Obama Nominates Producer Colleen Bell to be Ambassador to Hungary

Colleen Bell
Stefanie Keenan/WireImage

Colleen Bradley Bell, producer for soap opera production company Bell-Phillip Television Prods., has been nominated as ambassador to Hungary, becoming the latest of President Obama’s campaign supporters to be tapped for foreign posts.

Bell’s nomination must be approved by the Senate. She raised more than $500,000 for the Obama campaign, according to its disclosure of campaign bundlers. According to the New York Times, the actual figure was more than $2.1 million by the fall of 2012.

She and her husband, Bradley Bell, executive producer and head writer for “The Bold and the Beautiful,” hosted Obama at a fund-raising event at their Holmby Hills home in February 2012.

Colleen Bell has served as a general trustee for the board of trustees at the Kennedy Center and was chair of an advisory committee on the arts for the org. She currently serves as the vice chair of the Children’s Institute and a trustee on the boards of directors of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Los Angeles Music Center.

Bell is the latest top fundraiser to be named to an ambassadorship. Others from Los Angeles include John Emerson, former president of Capital Group Private Client Services, who is now serving as ambassador to Germany, and political consultant Noah Mamet, who has been nominated as ambassador to Argentina. James Costos, a former HBO executive, is serving as ambassador to Spain.

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  1. Tim says:

    Interesting posts. Perhaps we should consider that George W. Bush appointed his uncle George Herbert Walker III to this same ambassadorship in 2003. Shirley Temple was appointed ambassador to Czechoslovakia in 1989 by George H.W. Bush. It’s nice that you all seem to know all of the ins and outs of what being an ambassador to Hungary means. I believe your qualifications to comment on Ms. Bell’s qualifications seem pretty questionable. But hey, keep dancing to the Fox Trot.

  2. Bill Francis says:

    Be nice to Barry and Barry will be nice to you.

    • The US Government borrows $52,000 out of the $132,000 it spends every second of the day. As of 11/28/2014 total US Debt stood at $18,005,549,328,561.45

      1975 the last year America had a trade surplus and the total debt was a mere $533 billion dollars…

      Over $17.5 trillion of debt just in the past 39 years but Democrats blame Republicans and Republicans blame Democrats when it is both Parties putting it there by the American voters voting for Parties and not Character…

      1790 the debt was $71 million
      1914 it was $2.9 billion…

      Government makes DEBT nothing else…

      and people with money makes the turnips of government jump by just jerking a string…

      Really sad…

      Wal*Mart’s Global Procurement Office is in China and it commissioned five super cargo ships years ago to bring Made In China to America…

      and Obama stands at a Wal*Mart pimping solar panels all the while each of those ships pollute as much as 50 million cars each year…

      Retail makes NOTHING but only moves a country’s currency (wealth)


      Pure ignorance…

      But what do you expect…

      he too came from Harvard

  3. Ken Ya says:

    I used to beat off the Bold and beautiful in high School. This woman is a great woman.

  4. michael wells says:

    Maybe she needs to get out of time for some reason, and this is a perfect pretext. Who is she married to?

  5. Lisa O'hill says:

    Maybe she will convince George Soros to help the gypsies of Eastern Europe and Hungary and stop sending unwanted donations to the US…

  6. fulredy says:

    Oh great! Another qualified Ambassador!

  7. Sean says:

    Credentials? Who needs that nonsense? Just have some of your Hollywood friends make a movie about how great I am, and I’ll make you an ambassador!

  8. Muldoon says:

    Don’t come back

  9. Tibor Csipan says:

    She knows as much about Hungary as I know about the constitutional system of Samoa.

  10. yeziam12 says:

    Why in 2013, are we still allowing administration supporters to buy positions so they can “play” diplomat.

    We locked up Blagojevich for 14 years for accepting bribes for Obama’s senatorial seat, but allow this type of graft to continue. Despicable, regardless of one’s partisan preference.

  11. Luxomni says:

    I am curious, does she speak Magyar? What does she know of Hungary, its people, and its needs?

  12. Lotta says:

    She doesn’t look Hungarian.

  13. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    I think she authored a book of 100 goulash recipes and that made her the front runner for the ambassadorship.

  14. Woolst says:

    He ran out of diplomats. Relegating Hungary to “who are you” status.

  15. Warrior says:

    All deserving of the “honor”. BTW, does cracker jack still have surprises inside?

  16. CJ says:

    What a joke

  17. Rico says:

    This is a slap in the face to Hungarians. Hungary has been relegated to the Obama State Department list of countries that don’t matter.

  18. Realist says:

    If Soupy Sales Was Alive, They Could Have Sent Him. At Least He Was Entertaining!

  19. Ronald Hunter says:

    So, why her? Does she speak Hungarian? Does she have experience dealing with eastern European clients? Does she know someone in a high position in Hungary? Or did she buy the job, and why would anyone not having a personal connection to Hungary WANT the job.

  20. Lorayne says:

    This announcement is on the proper newspaper: A Variety, a show biz magazine..Again Obama has disgraced the United States by appointing a female with no experience to an Ambassadorship. Caroline Kennedy is also on the list of appointments for pay back….and Obama lessens our standing in the International community. As a woman, I refute these sexist tricks.

  21. Flyin4awa says:

    Another “community organizer” with no practical experience…good for us that we really never hear anything about Hungary…but maybe we will now?

  22. nilskidoo says:

    This is as infuriating as that time that actor Reagan became Governor of California!

  23. josetoyou says:

    Another payback appointment for another incompetent administrator…

  24. HC01 says:

    We have a Department of career diplomats any one of which could do a better job. At least there is only a slim chance that she could start a war between Hungary and the US. The Hungarians deserve better.

  25. davestake says:

    A hollywood producer knows nothing about politics? That’s a good one!

  26. Ms Bella says:

    WELLl NOT watching B $ B after 20 yrs EVER AGAIN!!! We have LOST too much freedom under HIM

  27. Chris Long says:

    Oh, duh…I will point out Britain sent two unqualified plenipotentiaries to Moscow in the fall of 1939 to forestall a pact between Stalin and Hitler. They weren’t even diplomats. Result? Russians offended and Hitler and Stalin signed a pact. One week later the Nazis launched war on Poland — 1 September 1939.

  28. Chris Long says:

    Sending Caroline Kennedy to Japan is an insult to the Japanese. She is qualified for utterly nothing and I don’t care what type of high-falutin’ degree her family bought her at an Ivy League school.

    • rawhheadrex says:

      How about FDR sending Old Joe Kennedy, an Irishman, to the Court of St.James just to stick a thumb in the Crown’s eye. At least Joe was an accomplished whiskey smuggler during Prohibition.

    • mack says:

      I jumped for joy when she got the spot, because the thought of her as appointed NY senator would be much worse!

      • Sloaneranger says:

        The Crown got the last laugh as try as he might Joe Kennedy never was accepted into the inner society circles he so much wanted for his daughters.

  29. Dave-0 says:

    I’m sure she was chosen for her impeccable language skills.. no? Her foreign policy resume’.. no? How about her ability to funnel campaign contributions.. yep, we have a weiner.

  30. El Duderino says:

    Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve eve rbeen to. It rivals Paris in many ways. It may even be preferable to it, particularly due to affordability and its cosmopolitan nature. it was not scourged by the Communists as much as the rest of Eastern Europe.

    As to why and what this broad has to offer Hungary, I haven’t a clue.

  31. The sale of ambassadorships to campaign donors is spoofed in the new comedy, Foundering Fathers: What Jefferson, Franklin, and Abigail Adams Saw in Modern D.C.! Second Edition (http://www.amazon.com/Foundering-Fathers-Jefferson-Franklin-Abigail/dp/1492257923/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1379694859&sr=1-1&keywords=foundering+fathers+second+edition

  32. gram says:

    What will $15.00 get me? Ambassador to Tripoli?

  33. rbblum says:

    Barry Soetoro’s fantasy world has become reality.

  34. It is also insulting to the countries he sends these unqualified persons to. Saying the are not important enough to him to send a serious representative to their country. It’s no wonder we are losing friends abroad

  35. Dave Cearley says:

    Actually, Hungary and Eastern Europe are turning out to be very affordable places to film movies. A Hollywood producer in Budapest could help the US film business.

    • Chris Long says:

      Yeah, right, ship more jobs overseas…brilliant.

    • JVW says:

      Taking a film location to Budapest may indeed help the U.S. film business’s bottom line, but it doesn’t do much to create jobs here in America, does it? I thought Democrats were the ones who were so dead set against outsourcing jobs overseas. Does that change when it is the powerful entertainment industry?

  36. curious says:

    I wonder how those investigations into the the IRS and Benghazi crimes are going??

  37. Cat says:

    Who?????? As the US’s relationship with the rest of the world seems to be getting shakier, we need to appoint REAL DIPLOMATS as ambassadors.

  38. Miguel says:

    So what exactly is her Political Science resume? Other than being a buddy of Mr. Obama?

  39. It’s not what you know, but who you blow.

  40. Joe says:

    Didn’t Reagan appoint Shirley Temple to a post?

    • Cat says:

      Shirley Temple Black (her married name) was appointed ambassador to Ghana in 1974 and ambassador to the former Czechoslovakia in 1989. She also ran for Congress at some point but didn’t win.

  41. A female Hollywood producer??? What else? Hollywood producers are chocked through and through with the world view of the fantasyland of delusions. Under The ‘Bama they make the best Ambassadors. Fantsyland is fantasyland, and delusions are delusions whether from Hollywood or Versailles on the Potomac. Oftimes amplified and enhanced with madicinal marijuana to alleviate chronic drug withdrawel pains.

  42. WGP says:

    Az apád szarházi – the only Hungarian I know . . . and I’m 1/2 Hungarian . . .

  43. 1IDVET says:

    Reblogged this on Truth, Lies and In Between and commented:
    You’ve got to be kidding me.
    WTF does a Hollywood moron know about being an ambassador?
    Another foreign policy fail due to cronyism.
    I guess if I donated enough cash I can get a sweet gig in say Japan, or Sweden, or wherever.
    What an absolute failure.

  44. Okay, let’s try to work on our good investigative journalism here, folks!
    What the article fails to mention is that Mrs. Bell DOES have a degree in Political Sci and Econ – so she might actually have an education to fit the ambassador job requirements.
    But seriously, folks…. we have Chicago style politics played in every appointment and decision B.O. makes. You scratch my back (ie. give me money!) and I will give you a cushy job, whether you are the BEST qualified for the position or not.
    Apparently, under this Presidency, everything in our country is for sale – including our Constitution and our inalienable rights as citizens.

    • “Chicago-style politics”? That silly meme conjured up by the conservatives is tired. Moreover, whether a Democratic or Republican president, ambassadorships have historically been filled by either career high level State Department officials or high level donors. It’s ALWAYS been that way.

      The GOP’s current iteration has nothing to offer the American people except nightmare Teahadists and their screeds, Wall St./Big Business economic rapists, and racists. Glad to see the internal war within the GOP is finally taking place – let’s hope decent Republicans emerge the victors.

      • The Rev Al says:

        Kindly define what a decent republican is. Or who specifically.

      • Steve says:

        Where’s Waldo?

      • Eva Foster says:

        Actually it’s not. Chicago style politics have been around for over 100 years. Chicago has been the site of the horrific and pathetic political, police, child and mental heath scandals. They have been doing things like this forever. The Republicans have nothing to do with it, it’s their making, they do business as usual and they don’t care how many news stories are out there, they aren’t changing the way they do business.

  45. Juan Doe says:

    Is this the guy that made the you tube video that casued the Benghazi incident?

  46. willisonce says:

    The least we could do is send someone affiliated with Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead instead of a no talent hack like this…….

  47. Lorne says:

    You apparently forgot your meds this morning. Very clever, very witty remark jarhead.

  48. pondboy says:

    Hey its all for sale with the Clintons as well america and Hollywood cares not about you hell trying having a regular conversation with theses types and if you ain’t screwing someone intresting working your way up the stardom ladder then your boring.

  49. Jim says:

    That’s the way it is done in Chicago!

  50. Mort says:

    Pay to play, Chicagoland style! Nothing new to se here!

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