Bon Jovi Beats Beyonce for Year’s Highest-Grossing Tour

Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic

Bon Jovi not only has the year’s top tour, but the rock band has achieved a career high.

The New Jersey-based act’s worldwide tour grossed $259.5 million this year, topping Pollstar’s annual top 20 list and setting a record for the band itself.

Beyonce is second with $188.6 million. She ended her tour last week in Brooklyn, N.Y. Pink, Justin Bieber, and Bruce Springsteen round out the top five.

The global concert business scored a record year with the top 20 tours, earning $2.43 billion in primary ticket sales. It generated $1.96 billion last year.

The top 20 list also included Taylor Swift, Elton John, Rihanna, Depeche Mode and One Direction. The Rolling Stones’ comeback tour ranked twelfth, a notch under Paul McCartney.


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    1. so4delish says:

      Well, I have seen Bon Jovi on multiple occasions and he’s fantastic his last tour in my area the cheapest take it was over $100 for the nose bleeds & I did see the Rolling Stones and December off 2013 paid 550 a ticket through Ticketmaster to see them at the Barclay center and you know be almost one of the last rose about it was an experience that I will never forget and glad I was able to attend it. You know the old time groups and people who made music that made a difference and came from an epic time. Will continue to play on some of these people who are one hit wonders or media moguls for now will eventually go out of style. Their fans keep getting younger and younger and mommy and daddy will buy them their CDs & their concert tickets…you know when I grew up my one of my first albums was Bon Jovi slippery when wet along with my Michael Jackson album and I also had Guns and Roses. I mean I mean if you look at the people in that list 20 years from now or even 10 are any of them going to be around I mean all Taylor Swift does is saying about whatever guy she’s obsessed about a broken up over you know she’s got a new boyfriend every couple of months has no sense of who she is for herself or her own style she just adapts to them. you know whatever clothing style and food they like that’s what she likes. All of her songs are the same so boring. Beyonce has been around yeah she’s good & her & Hubby w/ the Jay-z Empire with you know all the money they have between will just continue to grow or money runs out or people stop you know buying their music and buying into the real estate the clothing and everything else which I don’t see happening so they will continue to be a strong power couple. although even back in the day Jay Z didn’t sell drugs on the street of New York City and he was arrested for it was either shooting a stabbing someone so he lived that song life style like other rappers an artist dead like 50 cent and the game and Tupac and Biggie Smalls. He was just able to stay alive and make more money with his empire and she was with Destiny’s Child and branched out on her own leaving her own sister flat on her butt and her mama is making half of her outfits to wear. Yeah I can go the Barclay center up in DA BRONX it’s a gorgeous arena you can tell they spent a lot of money a lot of people indoor sing it. When we went to go see The Rolling Stones last December you would think they let you in a little early when we got there it was pouring raining and I had hail coming down we were an hour and a half before the show was to start and it wouldn’t let anyone in the building so people are outside soaking wet and freezing and standing on the street corners of the Bronx and there’s like a big store that has like Target and Bed Bath and Beyond in a little shops and half of them didn’t have bathrooms are they said they couldn’t use em. They said partially due to their safety and the for customer safety because addicts will do drugs in the bathrooms. So we were like that’s going on for years everywhere that’s why I usually lock it and somebody has to get the key right? That it was a wonderful night one of the best concerts that I’ve ever been to and I go to at least by the year and I’m not even 40 and I can tell you that yes there’s some music in the last I would say decade maybe that I do listen to and like and could possibly see some of them in my future. However I think the majority of the music scene that started in 2000 cannot hold a candle to 75 percent of the music groups or single performers like Janis Joplin or Bob Marley from the 19 fifties up until the early to mid 70’s.Elton John is fantastic he sells out every time I’ve seen him by himself and I’ve seen him perform with Billy Joel it’s phenomenal these are music legends that will always be 20 years from now people are going to be like 1 Who? 1 “die “rection who’s that? you know just like when New Kids on the Block were a big deal and all of that maybe they’ll pop up because the be poor and need to make money so they’ll be in their 30’s and 40’s singing the songs and acting like they’re teenagers but they’re not and it’s pretty scary looking. Depeche Mode from the 80’s one of the best 80’s group along with U2 and Duran Duran. this past year I recently saw the Eagles Stevie Nicks Fleetwood Mac these people they don’t have to work they don’t need to make the money they do it because they enjoy it they’re hitting anniversaries that are 30 years together 25 years together and the music is awesome it never dies and just about everybody you ask could say that they know it least one song by these people. I do not know one song by Justin Bieber and I do not know one song really from Taylor Swift because they all sound the same. I know a couple of songs by pink she’s unpredictable so I don’t know which way she’s going to go she you know that’s her own goals in rule for herself it seemed to differ than everyone else. One person not mentioned hear that I think will do very well is Katy Perry. Um I don’t know when Miley Cyrus song as far as you know what she’s doing now I did thank when she sang Jolene she did a wonderful job. and you know just like when Britney Spears when all naughty and shaved off her hair and was giving crotch shots and Kanye was jumping up on the stage to dis Taylor Swift and give the credit to Beyonce you know I mean yeah it was true but he shouldn’t have done it that way you know some people just need to get a statement out or try to express their feelings and they do it in a shocking way because people don’t stop to listen and they want people to know how they are at their different and they’re not in that same category as every single female singer. and that also a lot of people nowadays are not just country or rock many people can do the gamut of the music scene you know I’m not a big country fan is a handful of songs I like it when you look when people call apparate nowadays you can take a country singer and put him with a hip hop artist and come out with a great song so there is a lot of teamwork and there is no I in team and they work together. Some people are way too demanding way too selfish and greedy and ultimately is there in a group that will lead to either the group breaking up or the group having that person leave either willingly or they give them money and force them out! or the entire band is just done or group. If you look at the Rolling Stones you know they had there bumps along the way got rid of people got new people, the Eagles had different people when took a hiatus got back together. Fleetwood Mac got rid of Chrissy they still perform to this day together without her but Stevie Nicks is around and whenever Fleetwood Mac is playing Stevie Nicks is there. But Stevie Nicks also does her own concerts sometimes by herself I’ve also seen her do concerts with Rod Stewart, and Don Henley, these are people who are reputable in the business and truly love what they do and are willing to mix things up try new things and every time I’ve gone to these concerts they are sold out and every time they come around people just keep going back year after year after year. so maybe your 15 year old and you’re seeing one direction or the wanted and then you go off to college and you’re studying to get a job in the real world and with your girl or a boy you meet someone you’re interested in dating possibly marrying me ask you what kind of music you like you’re honestly going to say one direction or Taylor Swift this other person might be like who I don’t listen to that crap?! So the real question is look at the people who topped the charts this year the top 12 the ones that are the seasoned bands and performers what year did they first play a concert what year is it now. Then look at the people I like pink Taylor Swift Beyonce one direction and say hey its 2013 end of the year results make it 20 years on to that how old are they going to be and how do you think they’re going to be performing in handling life in a society where basically they act like there’s no rules Justin Bieber can be in a brothel at the age of what 17 doing all these asinine ridiculous things and it’s okay because he so called celebrity. I have children in my class who don’t do their homework who can barely read or write in third grade 4th grade you know the entire state is working on having the same standard across the board and we’re working on the kids reading in comprehending and all they wanna do is you know listen to these bands like one direction memorize their words saying it and that’s it so that’s the extent of them learning anymore grammar or you know trying to even understand a song means Wendy’s little boys don’t even write their own music somebody else is writing it for them. It’s pretty sad I can’t even imagine what its going to be like when I get older and have to have one of these people take care of me in a hospital setting on my children cause its going to be a very very scary place and we’re worried about it now its only gonna be a hundred times worse. Many households the children run it they tell their parents what they gonna do what they want for dinner I’ve seen parents cook 3 different things for dinner are you kidding me its this is Danna you eat it or you don’t end of story the teacher Kohl’s when I was growing up you ran to your room cause you knew you were in trouble everybody is like oh my kid wouldn’t F*****g curse I don’t know where the hell they got that from. I’m like hmm G think about this? We’re going to hell in a handbasket whether we like it or not basically since JFK was assassinated its been a shit storm all the way

    2. Smooth says:

      I like them both so congrats.

    3. denal says:

      Reblogged this on Denal’s Mind and commented:
      Legend Beats Contemporary

      • flawda says:

        LOL at Beyonce being contemporary, she has been in the business almost 20 years and has won more Grammy’s than Bon Jovi. Old people say the silliest things.

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