Tori Spelling Settles Down (Temporarily) in Thousand Oaks

WHO: Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott
WHAT: A new lease on a huge house
WHERE: Lake Sherwood/Thousand Oaks, CA
HOW MUCH: $15,900 per month

YOUR MAMAS NOTES: In case any of y’all somehow missed it all the tabs and on the blogs the last few months, Tinseltown royal turned reality tee-vee queen Tori Spelling has another bun in her oven, her fourth in five years. And what, my pretty ponies, frequently happens when a rich and/or famous person has a baby? That’s right, they move house.

Case in point, earlier this week celebrity property gossips went hog wild with the news that preggers-again Miz Spelling and second husband Dean McDermott flipped the Malibu, CA residence they bought last September (2011) for $2,400,000 back on the market with an asking price of $2,675,000.

Listing broker (and Bravolebrity) Madison Hildebrand told the property gossip gals at The Wall Street Journal Tori & Dean, bought the 1.73 acre spread on Malibu’s Point Dume “with every intention of staying.” They added organic gardens, built a chicken coop, put in corral for a miniature horse, and installed expensive and utterly soo-blime 100-year old French oak floors. A miniature horse!?! For real?

Alas, they did not, it seems, plan to become impregnated with a fourth child and with just 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms (plus a vintage, single-wide mobile home guesthouse), there isn’t room for a wealthy family of six used to living in much more sizable residential circumstances. Miz Spelling grew up, as we all know, in a grotesquely gargantuan mansion in the hoity-toity Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles—her momma Candy sold The Manor last year for $85 million to pampered 22-year old Formula One racing heiress Petra Ecclestone—and the Spelling-McDermotts moved to their petite pad in Malibu from a nearly 7,000 square foot faux-Tuscan mansion in ur-suburban Encino with 6 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms they bought in October 2008 for $2,945,000 and sold last December (2011) for $2,500,000.

Anyhoodles poodles, current listing photos for the comparatively diminutive Spelling-McDermott digs in Malibu show the residence completely devoid of furnishings. Obviously, the couple and their growing gaggle of offspring have already moved but where, oh where, did the Spelling-McDermott clan go the children might wonder?

Well, puppies Your Mama learned yesterday from our impossibly knowledgeable amiga Lucy Spillerguts that the Spelling-McDermotts hightailed it from Point Dume over the mountains to the ex-urban community of Thousand Oaks, CA where they leased a sprawling mansion behind the guarded gates of the swanky Sherwood Country Club. We’re not privy to what amount the Spelling-McDermotts agreed to shell out each month to rent the privately situated estate but evidence we conjured and cajoled out of the interweb reveals it was available for lease at $15,900 per month. The property had also been listed for sale as recently as April 2012 with a price tag of $4,995,000, reduced from $5,495,000.

Listing information we teased up out of the internets reveals the single-story, multi-winged mansion, an brick and stucco pastiche of unknowable (and unholy) architectural inspiration, sits on an elevated 2.45 acre lot accessed by a long and wide winding driveway equipped with not just one but two remote-controlled gates. Most online listings show the bulky behemoth measures 9,189 while the Ventura County Tax Man indicates it’s slightly smaller at 8,739 square feet. Either way, it’s humongous and at least three times the size of their little house in Malibu.

Some of the interior spaces, according to listing information we perused, have been recently remodeled and the house includes 6 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms, a count that may or may not include any sleeping and/or terliting facilities in the detached pool/guesthouse that includes a substantial (and partially subterranean) lower level suitable for and convertible to an indoor roller skating rink, batting cage, bowling alley, fitness facility, a recording studio or live-in domestic quarters.

The expansive grounds include a circular motor court with a truly upsetting and unnecessary porte cochere supported by a quartet of columns meant to fancy the place up, a front-facing four-bay garage with room for five cars, manicured lawns, and a resort-style swimming pool and spa area with wide entertaining/dining/sunbathing patios and long views over the unnaturally green golf course, Lake Sherwood and the rugged peaks of surrounding Santa Monica Mountains.

Miz Spelling and Mister McDermott’s do not lack for other high-profile neighbors they can invite over for a celebrities-only barbecue. Hockey hunk Wayne Gretzy (who sold his 12,000-plus square foot pile to Lenny Dykstra who tried to sell it for $25 million but eventually lost it down the gaping gullet of foreclosure) still owns a house in the ‘hood as does tennis ace Pete Sampras (who custom built a contemporary compound in the community currently listed at $19,950,000), crooner Paul Anka, rocker Tom Petty. Pop superstar Britney Spears recently moved to the upscale enclave where she leases a substantial mansion on an elevated lot with views over the golf course, lake and mountains.

Unfortunately property records are a bit fuzzy—or maybe it’s just the gin & tonic we drank for breakfast—but real estate listing aggregator Redfin shows the estate was sold to a non-celebrity couple in March 2010 for $2,700,000 by a non-celebrity woman who, innerestingly, bought it in March 2007 for $5,600,000.

aerial photo: Bing
listing photos: RE/MAX Olson & Associates via Orange County Real Estate

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  1. Anonymous says:

    They are back renting in the San Fernando Valley again.

  2. Anonymous says:

    She no longer lives there, she’s rented a home closer to the action of LA

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think she’s extremely insecure that he will dump her. However as long as he can do nothing for a living and live that life he will stick around, at least as far as the public is concerned. They got together on shaky ground leaving his first wife and son high & dry,
    karma follows close behind. I recall that segment of him & the female flirtatious skin diver.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nope, there actually is a long private driveway with two remote-controlled gates: one at the street and one further up where the fence on the north property line meets the drive. Unfortunately, there’s also a parking lot and huge fenced-in trash bin just a few feet west of the house. (I did some work on the house for a previous owner.)

  5. Anonymous says:

    “accessed by a long and wide winding driveway equipped with not just one but two remote-controlled gates.” This must mean the entire community because you can see in the picture that there are other houses nearby.

  6. Anonymous says:

    @ Petra’s Something said, I saw an interview with Tori and Tori clearly said that she did not grow up in The Manor, she said she moved in at 17 and moved out at about 18, construction on The Manor wasn’t completed until 1990, that is verifiable and Tori was 17 in 1990, Tori may have stayed over or came around to visit often but she moved out at around 18 years old, not only did she state this in an interview but I believe its in her book too, also Tori was making about $50,000 per episode from 90210 since she was about 16 years old, why would she want to live up under her parents?

  7. marlee says:

    I thought Candy had already set up trusts for Liam and Stella (and now, probably Hattie).

  8. Desert Donna says:

    I love Tori for making and starring in the movie Trick. It is a very iconic gay movie, and that alone is worth loving her. Moreover, the movie is sweet, has a nice message, and a great soundtrack. Love ya Tori!

  9. Petra's Something says:

    3:14 – Tori did not only spend a year in the Manor, she lived there for several years after completion until she was well into her twenties. I have an uncle who was a longtime security guard for the family and can testify to this.

  10. Valley Girl says:

    Dawned… I suppose you are right. But do you think Candy will leave anything to Tori or her kids? I think this will be one of the biggest contested Wills in history. Candy may well leave everything to Randy or one of her dogs. She is quite the mommie dearest.

  11. Dawned says:

    Valley Girl….there is no way Dean will ever stray. He’s holding out for the Spelling millions when Candy croaks. Why do you think he hooked up with Tori in the first place?

  12. RESfan says:

    This thing looks huge. How many square feet is it & how many bedrooms/ bathrooms?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hey Mama, I don’t get why you and most media outlets keep reporting that Tori Spelling grew up in The Manor, Tori did not grow up there, construction was finished on The Manor in about 1990, Tori was 17 at the time which is practically an adult, she only lived there from 17 to 18 and then she moved into her own mansion, remember Tori was rich as a teen cause she was on 90210 so she could afford her own place, she did not grow up in The Manor

  14. Anonymous says:

    She didn’t have four kids in four years. Liam was born in 2007 and Stella was born in 2008. Her third kid was born in the fall of 2011. That means there was over three years between her 2nd and 3rd kid.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Maybe Tori and Dean will become the next Duggars and Candy will be out on Wilshire due to Aaron’s provision for the Grandkids!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Never particularly cared for Tori Spelling, but where she lives and how many babies she has is not my business or yours either. She’s a grown woman and certainly can make her own choices in life. House is nice. Grounds are nice. I bet if they like living there they will end up buying it.

    I’d love to see some of the “hot mess” homes you people live in. I’d bet they are not anywhere near as nice as this home is. It’s easy to find something to not like if it isn’t yours.

  17. Valley Girl says:

    It is really sad that she felt she had to put out so soon after being sliced and diced for her prior delivery…

    I bet she is very insecure that Dean will stray. But that’s what comes from building a relationship based on infidelity. I bet Aaron is turning in his gold plated grave. This won’t end well.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Woah why is everybody goin nuts on the 4 kids in 4 years thing… she’s not a teen single mom on welfare you know… they are married and supporting them without anyones help, maybe they just want a big family, so what???!!!!

  19. nursedeb says:

    how nice…tori found a “larger” house….or cottage? the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree here…I agree….hot mess.
    four kids in four years…you think they figured out what causes that yet…LOL

  20. Anonymous says:

    Did Candi finally open the checkbook? Only time will tell.

  21. Doug says:

    I don’t like to call anyone a liar, but I have counted the oaks and I only came up with 853 – that’s a Hell of a lot less than a thousand. Why would I count the oaks? It was either that or look at this house…

  22. Candy Spelling says:

    Hot mess alert. The poor dear obviously didn’t inherit her mother’s good taste in architecture.

  23. Anonymous says:

    She leased this just for her show. To perhaps attempt to make it interesting…

    Candy surely will not purchase it for her.

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