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the people at People, Gossip Girl queen bee Blake Lively and lantern-jawed actor Ryan Reynolds—who met on the set of The Green Lantern film by most tabloid accounts dating for just six (or so) months—have purchased a country house hideaway in exceedingly affluent and beauteously bucolic Bedford, NY.

Not that Miss Lively or Mister Reynolds give a God damn rat’s ass what Your Mama thinks but, seriously? Six months of dating and these two, who were also seen last November both together and separately looking at luxury apartments in New York City, have (allegedly) acquired a roughly two million dollar country house together? Pleeze.

We recognize beautiful Miss Lively and good-lookin’ Mister Reynolds are thick in the turgid and humid blush of a new romance and we can certainly understand their (presumed) desire for a little privacy and grass where they can let their freak flags fly and pooches run hog wild. But come now. They have more sense than to buy a house together at this early juncture in their young relationship, don’t they? Someone please tell Your Mama it’s Miss Lively who desired a country spread and her current beau Mister Reynolds is simply along for the ride. Otherwise, as our cynical and boozy but sometimes wise b.f.f. Fiona Trambeau often says, “This will only end in tears.”

A few of the other high-profile property owners in the general vicinity of Bedford include Ralph Lauren, Martha Stewart, Lena Olin and Glenn Close, booze heir Matthew Bronfman, and money men George Soros, James Dinan and Leon Black.

We’re not exactly sure where New York City-based Miss Lively lives—somewhere in the West Village, reported—but we do know that Mister Reynolds continues to own a modest, ranch-style residence in the star-studded Outpost Estates ‘hood in Los Angeles that he bought in October 2007 for $1,715,000 and  had on and off the market since 2009. It was last listed in the fall of 2011 with an asking price of $1,599,000.

Mister Reynolds and his ex-wife Scarlett Johansson recently sold The Wong House, a low-slung Buff & Hensman-designed domicile in Los Angele’s Los Feliz area they picked up in August 2010 just before they split for $2,900,000 and listed in early 2012 for $3,650,000. As of today, the 2 bedroom and 3 bathroom mid-century modern is in escrow for an unknown price.

P.S. Your Mama don’t yet have any details on the house (allegedly) bought by Miss Lively and/or Mister Reynolds so don’t bother to ask, thank you.

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  1. nursedeb says:

    traveling train wreck…..
    the diaster will unfold shortly in
    the tabs….
    and the place will be resold.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Mama..she lives on Vestry in Tribeca..I think it might be a rental since she’s been on and off again looking for so long. stay handsome and thin.

  3. Anonymous says:

    3:08 Tori who? What trust?

    This article is about Mr. Reynolds and Miss Lively buying a home together in Bedford, NY.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tori, better hope mommy doesn’t bankruptc that trust.

    Remember Gummi Bear Davis is a “so called” trust fund babe, but granddaddy dearest had a huge gambling problem and poof…no more trust fund.

  5. Candy Spelling says:

    Lawd have mercy, I replied to the wrong entry. These poor ol’ boozy eyeballs of mine just aren’t up to the task any longer.

  6. Candy Spelling says:

    The house is very cute from the outside. And I actually don’t mind her decorating style (though the color scheme would have to be changed for sure).

    And Brentwood is a lovely area. Almost $3 million seems a bit high for a house of that size, but it’s very nice and with luck I think she’ll get around $2.5 mill.

  7. SH says:

    Martha Stewart mentioned on her post-Easter show that Blake was a guest at her Easter Sunday brunch at her Bedford house. Not bad.

  8. Anonymous says:

    No comments on these two but

    Ohhh, Mama, I’m watching the news and Candi Spelling just said she’s shopping for an NYC apartment right now and it will be recorded for a new reality TV show of hers on HGTV.

    Hopefully it’s delicious!

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