Jimmy Kimmel’s Chinese Remarks Spark Protests in Multiple Cities

Jimmy Kimmel

Hundreds of people gathered outside ABC's Burbank headquarters on Saturday

Jimmy Kimmel and ABC have apologized, but that didn’t stop hundreds of people from gathering outside ABC’s Burbank headquarters on Saturday to protest the recent comments about killing Chinese people on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last month.

Kimmel has apologized on-air and yanked the Oct. 16 segment in which he and a group of young children jokingly discuss killing Chinese people as a means of dealing with the U.S. debt crisis. The incident has spurred the Roundtable of Chinese-American Organizations, a small Rosemead, Calif.-based outfit, to organize protests in numerous cities, including Raleigh, North CarolinaPhoenix and Boston.

The backlash to “Jimmy Kimmel Live” was swift enough after the segment aired to quickly gather 100,000 signatures needed for an online petition to qualify for a White House response as part of the Obama administration’s We the People initiative. The response is pending.

ABC had no comment on Saturday’s protests. Kimmel has also met privately with Chinese-American reps to hear their concerns about the segment.

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  1. kissa says:

    I wish there were thousands. Jimmy Kimmel is a mean-spirited piece of trash. I have seen his trash in the past, and they were not jokes. They were pure meanness. I can’t stand this guy and I hope he gets fired. He has no right to have a late night show. If there is karma, he will be gone.

  2. Ann LeBeau says:

    We are way to PC . . .Can’t anyone take a joke anymore?! Lighten up, will you?

  3. kissa says:

    This isn’t the first time this so-called comedian has proved he doesn’t deserve to even have a show. He is a disgusting person. I wish he would go away. Funny, he is NOT.
    Craig Kilborne was equally as bad. He angered a large group of us, and we wrote to Moonves and never let up. Who knows where Craig is today. These kinds of jerks don’t belong on the air. They need to be fired. Seems Craig was. Kimmel, hopefully will follow and disappear into the night. We need dignity back in their places. You don’t have to be scum to be a funny guy.

  4. Jim Hanson says:


  5. ruth c says:

    The people that really got hurt here are not Chinese people, rather it’s the children on Kimmel’s show who are too eager to mimic adults in order to please the latter. Kids are like sponges, they soak up whatever filth you throw them in. Don’t justify Kimmel’s action, he has proven to be an habitual sadistic child abuser.

    JK can joke on himself, his own parents or any other adults, to his hearts content, but please have mercy on America’s future, the children. This is no laughing matter, folks.

  6. Lin says:

    Check out these two videos to find out the trick that has been used in ABC’s apology, very funny :-)

  7. ABC@disney.com says:

    Is this another joke? ABC/Disney backdates its apology letter regarding its offensive program on October 16, 2013.

    What is ABC/Disney trying to cover up

  8. Xue Xi says:

    Comedians are NO educators. If you want to be educated go watch CCTV.

  9. Xue Xi says:

    Calling people Xiao Ribenguizi (little Japanese devil) is no better!

  10. Ken Burke says:

    Whatever happened to thinking before spekaing?

  11. COMEDIAN!!!! Not politician kids.

  12. kobachi says:

    A white house petition? Seriously? Does nobody understand how the First Amendment works anymore?

  13. Edward Hsiung says:

    I’m a Chinese-American, and you people need to realize it’s a joke… was it in good taste? No, but it still comes from the same place as any other joke, be it a “knock knock” joke, the old “farmers daughter” jokes, dead baby jokes, or indeed a joke about killing Chinese people, they all come from someone wanting to make someone else laugh. It was in poor taste, but for people to get this upset over it when there’s a TON of other shit that they should be pissed off about is just absurd. Oh, and they actually got 100,000 signatures for this, in a matter of a few days? Doesn’t that seem fishy as fuck considering it’s a comedy show that goes on at what time? 11:30? midnight? Petitions for stuff like CISPA take forever to get that many sig’s, but something this fucking stupid, and unimportant can get it in a matter of a few days?

    • kissa says:

      Good for those people who stood up for the right thing. Kimmel has a history of being very disgustingly offensive. That has no place on American television. You do not have to be mean-spirited to be a comedian. He is, 100%. I cannot stand this guy and hope he gets fired. He has offended a group of us not having a thing to do with you all. He is bad.
      Keep up the protests folks. Write to the president of entertainment of the network. Try snail mail. It worked for a group of us not nearly as large as you all with a scum named Craig Kilborne some years ago. Haven’t seen him since. Get Kimmel off the air! Late Show comedians have a certain responsibility and code of ethic they should follow. Most do. Kimmel does not.

    • DingLu says:

      To Edward Hsiung: You do not seem to have the good sense of justice. The nature of “killing everyone” ITSELF is an anti-human mentality, a criminal mentality. I would feel equally angry even if it were any other races. Suppose one person says to you :”knock knock”, other person says to you “kill everyone in your household” , do you still find they are the same type of jokes? I spent a lot of time researching before I registered online and submit my signature after midnight. I watched the # of signatures growing fast all over the country around 2am. It was amazing!!! Your dirty curses do not have good taste either.

    • KC says:

      Well said, Edward!

  14. wu_ji says:

    There are so many killings happening in US city and we think this king of “killing talk from children” is OK, is this funny?

  15. John says:

    Of course you thought it was funny, you’re not chinese.

  16. Contessa46 says:

    Oh please, lighten up, it’s comedy!

  17. Mardee Ann says:

    Wow so upsetting it took nearly 30 days to protest! What am I missing.

  18. Johnny says:

    “Jimmy Kimmel’s Chinese Remarks”

    He didn’t even make those remarks. This thing is completely overblown.

  19. Eve says:

    I was born a Chinese and I also think the protest is ridiculous.

    • Eve says:

      I was born a Chinese and I also think the protest is ridiculous.

      I feel the best approach to treat these “professional victims” is to ignore them. Medias should not waste their time and space to cover these meaningless events. There are more meaningful issues that need people’s attention.

  20. Elizabeth Page says:

    The problem here is the producer. Since kimmel was unable to come up with an appropriate response to the child’s comment, the exchange should have been edited out before it went to air. Very stupid.

  21. cadavra says:

    We’ve become a nation of professional victims–people looking to be offended. This has now become ludicrous. A little boy said something stupid, ABC and Kimmel have apologized, so move on already.

  22. Jake says:

    This is beyond ridiculous, there’s nothing else but an apology that can be made, even that it’s a kid who said it. To call this racist is crazy and I’m Asian

    • alexs says:

      It is not the kid, actually it is not even JK, it is his handlers who advocate genocide here and builds Disney parks in China. Mickey is not only greedy, he can be harmful as well.

  23. jacksaunsea says:

    Do they know he’s a comedian?

  24. Jerred says:

    This explains that deafening HAHAHAHA I just heard. It was Leno.

  25. Pork Fried Rice says:

    Idiocy begets idiocy – Kimmel is (cough cough) a comedian just like Bill Maher, right? Just a jokester. Why is everyones panties in a bunch?

    • Van City Producer says:

      Why drag Bill Maher into this?

      • Why NOT drag Bill Maher into this? We should drag Maher into every controversy, because it’s always fun to see Maher give the finger to the professional victims and outrage machine. Bill Maher is the only comedian who doesn’t give in to the politically correct BS. Kimmel and also recently Conan should be ashamed of themselves for their surrender to the PC crowd.

  26. Kat says:

    Kind of pointless to protest at ABC on a Saturday as no one works there on the weekends. Seems like a flawed plan to not protest during the week!

  27. alexs says:

    Joking sometimes is nothing but joking, which is meant to entertain instead of ridicule, but a joke can be a dark message disguised as a joke. The talk of killing, scapegoating and race baiting have no place on national tv.

    Look at Vincent Chin, a Chinese American who was killed days before his marriage by two Detroit unemployed auto workers who mistook him as a Japanese for causing their jobs

    The US debt issue by with China raised by JK is nothing but a red herring, actually China only holds about 7% of the total US debt, why scapegoating only Chinese? what about the heavier bond holders like Japanese, Brits, Arabs and above all Americans? Chinese holds much less per capita than any of other major US bond holders.

    Furthermore, JK show is not live, it was scripted, recorded, and edited before broadcasting, there are teams of overseers and media professionals work on each episode, the show of this level is a big business by itself and nothing was left to chances. JK knew exacly what he was talking about and was doing. At the best, he tried to attract eyeballs at the expenses of Chinese, why not advocate to hurt Jewish, or Black people? JK responded to the same question from a reporter with a reply that Chiinese is interchangeble with “Canadians” instead of “South Africa” or “Israel”, don’t you think he knows whom not to kill!

    If indeed JK did not know the difference between joking and the talk of killing, he certainly does not belong there.ABC and Disney will find out before it is too late.

    Why will Chinese parents and their kids want to go to Disney parks at Hongkong and Shanghai if Mickey does not show some compassion, empathy and fairness in disciplining JK?

    • ruth c says:

      Well said, Alexs.

      JK is really sneaky in asking American kids questions involving numbers and math, at a time when American kids are known to trail behind those whom they want to kill !!! I bet if JK had first asked that boy if he knew exactly how much a trillion is, that poor kid would be so busy counting his fingers and toes that he would be equally comical to watch, and of course that could also spare today’s uproar.

      It is crystal clear that the kids were encouraged, if not coached by JK, ABC et el, to answer the way they did. In short, they were only tools used by JK, ABC and those losers who face the dilemma of today’s America (our nation’s foreign debt is snowballing, but we can’t discipline ourselves to stop living beyond our means, and continue borrowing) to reveal their own fear that sooner or later they have to face debt collections from China.

    • DingLu says:

      Very good.

    • alexs says:

      Same things were said about Blacks, and Jews when they stood up and demanded equal treatment. go back and check!,

    • Hey Alexs.. Have you ever heard the joke about beating a dead horse? Really. My God… Now I remember why I’m not married anymore… I need a beer.

    • Chris says:

      Disciplining him, seriously? Yes, the Chinese government is much harsher. This is an innocent comment that has successfully been blown out if proportion.

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