Cumulus Deal Doesn’t Cloud Outlook for Limbaugh, Hannity

Rush Limbaugh Sean Hannity Cumulus

Even if the parties don't reach agreement, the radio stars won't be hurting for offers

Politico dubbed its latest report on the prospect of radio owner Cumulus dropping mega-hosts Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity a “major shakeup for the radio industry,” but it’s hard to see how, at least in any way that consumers will notice.

More like rearranging the furniture, or shuffling the deck chairs aboard the S.S. Incredibly Rich Guy.

Read the story a little closer, and this is a dispute over the cost of the programs, pure and simple. And while Cumulus does have a strong portfolio of stations, it’s not like rivals wouldn’t be eager to snap up the two highest-rated hosts in conservative talk, even if that includes enduring the occasional advertiser boycott directed at Limbaugh for saying the kind of outrageous things that ensure his listeners keep showing up.

On Monday’s program, Limbaugh — who isn’t always known for his staunch fidelity to accuracy — got it about right when he reassured self-proclaimed Ditto-heads not to worry about the Politico story, saying, “You are gonna be able to get this radio program on as many, if not more, radio stations down the road than it’s on now, and what you’re being treated to is just a public business negotiation.”

Whatever you think of his politics, Rush Limbaugh (and to a slightly lesser degree, Hannity) have demonstrated one thing: There’s almost no more cost-efficient form of programming in the history of media than a Republican firebrand and a microphone. Moreover, the marketing genius underlying the formula hinges on the belief among like-minded consumers that because the mainstream media heavily tilts left, only those voices are to be trusted — a perception that has only been strengthened during the Obama administration.

So even if Cumulus and Limbaugh/Hannity distributor Premiere Radio Networks do wind up parting ways, the forecast is anything but cloudy. In fact, it will be as simple as resetting those AM car buttons from 640 to 790.

Because this much is pretty clear: Rush Limbaugh will be hosting a radio program as long as his voice and interest in doing one hold out.

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  1. Sue says:

    Still won’t listen to either one.

  2. Joseph says:

    “Limbaugh — who isn’t always known for his staunch fidelity to accuracy…”

    I’m sorry, what do you base that on? Your opinion? Please make an effort at journalism, huh?

  3. carlb says:

    as with all radio fiascos one just has to look at the 80’s and the howard stern fiasco at radio nbc. to date they have never won howards time slot since then. that’s close to 30 years and counting lol what’s even more funny is the they don’t learn and are getting rid of leno because he makes to many obama jokes.look for him to come to fox for there entry to late night. let the good times roll. lol

  4. Darrin Ballard says:

    Not known for his staunch fidelity to accuracy????? He is more right on more things than almost anyone, which is why they hate him……He is simply guilty of having conservative opinions in a typically liberal venue. Since I can think of at least 3 things Dan Rather go terribly wrong, I challenge the author to find me two examples of Rush knowingly or recklessly disseminating non-factual information.

  5. We’ll see. I think the public has had enough of his racism and misogyny. Mediaite reported that 48 of 50 national advertisers have blacklisted both shock jocks. He’s there to make money via ad sales and they are drying up.

    • Dave says:


      Yer funny.

      Maybe you should take that act to Vegas.

      -Or to the land of make-believe.


    • carlb says:

      here is a line out the door looking to put ads on both shows. you no why? because the people who listen have jobs and contribute and buy products while the ones who don’t live in the park on benches and vote democrat!

    • ROOM22 says:

      Honestly it is a offensive fallacy perpetuated today is that Limbaugh is racist. It’s almost like the film “Reefer Madness” in it’s intentional demonization of the subject to a hysterical audience. Of course the the truth is, if he regularly expressed racist ideas, he would not at all have the following he has.. unless you truly believe all of his massive audience is racist as well and relishes it. That would be a sad sad world.. but thankfully the obvious truth is, any long time listening to his show and spoken opinions would reveal to all but the densest of us, that he is the furthest thing from it. But his views are conservative and right-leaning, so of course the opposite side has to toe the line and demonize, mischaracterize, belittle, and discredit their opposition as much as possible. That’s fine. But just don’t believe the hype.

    • slp says:

      Tell me more lies, Kitty.

  6. E Cheung says:

    Dear Typical-Liberal and Author of this article: Limbaugh’s audience doesn’t show up because of the “outrageous things he says,” but because he echoes, and elaborates on, what is already on its mind. Ditto, Hannity.

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