Paula Deen’s Legal Team Invokes Supreme Court Prop 8 Ruling in Her Defense

Paula Deen's Legal Team Invokes Supreme

Paula Deen’s attorneys are turning to last week’s Supreme Court ruling in the Proposition 8 case to bolster her argument that one of her former managers doesn’t have standing to sue her and her brother for racial discrimination.

In a filing in federal court in Savannah on Monday, Deen’s legal team cites a paragraph from Chief Justice John Roberts’ opinion in the Prop 8 case, in which the majority ruled 5-4 that the defenders of Prop 8 didn’t have standing to pursue the case because they could not prove they have suffered “a concrete and particularized injury.”

“In other words, for a federal court to have authority under the Constitution to settle the dispute, the party before it must seek a remedy for personal and tangible harm,” Roberts wrote.

Her legal team contends that the former manager, Lisa Jackson, lacks standing as she is white yet claims race discrimination and a hostile work environment. They have contended lack of standing numerous times since the case was first filed last year.

Jackson’s attorneys, however, also cite case law to make their case that she was in her rights to file such a suit. The law is clear that such claims may be brought by persons of any race and that such claims include discrimination against white persons who have or desire to have associations with persons of other races…or by those who engage in protected activity on behalf of persons of other races,” her attorneys wr0te in a brief last September.

Deen has lost corporate sponsors in the wake of her admission, during a deposition in the case, that she had used racial epithets. Citing the recent Prop 8 ruling carries P.R. risks that Deen is somehow comparing her own situation to a major civil rights issue, although it is typical in litigation for attorneys to cite recent major decisions to bolster their cases.

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  1. Rtthomas says:

    Paula is being shafted and there are many folks way too eager to persecute her…the fact is most of those persecuting her didn’t like her from the start and would just love to see someone fall…..fall for what? Admit it – you didn’t like her before this! What has Paula done to you and what has she done that she deserves this type of treatment? Too many folks love to HATE….WHY? We hear daily in the media on ‘other’ racial cases ‘kids nowadays use the ‘N’ word and ‘cracker’ – oh it’s just what kids do – like it’s not big deal….AND that’s OK? Paula is a SELF MADE woman and she will overcome this extremely ridiculous situation. Folks are always so eager to jump on a bandwagon and hate…..GET over it – we are ALL guilty of some sort of racial slur….we’ve all heard and told jokes and laughed at them – for they are just jokes. I am not a racist but what has the world come too? I BLAME the media – they can take the smallest of situations and turn them into something HUGE! This is extreme and there are far more important things to report and exhaust our time one!

  2. Billie Allison says:

    Why is it ok for Alec Baldwin to go off the rails with his temper and foul language etc etc etc or any other person that matter that seem to be Liberal or Liberal press or reporters?????? I find that totally discrimiating. If every adult in the United States was held accountable for something they said of did 30 years ago where would this country be? I am ashamed of our news people for just following the “leader” and not using truth. I love Paula Deen and I wish her nothing but the best.

  3. Vrina says:

    My two questions are: If Ms. Jackson was soo……offended, why did she continue to work there for 5 years? And, if there is a monetary award will she keep it for herself or donate to individuals other than herself that she states are “discriminated” against? If an award is made and she keeps it for herself I personally would doubt that the real purpose of suit is anything other than a moneygrab.

  4. Dick Delson says:

    She is done because of her own stupidity. How about the last comment blaming Jews.

  5. Martin says:

    Oh sure, Taza. It’s Paula Deen and haters like you who are the victims. Blacks and non-whites are the real racists. I think all that butter that you guzzled has cut off the circulation to your head.

  6. Taz says:

    You are a racist moron Testy Testicles. Paula was railroaded by a witch and liberal media sheep terrified of black people & racist media against white people -guilty until proven innocent. It is scared sheep like you that are destroying the fiber of our crumbling nation.

  7. Testy Besttester says:

    What an absolute horror of a human being. She basically has a confederate flag tattooed on her forehead, exclaiming, “I is what I is” – translation, a racist. Shamelessly asking for forgiveness, and then turns around and tries to invoke the Prop 8 ruling, which if successful undermines the very heart and soul of the rulings purpose, all so she can force-feed butter and ham down the collective hillbilly gullet.

    Paula – shame on you.

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