Anticipation has grown by leaps and bounds for Anthony Hopkins' portrayal of the title character in "Hitchcock" (inset), set for a Nov. 1 premiere at the AFI Fest, but the even more likely award winner for portraying the famed director might well be Toby Jones in HBO's "The Girl."

Without scooping Brian Lowry's soon-to-come review for Variety, let's just say that Jones is haunting in the HBO telepic, set to premiere Oct. 20.  His inhabitation of the role gives the Julian Jarrold-directed project the atmosphere of a Hitchcock psycho-thriller. A month after Julianne Moore won an Emmy for portraying Sarah Palin in "Game Change," it's a no-brainer to posit that Jones could do the same for "The Girl."

In general, "The Girl" figures to be in the running for several Emmy noms, though keep in mind that beginning next year, acting nominations for miniseries and movies will no longer be divided into lead and supporting categories

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