If PewDiePie Is YouTube’s Top Talent, We’re All Doomed

PewDiePie Top Talent

Meet the gibberish-spouting clown who’s bringing Western civilization to a screeching halt

As an entertainment industry professional, you are obligated to check out anything and everything in the media business that’s attracting buzz out there. How can you reasonably expect to produce successful content if you aren’t familiar with how other people out there are succeeding?

But before getting a glimpse of what is the hottest attraction on YouTube right now, here’s a one-word warning: Don’t. Not if you want to retain your sanity.

Because if you are over voting age and take a look at PewDiePie, your reaction will be fear — in more ways than one.

PewDiePie (rhymes with ‘cutie pie’) is the alter ego of Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, a 23-year-old Swede who has 12.6 million subscribers on YouTube. That’s more than any other of the pop-culture figures you’d expect would be the frontrunner, from Justin Bieber to Lady Gaga.

And how does someone you’ve never heard of manage to get 2.6 billion views for his videos, which are part of the vast stable of channels operated by multichannel network Maker Studios? Blathering like a blithering idiot, apparently.

Foul-mouthed PewDiePie jabbers nonsensically to the fans he calls “bros” primarily about videogames in a voice that reminds you of a young Bobcat Goldthwait between hits of nitrous oxide.

Try this test: Sample a PewDiePie video. If a barrage of images and sounds that enthrall so many come across as positively incomprehensible to you, congratulations: You just confronted the cold, stark reality that you are horribly, irrevocably old.

That can be the only explanation as to what separates you from so many others who actually appreciate this content. To look at PewDiePie slack-jawed is to look in a mirror and see your own irrelevancy staring back at you.

Truth be told, he’s not all that different stylistically from previous top YouTubers, going back to the Fred Figglehorn character that became one of YouTube’s first breakout stars several years ago, or Smosh, the comedy duo that is still going strong at No. 2. But the aggressive stupidity of PewDiePie may finally force a question the world has postponed addressing for far too long: What does the popularity of these dolts say about the generation of kids worldwide that are making them icons?

What’s scary is that there is no way to dismiss this as some kind of outlier phenomenon that will come and go. PewDiePie is not some viral one-off where the novelty fades the second the video ends. To the contrary, Kjellberg has methodically built himself a mini-empire by posting videos frequently instead of coasting on a hit or two.

The frenetic aesthetic he’s helping shape on YouTube is simply too humongous to remain contained to the platform. Surely the day is nigh when that wild style will make its way on air, i.e., “World News Tonight With PewDiePie.”

But how PewDiePie and his ilk will infect the culture at large is an open question: The talent bred on YouTube could make the leap to other media. Or those already on TV will start adopting the aesthetic of YouTube. Perhaps the boundary between YouTube and TV won’t exist anymore. Maybe all three of those options will come to pass.

Perhaps we can comfort ourselves that the PewDiePies of the world are just phases teenagers will age out of and mature into more refined programming tastes. Or maybe this is a sign of a coarsening to come.

Call me a codger, but it’s worth considering that the democratization of content distribution YouTube is enabling may carry with it a downside: an increasing supply of dumbed-down content. With a little luck, PewDiePie will be offset by more intelligent options that prove just as popular.

Otherwise, we’re just left with psycho babble.

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  1. Bro says:

    PewDiePie may not mean anything special to you but that doesn’t mean you can bad mouth us (his fans base) or him. I’m not gonna go on about how you shouldnt have done this no matter how much people disagree. But people are aloud to like whatever they like. And until you have a real reason to not like him rather then “he’s just annoying” then no one wants to hear it. And How is he all that different from other people. He’s just human. Your just human. We’re all people until we get separated by society, religion, wealth and other things. So yeah maybe you don’t like him but calling out people that watch his videos is not right.

    • someone says:

      Actually yes, it DOES mean he can badmouth you and him, because we all live in the real world, while you dream about a man who dropped out of school to shriek at videogames, and will never have any useful skills or talents. What gives you the right to tell others what to think? This guy already knows how YOU think, but you’re far too busy trying to change his mind, like he’s actually reading the comments. THIS ISN’T YOUTUBE. YOUR COMMENTS WILL NEVER BE READ. YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE AN ACTUAL OPINION ON THE ARTICLE, JUST ATTACKS AGAINST THE AUTHOR.

      • Anti-BS says:

        dude, he’s a very talented artist. he makes beautiful art in photoshop (shared this here because this is not close to youtube–which you think to be not a very useful skill or talent, in hopes that you could at least appreciate him).

      • Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz says:

        Back to you someone!

      • TheOneWhoKnows says:

        Wow dude then why did you comment is it because RANDOM CAPITLAZATIONS and because your butthurt over pewdiepie having more sibscribers then you bro?

  2. Anonymous Malaysian says:

    Just because you don’t like Pewdiepie, doesn’t mean that you need to insult his fanbase too. Dissatisfaction and constructive criticisms of him are acceptable, but I see no reason for labeling his fans as “immature”. He is no different than any other stand up comedians who may also swear and shout on stage. For those who are still watching his videos, you may keep doing so. No need to worry about how society (or others) thinks of you for watching. No one has the right to force you to love or hate something just because of what they say or think. You know yourselves the best.

    • someone says:

      You’re the one trying to force this guy (again, nobody’s fucking reading these comments, you’re not talking about the article, you’re trying to talk to the guy who isn’t paying attention) to change his mind about it. You’re a goddamn hypocrite and proof enough you don’t care about anything but screaming manchildren.

      And you know what? You’re goddamn insulting too. “stand up comedians” are different in that they actually had to work to get where they were. They didn’t beg for subs, they were totally unknown people who worked their way to the top and had to create their jokes and things. They didn’t just stand in front of the microphone going RAPE RAPE BUTTSEX LOL *talks in annoying voice on purpose* I’M POOOOOODY PAAAAH… That’s fucking kid stuff. Kids and retards like that. People who aren’t even reading this article, so your “don’t worry about it!” comment STILL won’t be read, nevermind this article.

      • Maddie says:

        PewDiePie doesn’t make rape jokes. He hasn’t for two years. And, being a hypocrite invalidates all of your arguments. You say that others on the comments are forcing their opinion down your throat, yet here you are in the comments shitting your pants over others with a different opinion than you. I don’t even find PewDiePie funny, but that doesn’t mean I’ll hate those who do. You are so ridiculously angry at people who disagree with you, that I find it comedic. Stop sounding like an angst-y teen, pull up your big boy pants, and mature-up. People like who they like, if the person is non-problematic, then who gives a shit?

  3. Umaid says:

    It’s crazy how far people will go to bring someone down. People like watching his videos, let them do it. It’s not as big of a deal as this article is making it out to be.

    • someone says:

      Ironic, because you’re here bitching about it like it actually did affect something. Shut the fuck up PDP fans, how long are you going to trickle into it before all your collective sand-sized bits of brain come together and realize this article from 2013 has already been bitched about over and over?

      • Anti-BS says:

        “someone” guy, the way you respond to comments is fun. it reflects the article above; like ummm…it kinda proves that you really are the author. hahaha (this is entertaining)

      • PDP Forever says:

        Nobody cares, somebody, nobody cares

  4. Damon says:

    This article is sad, narrow-minded and petty. It’s extremely ironic that the writer suggests that teenagers may “mature” out of liking PewDiePie. Maturity is recognizing that everyone has different taste, and even if you dislike something (even if you are correct in doing so), bitterly putting down the “show”, for lack of a better word, and it’s fans is immature. Putting down someone else’s taste in humor is parallel to putting down someone’s taste in music. Every generation has arrogantly labelled the following generation’s music as “horrible trash that shouldn’t be considered music”, including the generation that the writer of this article’s parents belong to. However, as we have learned, angrily, vengefully condemning their children’s taste in music was ineffective, narrow-minded and childish. I am not at all saying that everyone should like PewDiePie’s humor, or that everyone of the current generation does. I personally hate electronic music and modern pop, but I do not venomously insult the artists and their listeners. Maturity is understanding that others can and will have different taste than you, to a point that you will not understand. I am also not suggesting that a polite and civilized critique of music or entertainment should not happen, but rather that an angry, spiteful, immature rant should not.

    • someone says:

      there has never been anything mature about stupid voices, rape jokes, and excessive screaming.

      • Eric says:

        But does it have to be mature? It’s just comedy and people are enjoying his content. Also Felix is not just a blabbering idiot, he has raised millions of USD. for charities. Felix is different, yes; however, attacking his fan base as a whole is really immature of yourself. I’ve read many of your replies “Somebody.” Enough to know that that you’re a bit overreacting. Resulting to childish curse words and down right hate to all who enjoy him. I am 16 years old, yet I wouldn’t go as far as calling others as “worthless” or “retarded.” I hold no disrespect to you, I’m just asking for you to at least treat people with better care. My heart is racing a bit, mainly because your hateful replies to multiple people make me feel like I have been personally attacked even when I haven’t. I know that you don’t have to take my words into consideration, I know that you may not care about my “worthless life” but I am compelled to at least bring this to your attention. By the way, I wrote with the best grammer I can, not to sound superior to you, but to hope that you won’t treat every fan of his as a lathargic, incompetent kid. My sincerest apologies if I had offended you in any way, I just request that you treat people with the same respect even if they’re being unreasonable hypocrites. We can all be a misguided at times. Thank you.

  5. rideforever1 says:

    “Let’s Kill Some People !!!”, screams PewDiePie to an audience of 13 year olds learning about life.
    Perhaps the modern world let’s us see what is inside humanity for the first time.
    Man won’t be alive on this planet for very long.

    • TheOneWhoKnows says:

      The heck you talkin bout”learning about life” there not actors/actresses in a film, hipsters, or hippes there KIDS man

  6. fallacy_police says:

    When compared to, say, Red Skelton, Monty Python, Abbot and Costello, etc., Pewdiepie isn’t much different. He’s only a slightly modernized version of the equally nonsensical past “comedians” so many love to adore. The fact is that people change over time, and society’s sense of humor changes over time. The old generation can _never_ understand this, so why do they even try? Because everyone wants to believe himself/herself to be infallible, and to pretend that their version of “humor” is objective.

    Pewdiepie’s videos are as dumb as anything that has come before, but not more so. Anyone who cannot see this is just as obsolete as those who couldn’t handle Red Skelton or Charlie Chaplin in decades past. The same drivel was said in Plato’s time as is stated in this article. It just stands to remind us of this simple observation: the old generation _always_ dies off, along with their antiquated traditionalism, anti-change, and stubbornness.

    Maybe, for the first time in history, if the younger generation focuses on Pewdiepie–instead of the continuing older generation’s fetish of idolizing war, religion, and privilege–we might be able to actually get somewhere once they outgrow him.

  7. Uknown says:

    He’s a guy who plays games!!! OK!? WHO CARES FOR YOUR CRAPPY DECISIONS OF SOCIETY?!

    • Eddie says:

      Someone who actually gives a shit about society you incoherent, insufferable sycophant.

      • TheOneWhoKnows says:

        Looks whos talkin ONE MAN CHANGES SOCIETY dude to say mean you took the COD: Modern Warfare franchise to seriously you fuckin weeaboo furry

  8. Uknown says:

    What’s wrong with Pewdiepie? He’s funny in our young vision, which you old people don’t understand, because we live in our time, you can’t control time. Authorities can’t just tell us what to decide what’s popular. We the people decide what’s popular. He’s a sensation, so leave him that way. Who cares about your crappy judgements about him!? If your gonna hate him, then keep it to yourself! Don’t say anything about him, because you’re probably jealous that you’re not as successive as him! We see him as funny, but if you don’t, THEN LEAVE HIM THE HELL ALONE

    • John John Macky says:

      Educate yourself. This stuff is dumbing us down.

    • someone says:

      aside from not being able to spell and posting twice, you’re kind of an idiot. “young people”, as you like calling yourself, do not universally like that idiot. “he’s a sensation” ok? What importance does that give him? “I like him therefore shut up” is the kind of brainless thing this article expects you to say, and you just said it. You can’t read or write but you sure do loves the pewdiepies! The article is correct.

  9. justpassingby says:

    Well, its not purely about what he offers as humour. Pewdiepie as a person is kind hearted and charming. I think he is one of the top youtubers, if not the number one, who managed to collect a huge amount of money dedicated to charity. Yes I agree he is using a lot of bad language and most of his videos are just him screaming at a game, but when it comes to face to face interaction and meeting people like you as a hater in person he is the most respectful person you will ever know.

    I just noticed there is someone who replies to each and every defensive comment. I must ask, is that you mr. article writer?

    • someone says:

      Also your praise of him is intensely biased in his favor, as if we’ve never met actual, genuinely good and nice people in our lives at any point.

    • someone says:

      1. Raising money for charity doesn’t make you a good person.

      2. You’re a sad individual if you think people with Variety don’t have anything better to do than reply to fanboy drivel on a nearly 3 year old article. You need to grow up, physically or mentally. Whichever needs doing first.

      • someone says:

        For some reason i can’t reply to you. Oh well. No big loss. You have serious issues identifying token gestures and things that can be done with sincerity. You’re a social misfit, just the kind of broken individual that PDP panders to. Also, your second point is hugely meandering and doesn’t even seem to address the fact a writer for variety certainly has better fucking things to do with their time than argue with stupid shitlords such as yourself in the comments section online.

      • Nya Gut says:

        “1. Raising MONEY for charity doesn’t make you a good person.”

        What? You are retarded. Then what does it make you a “good person”? In a litle while you will say to us that that the thing that makes you a good person is laughing manically and pinching people with a pitchfork to support your ridiculous misery-based propaganda against PewDiePie.

        ‘2. You’re a sad individual if you think people with Variety don’t have anything better to do than reply to fanboy drivel on a nearly 3 year old article.”

        Bravo, wanker now you said a bunch of the biggest stupidities and you think you “won”. Clap…clap…clap. Write more of such 343034 bullshits so we can make more fun of you! You are such a marvel!

        That’s like calling someone a “sad individual” for prefering to eat pickles over tuna, it makes no sense why to go to such length to play the pseudo-intellectual miserable moron you born to be over someone to satisfy your inferiority and other psychological problems you in fact actually have.

        The funny irony is that you are and the saddest, the most unlimited idiotic and most miserable jealous animal here and the most mentally baby-like one, in fact clearly acting worse than the most mindless childish 2-year-old.

        Nobody here needs to grow up more, but you because it’s clear in fact you are making poor projecting. Well, nobody cares about your shitty opinion over PewDiePie, but DON’T make curse, insults and whatever delusional bullshit you say. That’s WHY you get yelled at, because you have the infinite stupidity to do that. Have you ever see the Dumb & The Dumber, someone? You fit both characters very well and you may like it.

        If you still under the false illusionary impression that everyone here that literally exposes you, constructively critisizes you and self-defensively insults you because you actually miscally him/her a “moron” for watching PewDiePie then you are also the most incredibly infinitely delusional paranoid person as well.

        Also if you were “educated”, you idiot, you wouldn’t speak like an illeterate villager because that’s what you are. So go close yourself to a psychiatric hospital to come to your senses my boy, you project whatever you are and you don’t know what’s happening to you.

  10. LogicAndReason says:

    “You just confronted the cold, stark reality that you are horribly, irrevocably old.

    That can be the only explanation as to what separates you from so many others who actually appreciate this content. To look at PewDiePie slack-jawed is to look in a mirror and see your own irrelevancy staring back at you.”


    That’s all you can come up with? Maybe you’re ready to write yourself off in exasperation and defeat, but I’m not. I’m not “old” (though my age is sadly “irrevocable”, as time tends to be.. idiot.), and not understanding the appeal of (and/or enjoying) Pewdiepie has nothing to do with it. Your issue isn’t age either, it’s simply a failure of observation and inference.

    The plain and simple fact is that children (13 years old and under) are entering into the equation with a stronger and independent presence like never before, so their opinions are actually counted, and because the nature of the beast is indiscriminate and anonymous, they are tallied on the same level as those of adults.

    The observable truth is that:
    Kids, as an age group, are getting dumber (Not biologically of course. They’re perfectly capable of achieving the same intelligence as their predecessors, but for one reason or another, they just aren’t doing it.) and they’re not being turned around by the time they reach the age of burgeoning maturity either. They’re starting dumb and it’s STICKING. Hell, by the time they’re TEENS, on the cusp of legal adulthood, they’re doing things like drinking hand sanitizer and talking about going out to “All of garden”… I mean fuck.

    On top of that:
    With your average parents being your average parents (read: the majority underfit for parenthood and lazy) and technology becoming increasingly willing (and ever more capable) to play babysitter for them, kids have access and opportunity for their immature, illogical and, most times, plain stupid, opinions to be heard, and to influence popular culture like never before. The internet is EVERYWHERE and kids have far more free time than adults to access and influence it.

    Now, pair that with this:
    Dumb kids have always liked dumb, gross humor, not to mention that tons of his fans are girls puppy crushing on him and obsessing just because of his -looks- (which I don’t find impressive, but I don’t understand the appeal of Bieber or any one direction guys or whatever either) and nothing of any actual substance. The thing was that before, when dumb kids liked gross, dumb humor, or enjoyed a thing for any dumb reason, it hardly counted. They would turn on Ren and Stimpy when it came on, but it was at the mercy of the tv, or recording it. The station got ratings for when it was watched, when they put it on tv and if it re-aired and that’s it. It didn’t matter if a kid recorded it and watched it every thirty minutes for a week before bringing it to a friend’s house and playing it for ten people twenty times a day until they hit adulthood- only the initial ratings get counted.

    And add a dash of:
    Anyone who has ever spent any amount of time with a child can tell you that, given the ability and the interest, children will watch the same thing over, and over, and over again until it breaks. When VHS was a thing, a kid could wear out a tape re-watching it. But it didn’t count because the people who made the show had no way to count these viewings. They make the show, they get the initial ratings and maybe that’s it. Potentially they would release it to video, but not always and definitely not with everything.

    With a pinch of:
    Youtube has none of these limitations, and in fact it’s nature facilitates the exploitation of the nature of the internet, of childrens’ habits (memes, social media, the new generation’s exhibitionism, peer pressure), etc.

    And you get this:
    Kids watching the same dumb thing a million times, telling their dumb friends about it and them watching the same thing. Every single rewatch gets counted, every single viewing from a different device gets counted like new, even if it’s a rewatch. Meanwhile, adults and the, random, intelligent children/teens who don’t fall prey to idiocy, enjoy other things, but because we don’t have the same habits (obsessive, irrational devotion, exhibitionism/sharing, a lower standard for entertainment etc) coupled with massive amounts of free time to devote to these habits and you get Pewdiepie’s completely asinine bullshit filling up more space and taking up more attention than it’s content even remotely justifies.

    Far too late, the simple, short point of this whole comment is:
    If you don’t get Pewdiepie, its because you aren’t:
    *stupid, and/or
    *an immature child/teen.

    which is a good thing, and if you do LIKE him, you are almost invariably BOTH, which is not an enviable thing.

    However, perhaps I’ve just somehow overanalyzed this whole thing. Maybe I’m wrong.
    Ok, if being too mature/intelligent for Pewdiepie actually means a person is just “too old” then, by your logic, my young niece is too old as well. I’ll have to tell her that she can’t dress up as a ballerina like she wanted for Halloween this year, because she’s “too old”. I’m sure she’ll be crushed, but hey, nine or not, if she’s too old, then she’s too old and that’s that. Obviously, you just can’t argue logic like “If you don’t like this it’s because you’re old”, it’s just too sound.

  11. Melon says:

    This is heavily biased, and rude to pewdiepie

  12. someone says:

    nice unintelligent spam comment. Please continue posting on a two year old article everyone has already read ages ago.

  13. someone says:

    You’re proving him right.

  14. Dylan says:

    Just because you dont like pewdiepie or you find him unfunny or inapropriate doesnt mean you can go ariund spewing your old fashioned bias around the web.

  15. Kay says:

    I think it’s because he’s a breath of fresh air in a society that is suffocating young kids with micro aggressions, overly sensitive, easily offended, and “know it all” types flourish. We are in the age of technology and information and it gives everyone the sense that they know everything and can freely comment on anything. He has chosen a platform in games that is already loved by many. A fantasy world that is looked down upon as inferior to books though it helps materialism the world of books in the same fashion we used to as kids in our minds. Pretend and games. And he utilizes ridiculous humour that is so extreme it’s obvious cynicism and sarcasm. People are offended by sarcasm and irony now a days. It’s very obvious he doesn’t take himself seriously and that he is a normal guy who happened to get millions of subscribers that he never expected to get. And people seem to hate him and hate the millions that love him. They are considered inferior for loving this kind of entertainment. However compared to several forms of entertainment throughout history have been just the same. We are digressing as a generation. There is just a new medium with which our desire for mindless humor is now coming from. YouTube is free and there is something romantic about a normal guy recording himself playing a video game can turn into a whole group of normal people who share the same sentiments and identify with him. They can feel more connected to him on a more personal level. His humor is immature and ridiculous and may offend many. But people trying to censor him or shut him up or criticize a whole generation as a deterioration for loving him is absolutely ridiculous and frankly ignorant. I am not a fan of Pewdiepie. Nor do I watch his videos, But from what I have observed it seems sad that this article feels free to attack him like a tabloid attacks a celebrity. YouTube stars are a new kind of celebrity and people have to get with the times. Every generation before thinks the next is so awful. Millennial and baby boomers are at each others necks. We can’t progress with the closed mindedness and overly sensitive ill-humored group of people who think this way. Pewdiepie is just a comedian. He doesn’t take himself seriously and nor does his audience. It’s Humor. And like I don’t laugh at many comedians you don’t have to laugh at him. But many might find that comedian funny. Either way they are human beings trying to make a living and it’s no excuse to aggressively hate on them for it. I have observed that his audience seems to admire his personality. When he makes a somewhat serious video he always expresses how he thinks its ridiculous he’s as famous as he is. He shows a humble attitude and uses his money to support charity. People need to give this guy a break. All celebrities are pretty ridiculous. Movies and hollywood is ridiculous. But it influences generations and many celebrities exploit it or use it for good. I observe him using it for good so I’m on board with supporting him although his humor isn’t my cup of tea.

  16. Tristan says:

    Welcome to the 21st century, where there are people like Seth Rogan and James Franco making the same exact jokes, and yet nobody is complaining about them. PewDiePie is just trying to have fun with it and clearly enjoys making videos for any audience that may watch it. Of course his content isn’t for everyone but you now live in a world where rape and violence is funny and if you haven’t gotten acoustomed to it by now, you’re in for a tough rest of your life. This whole PewDiePie thing is just as ridiculous as all the idiots that went to go see The Interview and were expecting an oscar award winning film.

    • Oskie says:

      Except people like Franco and Rogan are appealing to stoners in their mid-20’s and people who like deadpan crap (such as myself). Also, since when did ANYONE expect “an Oscar award winning film” our of The Interview? Honestly, I have yet to see Rogan, Franco or any other Apatow alumni shrieking at video games making a rape joker every 5 seconds to an audience of children who will pick this up. It’s below lowbrow, it’s insulting to anyone who has an appreciation for video games OR humor.
      You really should think up a better argument than that. Adult-oriented film star comedians =/= shrieking young adult with an almost-entirely 8-12 year-old aged audience. That’s like comparing Four Loko to Chardonnay. I’m not saying Rogan or Franco are a fine wine, but at least they know their audience.

  17. PewdiepieLuver says:

    Oh really now. I thought this was going to be an informative and credible site but clearly, whoever wrote this is OBVIOUSLY a hater that has pure envy against the most popular person In almost the entire world. Anyone who blathers like an idiot would HAVE to be you. And I am saying this on behalf of the over 30 million fans, including me, of the one they call Pewdiepie.

    • LogicAndReason says:

      “A hater”? Go do your damn homework, ya dumb kid or mommy won’t let you watch Go! Diego Go! before bed.

      • fallacy_police says:

        At first I thought your writing reflected your chosen username. But now that you resort to ad hominems and childish name calling, I can see that you fall prey to the same stumbling blocks of the kids that you describe so lovingly in your monologue above. If one really had logic and reason on their side, why would one ever need to resort to kindergarten tactics?

    • someone says:

      Wow, listen to yourself and tell me you’re not crazy.

  18. Pewdiepie says:

    Ignore This Bros, Its Just His Garbage

  19. marymam says:

    lol pewdiepie makes more money than you and will die with people all around the world loving him, unlike you. You will die alone with a bad economy

  20. kinjen says:

    You talk like pewdiepie is going to kill us all, He’s just an guy who play videogames.
    It’s your choice to watch it or not.
    For the record, you do know it’s fucking disturbing to write an long text about someones looks, personal life & how our generation is doomed just because you’re old and enjoy other things right?

    • someone says:

      You have never read an article in your life. Please actually read something that didn’t come from a videogame or an internet forum.

  21. kataanger says:

    He’s charming. That’s why people watch his videos. It’s better than 90% of American television out there. And free :))))

  22. anonymous says:

    its sad because everything in this article is almost true, tho they didnt mention his transphobic jokes and the fact that he always screams rape.

  23. mikasapinata says:

    This was written so dramatically, it was difficult not to find it hilarious… You’d think that PewDiePie was plotting world domination…

    • exactly! whoever wrote this is probably a parent or “mature” friend of someone who watches him. and wants to put an end to this, but as they said, its a phase so they’re most likely just going to have to wait for it to be over.

    • someone says:

      He sure is handily screwing over the gaming world by playing the worst junk he can find and getting his retarded, brainwashed fans buy it.

  24. hatelit says:

    I hate PewDiePie but I’m glad to see he trolled the asshat who wrote this article.

  25. somebody says:

    God, I just wanted to give up the world as I saw that PewDiePie managed to get a Variety Article.
    Was relieved after reading it.

  26. somebody says:

    Only Humor PewDiePie creates is the large amount of joy somebody experiences as he reads the comments about PewDiePie.

  27. Alex says:

    lol.. someone needs to get a real life. The one you have now is a sham…erm shame.. oh well same difference. I think someone should should stop trying to speak for entire demographics.. because that is ridiculous. What a joke man. Really.. watch it or don’t but please, oh please shut the f up.

  28. Ningen says:

    Why is it that the PDP naysayers in these comments fail to appropriately respond to the intelligent comments made by fans here? I’ve read so many, but each time someone makes a good point, it is completely ignored in favor of picking out some random sentence or some other means of invalidating the individual’s opinion.

    But when someone makes a poor argument you respond to them in paragraphs? That’s what you should be ignoring.

    It is truly pathetic to see, because it points to an incapability to properly respond to the more sound arguments, which is truly ironic considering that you are accusing his fans of being complete idiots incapable of coherency or logic.

    We all agree that humor is subjective.

    Whether he (PDP) is funny or not is an opinion, and on the matter, no one’s is greater than another’s.

    One’s taste (in anything) doesn’t necessarily reflect one’s character.

    Lumping all of PDP’s fans together as stupid or violent or young or whatever, is a mere generalization. Of course they exist, but among millions of people they are bound to. Whether they are a minority or a majority we can’t possible know, but it’s not all.

    I think we should be able to agree on these points but if you don’t, at least try to present a proper argument because the fallacies present in the arguments below are atrocious.

  29. Ballinger says:

    I’m afraid I’d have to disagree with you. Much of his comedy is catered to a younger, tween and teen audience, so it seems overly fast paced and sometimes juvenile. But he has a great grasp on the absurd that makes him something of an artist and his comedic instincts are spot on- I am in my late twenties but enjoy many of his videos because he is insanely creative. He manages to create memes and characters from mundane situations that build his fan base and has strongly emotional reactions to stimuli that are truly funny. He also does a great deal of editing. He also invites his fan base into his life- introducing them to his girlfriend and pets, and opening their gifts on screen. Part of his appeal is that he is more personal than an average celebrity, and though sometimes you sense an exhaustion on his part from the demands of his fans, he is consistently engaging.

    • someone says:

      You don’t even believe half of the BS you’re spouting. Either that or you’re the most delusional idiot to hit the internet to date.

      • smokeout says:

        Well I believe in the so called ‘BS’ he is spouting,that makes for at least one.

      • Eddie says:

        >I am a feminist

        I think we’re done here.

      • Ballinger says:

        No, I am a feminist and rape jokes are not my favorite, but he realized his mistake and offered a genuine apology. Our culture is ripe with misogyny and many young men fall into patterns and ill-advised ‘jokes.’ But he had the maturity to recognize that and grow up in stead of taking a defensive stance. I also don’t believe that charity, while admirable, excuses any bad action a public figure takes. However, while he may have made some juvenile mistakes, he has not done anything truly wrong, only made videos that many people enjoy. I’m sure their extreme popularity is as much a surprise to him as anyone.

      • Ballinger says:

        Woah, there’s no reason to make it personal. I do believe what I say and I am a grown woman and certainly not delusional. I suffer from depression, and during one of my difficult periods, watching channels like PewDiePie and some other comedic channels were the only things I could do. They are friendly, cheerful, absurd, and take away from some of the hard edges of life. I’m not suggesting that his channel saved my life or anything, but I’m glad it was there. It is certainly juvenile at times, and not every video is for me, but I can see how teens who suffer from bullying and various problems would find it a good outlet for negative motions. I appreciate that forums like YouTube allow for experimentation.

      • someone says:

        Two saps who fall for the ruse of “caring” and “charity”. That’s what you are. Rape jokes are your favorite too, I bet?

      • Sagar says:

        No, he has a point. He is a very personable and ridiculous person. He is a good person. He gives to charity and interacts with his fans in a good way. He plays a character. When you look at his Let’s Plays compared to his other content you can see a significant difference in his persona.
        I like to watch some of his stuff. He is a fun guy.

  30. 3of12 says:

    I’m not terribly into pewds either, but he’s hardly destroying western civilization. That was a compilation video by the way, its just a series of highlights from recent content. It is pretty lame, incoherent, content though, and he has hardly any personality to speak of. The public has no personality and does’t like to look around for entertainment so don’t expect anything to change unless markiplier can trump him.

    Its also incredibly rude to insult someone’s natural voice. He is swedish, dont expect ton hanks.

    • someone says:

      You know being swedish doesn’t automatically make you annoying, right? The rest of the world knows this. your defense is weaker than wet paper.

  31. nick says:

    i’ve never seen such an enormous group of self-impressed elitists in my life.

    1) if all pewdiepie does is pander to the lowest common denominator, as seems to be everyone’s favorite critique, everyone would do it. but they don’t, because it’s clearly about more than that.
    2) no one person gets to decide what’s funny, or make assumptions about the intelligence of people who enjoy certain types of humor.

  32. Jason Robard says:

    This level of absurd hatred for PewDiePie is, to me, a far more sure sign of the author’s immaturity, and frankly lack of humor, than the fans’. I really don’t know what his problem is. Of course, humor can often be an extremely contentious subject, for a certain minority of people who take themselves far too seriously, and whose idea of “humor” is that it must be of the black, acerbic, fundamentally hateful and negative kind we see too much of. You can’t just have fun, apparently, which is all PewDiePie is doing, and I guarantee if most of his ridiculous “critics” tried to be entertainers themselves, they’d probably be shut down for somehow garnering *negative* views on YouTube. “How the fuck did this guy get -1000 views? What does that even mean? He was such a jackass I guess YouTube actually took views away from him. Oh well, let’s go watch PewDiePie…”

  33. Joe Thompson says:

    Christ I’ve never read such an unprofessional, terribly written piece of trivial garbage in my life! What ‘magazine’ spends a whole article hating stupidly on someone that don’t personally like? Never heard of ‘Variety’ before and I’m guessing this article was just a ploy to increase web traffic by attracting fans of this Pie guy by making them angry. Shame on whoever wrote this, might not want to quit your day job before trying to become an actual journalist.

  34. Pokelova says:

    I like to think that anyone should be allowed to like whatever they want. But PewDiePie is absolutely incoherent drivel. His videos are comprised of screaming and nonsensical phrases. It is lower than the lowest brow of comedy. The fact that he has so many fans (who are often incredibly violent in their defence of him) actually saddens me. There are so many more deserving YouTubers out there.

  35. Sagar Lamba says:

    I do not agree with what this author’s opinion. I do not share his views on this subject. Because not everyone has the same opinions. Shocking, isn’t it?

  36. Tyrone says:

    How can you hate a guy that has used his popularity to collect over 450,000 dollars for water charities in countries that don’t have clean water? He may not be in your taste, but he does more good with his fame than you would think at first glance.

    • 98somebody says:

      How is charity work relevant to the fact that he is annoying as fuck?

      • someone says:

        Giving to charity, even if it’s indirectly your doing and not coming out of your own pocket, makes you a perfect human being immune to criticism and impossible to dislike.

    • Tyrone says:

      The times they are a changing friend.

    • Tyrone says:

      Calm down haha, I don’t worship the ground he walks on. I just said he does more good than you would think at first glance, and yes I agree the world is in a bad state of affairs.

      • Someone says:

        you have way too much attachment to a single donation to a single charity. Grow the hell up and look at the world around you. If I killed a thousand people but then went and donated 5 million to getting anus cancer cured would you act the same way? That’s a more extreme way of putting it but nothing excuses everyone and everything he’s stepped over to get where he is.

        Oh look, 5 minutes of searching on that website and they made 33 million dollars just in 2012.

        I TOLD YOU IT WAS PEANUTS, BUT YOU TRY TO TWIST THE NUMBERS! “It’s the biggest donation!!!!” No, “big donations” don’t mean shit if they’re only a tiny amount of money in what they make normally to begin with. And you know what? I’ve watched people do more respectable things to raise money for not only this charity, but many others. People who respect the media they’re using to propel themselves. People who make actual sacrifices. Maybe you could learn from them.

    • Tyrone says:

      It’s actually not “peanuts” it’s the second largest amount that has been donated.

    • Someone says:

      Aside from that money being peanuts, how does that excuse trampling other things? It’s like cutting down an entire forest to make some fancy furniture.

  37. mknox says:

    This article and these comments make me despair for the state of humanity. All this hate just because you like or dislike one man. Isn’t it a little unhealthy to get so het up about something so inconsequential? He may be Swedish but I hardly think he heralds the coming of Ragnarok. I just don’t understand why everyone’s so angry about something that doesn’t really need to affect them so much…

    Everyone have a cup of tea. It’s gonna be ok.

    • Shy says:

      I like how you try to over exaggerate what this article is trying to say, as if what he’s attempting to pass on the message of an up-coming equivalent to a World War, yet you have a feeling of despair for *humanity* just because of the comment section here.
      Yes, the comments are terrible, but it’s about internet videos, sir. We’re not doing outside with picket signs (or perhaps, in general, not going outside) to get rid of the guy. People are merely pointing out what’s wrong with him, to discourage the outrageous amount of supporters he has for the little to no effort he puts into practically everything he makes.

      • mknox says:

        Indeed, thank goodness there are no picket lines. Margaret Thatcher would be turning in her grave. That said, I know it’s about internet videos, but it’s still rather extreme to get so incredibly angry about them. I don’t ‘over exaggerate what this article is trying to say’, as you put it, because I don’t really care about Pewdiepie one way or the other. I just think: it’s a man making gaming videos on Youtube. Calm down. Have you calmed down? Calm is good. I suggest PG Tips. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • mknox says:

      I’m assuming you’ve not actually read my initial comment, which only said that I didn’t understand why there was so much hate concerning this – on both sides.

      Although, ‘stupid’ is indeed a personal catchphrase when dealing with someone like you.

      Please do keep replying though, I just love it!

    • mknox says:

      Oh, I see. The medication I suggested, while occasionally used as an antidepressant – if you’ve just looked it up on Wikipedia – is actually most commonly used as an anger medication. You seem to be a very angry person, judging by everything you’ve said so far. My response wasn’t aimed at your comment on the person who can’t spell ‘Swede’ – you just appear to be extremely angry. I thought it might help. Something like a Youtuber shouldn’t make a person so angry. And there’s really no need to call me an idiot when I haven’t been as… well… stupid as you.

    • mknox says:

      Swede isn’t an insult…
      I haven’t defended anyone on either side of the fence.
      I’m not a fan of Pewdiepie, ergo, I don’t have ‘brethren,’ retarded or not.
      Your language makes you sound like an idiot.
      Calm down, then return. Everything’s ok. This whole thing isn’t going to destroy the world. Have you calmed down? If yes, please do continue with something less ridiculous. If no, hold out, and remember: it’s ok dude.

  38. Bobby says:

    You just don’t understand YouTube and Pewds at all.

    YouTube videos are short and simple, at least the best ones not Produced by companies or brands.

    Pewds is simple, funny, good looking, has a funny accent, and is likable. Grand Theft Auto 5 is selling billions of games… I am 26 and grew up playing videos game pretty much my whole life. Kids now who grew up with even further advanced video games and YouTube and the internet have a totally new universe of video games and social engagement that you just don’t understand.

    Pewds brings video games and comedy to millions in a simple easy way to digest and enjoy.

    YouTube and the internet is voluntary, NO ONE is forcing you to watch Pewds, if you don’t get it don’t watch it and look for videos with better editing with professors teaching us how our world is falling apart at the seams if that’s more your thing.

    If you don’t get it or think in any way this is bad, well you just don’t understand New Media and how people advance.

    Its entertainment buddy and if you wanna hate and say a kid who films himself is destroying western civilization i say that you my friend are weak minded. How about the (scripted) reality filth that’s on TV, the wives of blah and blah and reality nonsense. THAT is the SH*T that’s destroying western civilization LONG before Pewds was even on YouTube,.

    If networks try and re create this they will fail and have all;ready, scripted reality DOES NOT WORK!

    I know I went away from your main argument in parts but i feel like i needed to address things you were trying to say…

  39. Daniel says:

    No he is inspiring people to do what they actually want to do, but I presume you believe this pursuit is wrong if it doesn’t involve a form of high level education – I don’t see how anyone could improve themselves from an article such as this – there is constructive criticism and there is just putting someone down. I think you need to calm down haha.

    • Someone says:

      Because you are blind, I’m copying my response again.

      You mean he’s inspiring people to drop out of college and make minimally edited youtube videos screaming over videogames. People like YOU create an environment where nobody can take criticism — WHICH IS IMPORTANT FOR IMPROVEMENT — without crying and having a fit.

      Did you read it yet? Go back until you read it. Ok? Good.

      Everyone who isn’t a pewdiepie fan has pointed out his problems. how he panders to the lowest common denominator. He spends the least effort in his video editing, AND his “humor”, where he just pulls things off the top of his head when he’s not screaming and faking emotion or talking about terrible subjects repetitively. It’s not about the game, it’s about him. He is the spotlight, and he removes the substance from anything he touches.

      He singlehandedly ruined Happy Wheels just by playing it, leading to hundreds of “PEWDIEPIE PLAY THIS” levels, because his “brand” of humor attracts the biggest idiots. He could fix this, but he refuses. He is, in fact, a problem. It’s not even the same level of problem as Fred was, because Fred didn’t leave a slew of bad decisions in his wake because it WAS just about him. Pewdiepie attaches himself to things that influence the stupid and that’s why McPixel is the first greenlit game on Steam despite it not even being good, fun, or a game.

      • FilipinoBro says:


  40. Daniel says:

    Felix brings laughs to 13 million people, raises money for charitys and inspires others to do what they enjoy – its critics such as yourself that put others down In order to seem intellectually superior and deter people from following their dreams because they fear they will be met with criticism from people like you – you serve no purpose in society.

    • Daniel says:

      No he is inspiring people to do what they actually want to do, but I presume you believe this pursuit is wrong if it doesn’t involve a form of high level education – I don’t see how anyone could improve themselves from an article such as this – there is constructive criticism and there is just putting someone down. I think you need to calm down.

    • Someone says:

      You mean he’s inspiring people to drop out of college and make minimally edited youtube videos screaming over videogames. People like YOU create an environment where nobody can take criticism — WHICH IS IMPORTANT FOR IMPROVEMENT — without crying and having a fit.

  41. DD says:


  42. dadsagit10 says:

    PewDiePie could probably be recognized by any active YouTube subscriber/viewer, yet I’ve never heard of Wallenstien ever. Also, Wallenstien doesn’t seem to realise that 12.6 million people disagree with him, and that this article is the most biased article ever made to criticize a YouTuber.

    He claims that all of Felix’s subscribers are young enough to see him as a role-model, whereas I know people who are way pass their 20s and love watching his content. The reason you’d make a negative article about someone is to stop people from watching their content, but if most of his subscribers are below the age of 16, they’re not likely to know most of the vocabulary used in this article.

    To be honest, Felix doesn’t really blather on like an idiot, it’s comedy that young people appreciate. It’s hard for an older audience to find his content funny, just as it is for a child to understand a joke from shows like ‘Michael Macintyre’s comedy road show’. Also, is it not slightly inappropriate that Wallenstien calls him a “Sweed”? Such language shouldn’t be allowed for a professional journalist, unless of course that isn’t what he is; perhaps he’s just a jealous of Felix’s success compared to his own.

    Well, I’ll get Felix’s fans awareness about this article, which would only lead to this article being proved further biased, dreadfully written, and just a bad argument all together.

    • Someone says:

      And also, “Swede” (NOT “SWEED”) isn’t a fucking insult you stupid cock sucker. It’s the fucking word for a Swedish person. Why don’t you learn your own fucking language before telling other people to watch theirs? You called this fucking guy JEALOUS over a thing you don’t even understand!


    • Someone says:

      what the fuck is with you simpletons and popularity contests? Everyone’s heard of Hitler, does that make him a great figure? Should I look up to Hitler? Should I find what he does entertaining or enlightening? Did you know that there are more than 7 billion people in the world, and over 300 million people in just the US alone? Did you know that not every subscriber has to be a unique individual, and that there could be many people who subscribe multiple times? How about did you know that Even though pewdiepie has 14 million subscribers, only a tiny fraction of them are actively watching his videos?

      Any stupid asshole can throw numbers around without any context. Intelligent people know what the numbers mean.

  43. Someone says:

    Oh look, reasons for pewdiepie not to exist.

  44. FlippedOmega says:

    Gotta love overly stupid comment wars over overly stupid articles. An entire comments section and so little intelligence to be found from either side of the argument.

    In all honesty Wallenstein is allowed to write whatever he damn well pleases. I may not agree with this article, and I think he’s being overly harsh, but he’s perfectly within his rights to tear into anything he wants to. No amount of bitching and name calling will change that. If you are true Pewdiepie fans you’d remember how many times he has asked for us to ignore this kind of articles and continue enjoying his videos, because he doesn’t care what his detractors think as long as there are people who continue to watch and enjoy his videos.

    On the other side of things, some of the Pewdiepie attackers could stand to back off a bit. Nobody is asking the detractors to get down on their knees and worship the ground walks on, but a little respect would be nice. Humor is subjective and just because an individual or group finds something funny or entertaining that you don’t does not mean they’re stupid or not regular people. It simply means they have a different sense of humor. Also just because fans do try to defend the object of their fandom does not mean they’re whiny or immature. They’re just trying to stand up for what they like, just like everybody else does. Whether it’s politcs, sports, or Pewdiepie, nobody wants to just stand back and let their viewpoint get bashed.

    • Someone says:

      Do you even read what these stupid morons say? They’re only proving that pewdiepie’s fanbase are utterly ignorant idiots who wouldn’t know their ass from their elbow. Maybe if you all weren’t so goddamn stupid and didn’t say the same fucking subjective idea, and PROVE that pewdiepie is anything other than a disgraceful, fame and money hungry nuisance to society with something other than “he gave money to charity and he totally cares about us he calls us bros!!!” then someone might want to budge!

      • FlippedOmega says:

        Yes, I have read many of the comments on this page and on Pewdiepie’s Youtube videos. I think we can all agree that every fandom has its share of stupid idiots who think that lashing out at others when when their fandom is attacked will help (don’t believe me, just go on almost any story about sports or the government and I’m pretty sure you’ll find a lot of the same crap you see here). Of course in reality it just annoys the content creator and the fans who have some intelligence (yes there are Pewdiepie fans who have some brains in their skulls in the almost 14 million subscribers as hard as that may be to believe sometimes) gives detractors more more tagets for their own arguments. Most of the other morons are just trolls who are trying to get a reaction by insulting non-fans.

        I’m not going to try to “prove” anything to you by the way. I could waste time spouting out the same reasons for liking Pewdiepie that you have seen or heard hundreds of times but I highly doubt I could change your mind even if I had some novel defence. In the end it just boils down to the fact that I like Pewdiepie and you don’t. We have different ideas about what is funny and entertaining, and that’s fine. You’re free to like or dislike whoever and whatever you want, just like Wallenstein, and so am I.

    • Kirito San says:

      this whole thing is probably because of people who are bored

  45. Sabrina says:

    People like him because he is funny I am 25 I am not a gamer but I am a “bro” because for 10 to 35 min I am laughing so hard I forget that the real world is pounding at my door.

    • Someone says:

      Humor is also subjective. Pewdiepie is not funny to regular people. His brainless babbling and yelling things off the top of his head is only for the lowest common denominator, which happens to be composed of a startling majority of people who can barely think for themselves, and thus rattle off the same poor reasoning as every other fan.

      • FilipinoBro says:

        Stupid people as bros. Hey chap wait a minute. I can speak 3 languages. I can distinguish socialism from communism (by the communist way). I am politically-keen. I can do many things an average person can do. Under 13 years old. And I am a bro. I am turning mature, and yet Pewdiepie makes me happy. Live with the fact that (you think) he’s stupid (facts against it 1) He has a girlfriend, 2) He studied college, which I think still makes him smart and 3) He can speak regularly, a perfect non-stupid ‘s what you call idioticway of living) his fans are not stupid. Not only me, but all the 3.4 million subscribers. Live with it. That, what you call idiotic, some even have jobs (some high-paying) and they enjoy Pewdiepie. I never knew that stupid was smart

      • So you talk about how humor is subjective, then proceed to talk about how he isn’t actually funny. If he makes people laugh, he’s funny. Whether he makes you laugh or not is a completely different thing. He has 14 million subscribers for a reason. He’s obviously doing something right. Just because you don’t like him doesn’t mean other people don’t, or shouldn’t.

      • Sagar Lamba says:

        When I was comparing him to an actor I was using an analogy. See, an analogy is basically a comparison of two things similar in nature but are not the exact same thing and is generally used for the purpose of clarification.I used an actor because a youtuber and an actor are both entertainers. I could have used any profession. All a lawyer does is argue, all a lifeguard does is swim, and so on. So you are right in saying he is not an actor. I was just using an analogy.
        Also, I didn’t know your job included editing video content. That is why I asked. So you can stop passive-aggressively hitting caps lock. Also, I am not being irrational. I am presenting my side of an argument same as you. You still haven’t actually told me what you do for a living. Are you unemployed?
        People enjoy what he makes. And yes he is doing a god damn character. If you have ever seen any of his other videos where he acts normal, you can easily see his demeanor completely changes.
        Another thing is that I don’t “Praise him.” I like him. He makes people laugh.
        You also said “that doesn’t excuse it” What does it not excuse…… He hasn’t done anything wrong.
        He doesn’t speak gibberish….. I can understand everything he says. Maybe you are just not listening.

      • Someone says:

        But he’s not an actor. Anyone can scream like an idiot. He doesn’t have a script. He just babbles things off the top of his head. He’s not even a comedian, because he has no jokes. And you know what? I KNOW WHAT EDITING A FUCKING VIDEO IS LIKE, AND HE DOESN’T SPEND THAT MUCH TIME ON IT. UPLOADING DOESN’T REQUIRE LABOR. YOU ARE BEING COMPLETELY IRRATIONAL ABOUT THIS. THERE IS NO DEDICATION TO ANYTHING BUT PLAYING GAMES AND STUPIDITY, AND MOST PEOPLE ARE DOING EITHER OF THOSE FOR FREE RIGHT NOW. Holy shit, I have plenty of experience with video editing tools. doing the kind of “editing” he does is something you can do in your sleep. And no, he is not a “character”. He’s the worst actor I’ve ever seen and you want to praise him like he actually plays a coherent role.

        He isn’t even the only idiot getting away with minimal effort! Look at Fred! All the guy did was raise the pitch of his voice and pretend to be the age of pewdiepie’s fans (zing) and the annoying orange, which is just someone looking up shitty jokes on the internet and doing babby’s first masking job. The top people who have been on youtube have always had two things in common: Child-level humor standards and minimal effort. And that’s all it took. Meanwhile anyone with something pleasant to watch who actually have the illusion of real production values to their work don’t get anything because a swarm of ADD-burdened idiots don’t get anything out of anyone but the loudest, most obnoxious most fake people the world has ever seen.

      • Sagar Lamba says:

        Saying that is like saying all an actor does is say stuff from a script in front of a camera. He is an entertainer. You think while he plays a game it magically records itself edits and uploads all by itself. You actually don’t fully know what he does. You don’t “know exactly how much effort goes into it.” And you know what? Neither do I. I have done video editing in the past and it is not that easy. Now doing all of it in a day and uploading to youtube in order to have new content for the viewers requires a lot of dedication and hard work.
        What do you do for a living? I am not saying that in like a bad way. I am just generally wondering. You may actually have film experience that I just don’t know about.
        His “stupid and tasteless things” is a part of the character that he created. Everyone has there own version of humor and a lot of people enjoy what he does.

      • Someone says:

        But you know what? That doesn’t excuse it. People say he puts a lot of effort and work into what he does but there isn’t any whatsoever. I know what he does, and I know exactly how much effort goes into it. The bulk of his work is playing games casually AND THAT IS NOT WORK BY ANY MEANS! He’s seeing an extremely bad example AND he says a lot of stupid or tasteless things. We don’t like him for that. Popularity doesn’t instantly translate to hard work!

      • Sagar Lamba says:

        So are you saying that the 14 million people that are subscribed to him are not regular people? You are right. Humor is subjective. A lot of people don’t find him funny, but there are a lot of people that do. I am a fairly intelligent person and I find him extremely funny. He is one of those people that plays a character with certain characteristics taken to an extreme, There are many people that enjoy his content. He is very hard working and is successful doing what he loves. I wish I could be just as “Brainless” as he is.

  46. rncajg says:

    you are right the internet is not the USA or the UK or Australia or france but all countries (and Obama isn’t the problem), but your argument that age is linked to wisdom, knowledge and maturity is stupid, there are plenty of people that are old are complete bloody idiots, just take a look at politician i can name two dozen (including my country’s prime minister) that the world would be a better place without them and are far worse that pewdiepie in what they do to the world and humanity, and if you put there voters together they would be millions more than pewdiepie.

  47. John Cletus says:

    You guys are all no more mature than the fan-base if all you do is argue.I really, and I’m praying on this one, hope, that all of you are not adults. Because if you are, It’s the saddest thing I’ve seen in quite awhile. Kids love all kinds of weird shit nowadays. Like Smosh or even all those other weird channels. You’re all just being so fucking pointless. I hope as I raise my kids, right now, I don’t raise them so that when they’re 40, They’re sitting on there ass getting enjoyment out of arguing with teenagers. Please! Argue about something useful! Help society or something man. Don’t just keep trying to tell little teen kids how to ” Grow up ” or how they’re Immature. Of course they are! They haven’t grown up! You bitching and trying to correct there every sentence is not going to help anyone. Go argue for something that will help, like getting rid of Obama. How about I just insult your wife just because she’s with you? I can’t fathom what this world has gone to if grown adults are acting this way. You guys must be getting a kick out of it Or something.. Just for the sake of all that is well, Do something better with your time. Everyone. Go read books, get shit done. I mean I love a little criticism here and there, but this is like yelling at a bunch of kids for liking a popular toy, and when they defend themselves treating them like adults. I guess when I turn 40 I’m going to turn into a Nazi or something. Because you’re all acting pretty fascist. Let people like whatever the fuck they want. Everything dies off eventually… Especially this country if we all keep acting like this. Hell I’m wasting my time right now. It just saddens me knowing that many people spend there afternoons arguing about pointlessness.

    • Bob says:

      Nobody cares about American politics, stop trying to influence the world about your stupid “Oh Bummer”.

    • Eric says:

      I can’t speak for the other guys but I’m totally doing this for kicks. I can’t drink coffee anymore so I spend my break bickering with a bunch of preteens. It’s cathartic in it’s own strange way.

  48. Sephano says:

    Who you are to have the right to judge people?

    • Someone says:

      Maybe if you read that little blip of text next to his picture you’d know exactly who he is to have the right to judge people. Go back to your hugbox.

  49. rncajg says:

    how can you write an article on a man who does what he loves and makes people laugh (ok it is silly/stupid comedy but there are many people that do that called comedies), instead of writing an article on things that actually hurt people like hate groups (e.g. the arian brotherhood or the KKK or the other hundreds of hate groups) or the civil wars in the middle east. and if you believe that it is people like pewdeipie that will bring about the end of civilisation and culture than you haven’t seen the some of the crap that there is on tv, because there is plenty of things worse on tv like tosh.o where the host is offensive, sexist and racist to just about everyone.

    • Someone says:

      Once again. We’re on Variety. The appropriate place to talk about other things is on other websites. Not here. I’m already worrying about other more relevant things than you’re describing, like republicans having a temper tantrum over obamacare existing and trying to drag the rest of the US with them.

    • Someone says:

      Do you see what website you are on you dense motherfucker? Look at the categories on the site. Look at what this place covers. This isn’t Kotaku, Variety respects the boundaries of its scope and COVERS THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY AS THEIR FORMAT IS DESIGNED FOR. SHUT UP ALREADY. The KKK Is not part of the entertainment industry! Neither is a civil war no matter where it is! Pewdiepie does not want or need your defense, and you are making him, and yourselves, look worse by having petty little arguments with everyone who has ever NOT kissed his ugly ass!

      • Amelia says:

        Hahahahaha I think you’re joking, right? You keep saying how PewDiePie are violent and stupid, and then you insult them WITH violence. It’s ironic? You are trying to make a point? Are you thinking it?

        Because all I read is the same shit you are criticized. Bullshit that comes out of your head without in an instant. Just because you don’t like, doesn’t other people have to hate him. What is these? All people have to think the same? Do you decide what we think? Humor is subjective, but you can say what is funny and we all have to obey? Off course, that’s being critic, you’re so consistent. Stop being such a pseudointellectual.

        Drop the college is wrong? I know a lot of people who didn’t go to college and they are brilliant. They are self-taught persons who are better than you and do something for the world. Just because the Neoliberal mode of education sells us that the only way people can study is to pay (too much by the way) for it, it doesn’t mean that that the true. THINK!

        I went to college, I have a degree. I don’t agree with this critic. Am I stupid? Just because critics (with all their studies) say something, doesn’t mean they are right. Vincent van Gogh rings a bell? You believe them just because they’re critics, makes you equally stupid as the “kids” you’re bullying.

      • Someone says:

        Oh look, reasons for pewdiepie not to exist.

        Seriously, they’re like a bunch of violent, underdeveloped children. Making it legal to wipe them all out wouldn’t bring a single tear to anyone’s face.

      • Bob says:

        All bros, brofist this woman/man/nonhuman entity in the face!

      • rncajg says:

        i ment that it seems ridiculous that there is a debate (or mud throwing contest) on this when there are far more important things in the world that people should be discussing

    • Someone says:

      holy shit you kids are insufferable, there are already thousands of news stories about that. Go read them and stop bitching about poor little millionaire pewdiepie already!

      • Eric says:

        1. Because you don’t seem to know how to spell.
        2. They are indeed far more important but this is neither the place nor time to discuss them.
        3. You’re absolutely right, they should get ALL the attention. Why don’t you go tell Pewdiepies 13 million fans to unsubscribe immediately and devote their lives and income to charity so that they can fix them. Oh, you can’t? Then shut up about them, we’re here to talk about a squealing moron on the internet and his sycophant fanbase, not about starving children in Africa.

      • rncajg says:

        1. why must i be a kid
        2. thous issues are still far more important than this
        3. and seeing how there still a problem don’t you think they should get all the attention in stead of bitching about someone you don’t find funny

  50. No one says:

    This is the future adults have so arrogantly saved this world for. Fact is, teens and young adults own the internet, essentially making it a playground. The proof is in his subscribers. If you’re too old for the playground, go home. If an adult wants to watch mature content, they don’t turn on Cartoon Network.

    “How can you reasonably expect to produce successful content if you aren’t familiar with how other people out there are succeeding?” aka – the rich trying to get richer, by leeching off another persons success, and in this case, not liking what they found. As for the question, PewDiePie did it mostly by himself, I’m sure you can too, Mr. big entertainment industry professional.

    So instead of coming to the playground in search for the next “big hit”, insulting PewDiePie, and the millions of bros around the world that love him. Go come up with some new original content, or at least put in half the effort he has by just doing what he loves.

    • Someone says:

      What the HELL are you talking about? “If you don’t like it, do it yourself” isn’t an argument! Plus, it seems like you don’t even know the history of your own hero. He spent a lot of his time begging for return subs until he found the black hole of stupidity that is the majority of youtube.

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