D.C. reporter Jason Mattera, who has appeared on "Hannity" with clips of ambush interviews of various liberal celebrities, landed what he thought was an interview with Bono, and grilled him on U2's tax filings, but Media Matters points out that Mattera may have instead been interviewing a Bono impersonator.

Update: Mattera, who writes for Human Events and posted the video to Breitbart.com (which has since taken it down, now admits that it was not Bono he interviewed. He said on Twitter, "I promise to ambush every impersonator until I get to the real Bono ;)" He had been pursuing a story about the hypocrisy of U2's tax practices while Bono promotes debt relief for African nations.

Mattera tells the Washington Post: “I got punked. I thought I got Bono. I didn’t. I got his impersonator apparently. Hats off to him. He got me — and how! After scores of interviews with big-time politicians and celebrities, I finally got had. It was bound to happen sooner or later. On the bright side, if I’m gonna get had as good as I did, it might as well be in pursuit of one of the greatest rockers ever."

The impersonator apparently didn't know how to respond to Mattera's questions, and said he was not responsible for U2's actions. All true, as it turns out.

The Post's Eriq Wemple interviewed Pavel “Bonodouble” Sfera, who went to the event where Bono supposedly was as a spoof. Sfera says that he did the interview but did not try to fake an Irish accent or pretend to know anything about U2's finances. But he didn't try correct Mattera either. 'I let him go," Sfera said. “I didn’t think he was being legitimate and fair."

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