President Obama's fundraiser at the home of George Clooney is expected to raise just shy of $15 million, according to sources.

That would shatter records of previous fundraisers, although figures include $6 million raised for the event itself and the remainder from an online contest in which supporters could enter a drawing to attend the dinner.

Obama's previous record-setting evening was in fall, 2008, when he raised $10 million at a pair of events in Los Angeles, including one in which Barbra Streisand performed.

Update: The campaign has not officially announced how much it raised off the online contest, so there is some question as to whether the $9 million figure is too high. Jeffrey Katzenberg told the New York Times that the figure was $15 million, but that was disputed by an unnamed campaign official. Even if it falls short of that, it is still expected to set a record.

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