Your Mama Hears…

…tatted-up Maroon 5 lead singer and reality singing show mentor Adam Levine (The Voice) has not only been on the hunt for a new Los Angeles, CA house to call home but has very quietly made his current crib in the Los Feliz area available—at least to those who know which real estate agent to ringy-dingy—with an asking price, according to our freakishly well-connected snitch Betty Butterlips, in the high three millions.

Mister Levine picked up his fairly recently re-hashed and completely re-worked 1940s ranch house, perched proudly on a city-view hillside above Bronson Canyon near the tail end of a dead end private street, back in November 2005 for $3,195,000.

In early 2009 Mister Levine put his low-slung and lasciviously-decorated digs up for lease for $10,000 per month and sometime after that he engaged the (no doubt seriously expensive) services of friend and swanky vintage clothing boutique owner Mark Haddawy who reduced the number of bedrooms from four to one; filled the interiors with rosewood, marble and name-brand contemporary art; installed an all-stainless steel kitchen; boldly stuck a baby grand piano in the enlarged, cowhide-carpeted master bedroom; and, for reasons beyond our comprehension, replaced the sensational, quintessentially Old Hollywood oval-shaped swimming pool with a much more mundane rectangular one.

The extensive alterations and high-glam mid-century minded day-core was subsequently photographed for the glossy pages of Architectural Digest‘s March 2012 issue.

According to Betty Butterlips, Mister Levine might prefer to stay in his current ‘hood but is understood to want something more substantial that better reflects his continued music, showbiz, and financial success. One neighborhood tattletale told Your Mama word on the Los Feliz gossip grapevine was Mister Levine had a look-see at (but passed on) the 8,184 square foot Spanish Colonial Revival-style mansion sit-com actor David Hyde Pierce and man-partner Brian Hargrove recently sold in late July (2012) for $7,050,000 to a couple of obviously very well-compensated L.A.-based attorneys.

All just celebrity real estate rumor and gossip, children, rumor and gossip.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Does he ever look up at his portrait of Kurt Cobain in the middle of a dark, dark, night and
    staring around the room as The Grammys catch a glint of moonlight secretly whisper to himself how he would light the entire house on fire just to have one drop of his talent?

  2. Anonymous says:

    He’s such a hottie, and that furry little trail..yum.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love when people talk about things the have NO CLUE ON. If you dont like his decorating style.. fine. (Im not a huge fan of it either) BUT it does not make him a douche. As a fan who has spent ALOT Of money (And Im sure some of it went to decorating that house) he is one of the nicest celebs you could meet. Gracious and thankful!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I can’t stand that douchebag Levine. He and that little troll are the reasons I can’t watch The Voice.

  5. Candy Spelling says:

    How gauche.

  6. Desert Donna says:

    Perfect example of why I cancelled my Architectural Digest subscription.

  7. Naughty Nancy says:

    He is definitely a douche, but I’m actually a fan of his house, save a few of the decorating choices. Though I think it would have been wise to keep one spare bedroom for the occasional friend or relative.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Have to hand it to Lavine his style fits his personality perfect. Not a bad house, and certainly not boring.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Please Rick, spare us. His pad looks like a quintessential bachelor’s pad.

  10. If anyone still had any lingering doubts as to why so many people consider Adam Levine a douchebag, looking at those AD picks of how his house is decorated should remove them once and for all…

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