Walk of Fame Announces 2014 Honorees

Tupac Hartman

Orlando Bloom, Kaley Cuoco and Katy Perry among those to receive stars

The Hollywood Walk of Fame committee chairman David Green announced next year’s list of honorees Thursday at a ceremony where Jennifer Lopez received her honor, with Tupac Shakur and Phil Hartman set to be lauded posthumously.

In the film category, those scheduled to receive a star in 2014 are: Orlando Bloom, Ray Dolby, Sally Field, Jack Harris, Jessica Lange, Matthew McConaughey, Liam Neeson, Paul Mazursky and Tom Sherak.

In TV, Dabney Coleman, Kaley Cuoco, Claire Danes, Giancarlo Esposito, Deidre Hall, Cheryl Hines, Don Mischer, Tavis Smiley and Hartman are set to be honored.

Recording stars include Katy Perry, Holland-Dozier-Holland, Rick Springfield and Shakur.

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    1. Val says:

      I’m thrilled that Rick Springfield has finally been selected to get a star on The Walk of Fame. This is a richly deserved honor that has been a long time coming and couldn’t happened to a more talented individual.

    2. Michelle Passalacqua says:

      I was so happy to hear the news of Rick Springfield. Finally getting his star on the walk of fame , the 13 year old girl in me screamed and ran around in my head .
      Rick has had a huge influence on popular culture for so long now .

    3. Tracy Mallon says:

      Thank you for the long awaited honor of Rick Springfield to receive his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! He truly deserves the recognition for his lifelong accomplishments. You have thrilled many people to the bone! I was honored to have met Rick, and he is very humbled by the attention he continually acquires, worldwide. Many thanks, and much appreciation!

    4. Great to hear about RICK SPRINGFIELD, Deidre Hall, Sally Field, Jessica Lange…and others

    5. Doug Brown says:

      Jack Pierce, who created the iconic monsters (Mummy, Wolf-Man, Frnakenstein’s creature) for Universal in the 1930s and 1940s, was passed over. Pierce’s work is known the world over and has stood virtually unequalled in cinema history. He deserves a star on the Walk!

    6. Debby says:

      I like a lot of the people who are getting their star but Rick Springfield deserved it years ago. Way to go Rick you finally made it

    7. Lisa Lynn says:

      Congratulations Rick Springfield!!!
      You deserve it!!!

    8. Osotru says:

      FINALLY!!!!! Congratulations TUPAC!! You deserve it and its long overdue!! The impact you had on the world will show because i’m sure besides Michael Jackson your star will be the most sought!! R.I.P big homie….with G’d Up Radio you’ll never die!

    9. KAREN says:


    10. Tammy says:

      So happy for Rick Springfield I love his music and he is such a talented person so well derserved

    11. rlstewart76 says:

      Why is Sally Field just now receiving her Star???

    12. Jeffrey Spivak says:

      And yet, Busby Berkeley, the man who changed forever how we look at dance in the movies, and who saved Warner Bros. from complete insolvency still doesn’t have a Walk of Fame star.

      A sad shame.

    13. Really? You don’t think we should give Katy Perry and Kaley Cuoco time to become more than a fad? By that standard Rick Springfield should have had a star in 1984 when he had both a TV history and a best selling album. Orlando Bloom right alongside Liam Neeson? No comparison. Let Orlando sit on his hands a while longer. Matt is hot but are we giving out stars for shirt removal now? And Sally, just like Rick, is way overdue. Like Forrest Gump in the 90’s overdue.

      • Meredith A. Zarth says:

        Right on every point, Jamie. I like Kaley, Katy, Orlando, and Matthew… but WITH Rick and Sally?? It’s crazy. I’ve been a fan of Rick’s a loooong time & signed petitions to get him there, but seeing Sally wasn’t even there yet?!?! It’s all pure insanity. How are these decisions actually made and by whom?

    14. Deena says:

      Congrats! Rick !!!!! A long wait…Well deserved!!!! :-)

    15. Victoria says:

      Congratulations Rick ! I don’t know anybody that deserves this honor more than you do. Your music has been an inspiration to so many for over 30 plus years. So whats next? Do I hear THE ROCK ‘N ROLL HALL OF FAME!!! Love Ya!!

    16. jill says:

      Katy Perry????????

    17. Ava Gelbaum says:

      Congratulations to a quintessential talent that has been overlooked and under rated for several decades. Rick Springfield remains a positive in my life and the lives of SO many others!

    18. Sandi Long says:

      Yay for Rick Springfield, but the late teen-star, Corey Haim needed some recognition, don’t you think?

    19. Right On, Rick! It’s your turn to SHINE like the Star you were always meant to be. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

    20. Pam says:

      Wahoo Finally Rick!

    21. Kristi Sweeney says:

      Yipee for Rick Springfield! :-)

    22. Patti says:

      Rick Springfield…..yay!

    23. Kat says:

      Congrats to MY star since I was in high school 30 years ago, Rick Springfield!!!!
      YEAH, YEAH!

    24. Deborah Jesse says:

      Rick Springfield…FINALLY!!!

    25. Monica Perkal says:

      Big Congrats to Rick Springfield!!!!! I have been waiting to see him get his star for too long. Well deserved!! Keep on rockin RICK! You are the best! Yeah! ABOUT TIME! I am also happy to see Phil Hartman’s name here as well. He was a talent taken away too soon and a friend. Thanks Hollywood.

    26. Lou Ann Driskell says:

      Way to go Rick!!! So proud to be a huge fan of yours!!! Love you much!!

    27. DavidSask says:

      Katy Perry Really?, How does she deserve this honor already?

    28. Cassie Dominguez says:

      Congratulations Rick! I am very happy that you have finally received this well-deserved honor!!! Looking forward to seeing you again in concert!!! :)

    29. ladydi96 says:

      So happy for Rick Springfield! Long overdue, but worth the wait. His fan base is as strong as it ever was and loyal beyond words! Congratulations!

    30. Teresa says:

      Way to go, Rick!!! Congratulations! You deserve it. Thanks for rockin’ my world for the last 31 years. I would LOVE to be there!!

    31. Joanne says:

      Wow, congrats Rick, it’s been a long time coming. All is fans love you and of we can’t be there on person , we’ll be thinking of you!

    32. carisa r says:

      Its about time Rick gets his star! Congrats to Rick Springfield! A star in my life for over 30 years!!!

    33. Michelle Perea says:

      It’s about time Rick Springfield got his star!! Way overdue ! Love you Rick! Congrats everyone!

    34. SO EXCITED FOR RICK! Rick is finally getting his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

    35. Congrats to Rick Springfield!!!

    36. Chris says:

      Long time coming . Congrats Mr. Springfield…

    37. Sherry Atkins says:

      It’s about time Rick Springfield was added! He is Awesome! He should have been added 25 years ago!!!!! :)

    38. Irma says:

      Yeah Rick S.!!

    39. Tammy says:

      How do i find out when this will happen?? Would very much like to be there and share in Ricks big day

    40. Tammy says:


    41. ffearfan says:

      Really good things come to people that wait (for night) congradtion Rick Springfield about darn time they see how great you really are. And will be there forever can’t wait to come see it

    42. Finally Rick, Enrique and I will Be there Yeah Yeah Yeah WE have been wishing and waiting and For This Day:) Congratulations Old Friend!!!

    43. Great to see Rick is FINALLY getting his due!…Would be great to visit it someday

    44. kelly walker says:

      way to go rick springfield its about time!!?!

    45. RobinPickles says:


    46. vi mullins says:

      I’m truly glad to see that Rick Springfield is going to be honored with a star on the walk of fame. Truly an honor. Not only is he a great entertainer but a wonderful human being and very pleasant to met. Always very genuine to his fans. Thanks Rick. Well deserved.


      Vi Mullins

    47. Christy says:

      Congratulations to Rick Springfield!!! Well deserved!!!

    48. pam h says:

      Rick Springfield!! It’s about time!! Love it, Love it, Love it!!

    49. Janey Davenport-Carter says:

      Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses needs to have a star!!!!

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