance companies had an annual and lifetime cap on how much they would pay out to you, and caps were ridiculously low.

    Your kids were dumped from your healthcare plans at 21, sometimes at 18.

    Insurance companies could spend a pittance of your premium on actual healthcare services, while funneling most of it to sky high executive pay and bonuses.

    Over 40 million Americans were uninsured, with zero financial assistance.

    The leading cause of bankruptcy (even for those who thought they had good coverage) was healthcare bills.

    Yes, Obamacare has been a wreck. Let’s long for the good old rigged insurance system.

    Survey says, the GOP shoulders the blame for the government shutdown. The times are a changing and except for their “safe” gerrymandered districts, the GOP won’t be winning any elections for the foreseeable future.

    Now schedule Dennis Miller and Bill O’Rilley or Rush Oxycotin and you’ll have a right wing circle jerk.

  12. lcky9 says:

    well while I believe that a PRESIDENT shouldn’t do late nite T.V. Cruz is a senator.. with that being said this just might be what is needed to WAKE UP the part of America still sleeping.. a nice slap of REALITY..

  13. Bruce Wing says:

    good for Ted Cruz
    we are behind his honest disapproval of the regime and policies
    we hope he succeeds
    we demand the GOP listen

  14. yeziam12 says:

    A recent poll asked who should get credit for ending the government shutdown. It offered all the usual political suspects as answers.

    But voters in the poll overwhelming chose the only answer not attributed to an individual, which was

    “No one, this never should have happened in the first place” 57.02%.

    So there is the answer to Cruz’s divisive politics and juvenile plan to defund ACA. His best idea was to hold a pointless and fruitless filibuster hoping for a miracle. He failed in that attempt and the American public has spoken, yet his hubris keeps him careening down the track like a derailing high speed freight train! What a joke.

    I’m sure Cruz will do well on the Tonight Show, they have a lot of comedy acts.

    • lcky9 says:

      bet they do to.. HOWEVER at least they are not OUT AND OUT LIARS..

      • ILS says:


        When you use too, as in also, it’s spelled “too,” not “to.”

        It’s unclear whom you claim to be “out and out liars,” but based on your lack of education, it’s safe to say that you are aiming your animosity toward socialists. My presumption is a generalization based on a correlation: i.e., the same reasoning you use to frisk black people, interrogate brown people, and nuke towel-heads.

        The irony is that well financed propaganda combined with disparity of education is what allows a wealthy educated minority to trick people like you into voting for “out and out liars.”

  15. Chris B. says:

    No matter how controversial? Apparently believing in personal freedom and getting government out of every aspect of our lives now makes you controversial??? I hope Senator Cruz will be able to speak frankly and people will begin to see what a real leader looks like and what we should be standing for instead of the twisted image given by the media. I’m delighted he’s beginning to get the airtime he deserves.

  16. Sammy Hains says:

    What’s so controversial about Ted Cruz?
    It’s not like he canceled millions of people’s health insurance.

  17. craig says:

    don’t forget about Bush he did a number on the Constitution also! be fair Cruz 2016 f the nwo

  18. No matter “how controversial”. Oh that explains why Obama goes on late night tv. No one could be more controversial than he is.

    • yvonne p. rivera says:

      people forget that “little” teddy is an immigrant, and so is his daddy. he has always tried to pretend he is something he is not. he wants so very very hard to be accepted.

  19. Dave says:

    Born in Canada.

  20. rocco says:

    Leno is an a-hole, and so is Cruz. Cruz would be better off doing Stupid Pet Tricks with the idiots who make up the “base.”

  21. Dave says:

    He attended HAAVAAD. I have my doubts about the Constitution ever being honored.

  22. Jeff says:

    Can’t wait to see this. It will be interesting to see how Leno treats Cruz during and between the jokes and/or skits (it is after all a comedy show). Leno has demonstrated in the past that he’s at the very least not a liberal sycophant. Hopefully Cruz will get a chance to make some comments that hit home with viewers’ common sense.

  23. Now that will be dvr’ed in my house!

  24. Sara pierson says:

    Now THIS is a reason to watch. Cruz ROCKS!

  25. Flashdealer says:

    Save some for me!!!

  26. tdb3 says:

    Cruz is the right guy for Leno to have because Leno doesn’t care to much for Obama in the least!

  27. Now THIS guy is smart and is a REAL Constitutional scholar! Love this guy! Gives me hope that America won’t be totally destroyed after all.

  28. Remarks says:

    Now that’s a late show I’ll watch. Love Ted!!!

  29. inio says:

    Love Ted Cruz no lies.. No bull.

  30. Robb Nunya says:

    Now get Bill Murray on there… just for fun!

    • Jamesb says:

      HA! I love Ted Cruz, like Bill Murray and – sometimes – in some photos I’ve seen, they look like brothers! Good catch.

  31. Edward Tipperary says:

    I’ve come here directly from the Drudge Report to say a few nice things about Ted Cruz.

    Tough job though. Ever since his clown show shutdown racked up a bill for $24 billion dollars and flushed the Repubs down the toilet in the polls, I’m having a hard time rooting for this guy.

    Maybe he can shut down the Tonight Show too? That’d be something to watch.

    • Ryk E Lee says:

      Yeah, you can dream.

    • Matt K says:

      Anyone who blames one side or the other for the shutdown is blinded by party rhetoric. Both sides were for the shutdown because they were having a ball working the people with propaganda. The problem is the retarded system we are using. Shutdowns are a part of it. If you don’t get that, you aren’t paying close enough attention. Enough with the R vs D stuff. It is so old at this point and clearly holding us back from improving our system. Stop being such a bunch of pathetic suckers and shoving your head up your party’s a**.

  32. Ted Hampton says:

    Ted Cruz is right! Unfortunately, the media and the democrats will smear him relentlessly.

  33. MIsty1CA says:

    I don’t watch Jay Leno, but I will when he has Cruz on. Cruz is a constitutionalist’s dream. I beleive we have found a leader.

  34. iri says:

    Don’t look for Ted to talk trash about our President but he will savage the way things are done in DC on both sides of the aisle. Let’s face it, Obama is really too easy a target. It would be like shooting a lame duck in a barrel.

  35. iri says:

    I like Ted but wished he’d made a little more noise and found a way to truly shut down the government. Leno is going to have fun with him, in a good way. Ted should make for a very interesting guest and pave the way for Jay to get a new gig…on FOX???? Jay’s the best late night host since Carson, not as good but still a respectable personality. Good luck to him and to Ted.

    • Dave says:

      I haven’t forgotten how he relentlessly trashed Palin.

      • Tyler Mott says:

        Leno is an equal opportunity trasher. Unlike Letterman who is a diehard liberal and refuses to trash Obama, at least Leno is fair by making fun of everybody. And he doesn’t go over the line when doing it. But as far as I can tell, Leno’s the only one who even dares to make jokes about Obama.

  36. Boswick says:

    Love Ted and his father!

  37. Al Lee says:

    Uhh..Veronica: I hope you will also be watching on November 8th. That’s the date that Ted Cruz will be on the show.

  38. I don’t watch this show but I will be tonight. AWESOME!!!

  39. darcysport says:

    He does not need to “soften” his image. He merely needs to speak the truth, as he has been doing, and it will ring true. Just for kicks, I’d like to ask the author if he believes a Democrat ever has to “soften his image”? Hmm? No, the media (the author included) does that for them.

  40. Brian in DC says:

    Love this guy. A fiscal conservative that doesn’t harp on the social issues. Extremely intelligent as well.

  41. Huge Heffner says:

    (from NJ)… “GO TX”….”GO TED!”

  42. Donna Cagle says:

    Google: Rand Paul Blue Cross Blue Shield

    I hope Jay asks Ted if he is selling out the American Public like Rand Paul… Or because his wife is GoldMan Sachs is he going to play into their hands because obviously they pay for his insurance, paid for his campaign and his wife….

    Search: VBN America

    We know that there are a lot of republicans playing Americans off and wasting their time… It’s time we end the two-party scam and get serious about politics. Elect individuals who have no party affiliation or corporate special interests…

    • Dave says:

      If his wife works for Goldman, that’s all you need to know. I already knew he attended Harvard(same as BHO). Goldman is an absolute deal breaker.

  43. shane preston says:

    Go Ted ! We love you !

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