The lure of incentives

The where and why of productions

Incentives: 20% of qualifying spend, including digital media projects, with 5% bonus for off-season projects and 5% bonus for family-friendly ones.

“Bad Mom”
ABC (ABC Studios/Kapital Entertainment)
Jenna Elfman stars in this comedy about a woman who has relied on her own mom to raise her kids. When her mother decides she wants her life back, this “bad mom” has to come to grips with raising her own children.

“Magic City”
Starz (Starz Entertainment)
Miami is practically another character in this story of a man who tries to hold his family together during one of the most explosive and glamorous periods in the city’s history. While running the Miramar Hotel, Ike Evans must contend with the mob and the dramatic changes that occur in Miami as Fidel Castro takes control of Cuba.

“The Finder”
Fox (20th Century Fox Television)
George Stults and Michael Clarke Duncan star in this drama based on the book “The Knowland Retribution” by Richard Greener. The Miami-shot series pilot follows Walter Sherman, a veteran who specializes in finding people and things that no one else can.

“Charlie’s Angels”
ABC (Sony Pictures Television/Flower Films/Mandy Films)
Robert Wagner will be the voice of Charlie in this Miami-shot pilot for the remake of the popular series that originally ran on ABC from 1976 to 1981.

Incentives: 20% of the “base investment” in the state, plus 10% if the qualified production activities include a qualified Georgia promotion.

“Hail Mary”
CBS (Warner Bros. Television/Silver Pictures)
Minnie Driver stars as a suburban Atlanta mom who teams up with her murdered son’s best friend to become detectives and solve the crimes that slip past the city’s police.

ABC (ABC Studios/Bernero Productions)
Two female police officers who are secretly half-sisters become partners on the Atlanta police force where they work together to solve crimes and cope with the police station’s “boys’ club.”

Incentives: 30% of qualifying local spend, plus 15% of the Illinois labor expenditures generated by the employment of residents of geographic areas of high poverty or high unemployment.

“Cooper & Stone”
CW (CBS Television Studios)
In this police drama about two young female detectives on the North Side of Chicago the women must face down the city’s toughest criminals and everyday issues in their personal lives.

Starz (Lionsgate Television/Grammnet Productions/Roya Productions/Old Friends Productions)
Kelsey Grammer stars in this Chicago-shot drama centering on the Machiavellian machinations of a fictional Chicago mayor with a secret.

NBC (20th Century Fox Entertainment and Imagine Television)
This ensemble drama set in Chicago in the 1960s explores the social and political events of the day through the eyes of several Bunnies working at the Playboy Club in the Windy City.

Incentives: 30% of qualifying local spend, including the payroll for residents and non-residents, and 5% of resident payroll = $1 million.

“Wild Card”
USA (Fox Television Studios)
In this New Orleans-shot pilot for a funny procedural, a group of lawyers who are more like fixers who help people who’ve behaved badly while in Las Vegas get out of their jams.

Incentives: 25% of qualifying Quebec expenditures (not limited to Quebec labor); bonus: Quebec computer animation and special effects tax credit: 20% additional credit on qualifying Quebec labor for animation and special effects. Quebec incentive is stackable with Canada’s federal tax incentive, which is 16% of qualifying Canadian labor expenditures, net of assistance, including any provincial credits attributed to qualifying labor spend.

ABC (ABC Studios/ITV Studios/The Mark Gordon Co.)
Angela Bassett and Orlando Jones star in this crime drama based on an ITV series from the U.K. about an elite group that investigates identity thieves.

Incentives: 25% of qualifying local spend.

“The Crossing” (aka “Reconstruction”)
NBC (Universal Media and Kapital Entertainment)
In this Santa Fe-shot drama focusing on a Union Civil War veteran, a soldier haunted by his past crosses the country and settles into a complicated town where he is welcomed as its savior — whether he likes it or not.

A&E (Warner Horizon Television and Shepard/Robin Co.)
Local sheriff Walt Longmire has been alone for a year since the death of his wife but with the help of a young, sexy female cop he is reinvigorated and recommits to his job and to running for re-election because he knows what everyone else in his community knows: that he’s the only man who can do the job. New Mexico provided landscapes doubling for rural Wyoming.

Incentives: 30% of qualifying production local spend (facility, location, and post-production costs); 10% of the qualifying post-production spend (if 30% credit not claimed); 4% to 5% of the eligible investment credit base.

Untitled Susannah Grant Project
CBS (CBS Television Studios and Timberman/Beverly Productions)
Patrick Wilson plays an ultra-competitive surgeon whose life is changed forever when his ex-wife dies and begins teaching him what life is all about from the hereafter.

USA (Fox Television Studios/Avenue Pictures/Universal Cable Prods.)
A day trader who has it all — beautiful wife, great apartment, tons of money — also has a massive gambling problem he faces every day at Gamblers Anonymous meetings. When a terrible trade costs his firm millions, the trader is fired from his job. Unable to find work in a shrinking job market, the trader goes back to his old addictions and becomes a bookie.

Untitled Ed Redlich & John Bellucci Project
CBS (Sony Pictures Television/CBS Television Studios/ Timberman/Beverly Productions)
Poppy Montgomery plays a female NYPD detective who possesses the special ability to remember everything. This is a gift in her job but a curse in her personal life. The show is based on a short story by J. Robert Lennon, “The Rememberer.”

“Prime Suspect”
NBC (Universal Media Studios/ITV/Film 44)
Maria Bello stars in this drama based on the U.K. ITV procedural series about a female chief detective inspector who wins over her detractors with her skills and professionalism.

NBC (Universal Media Studios, DreamWorks Television and Storyline Entertainment)
Debra Messing, Katherine McPhee and Anjelica Huston star in this one-hour musical series that follows a cross-section of characters who come together to put on a Broadway musical. Based on an idea by Steven Spielberg.

“Weekends at Bellevue”
Fox (Universal Media Studios and BermanBraun)
Lauren Ambrose and Xzibit star in drama based on a book by the same name. The show follows a doctor as she makes the rounds on her late shift at New York City’s Bellevue hospital.

ABC (Warner Bros. Television and Fake Empire)
A group of young politicos living in Washington, D.C., are just getting started with their careers and coming to terms with the inevitable struggle between idealism and realism.

“Person of Interest”
CBS (Warner Bros. Television)
James Caviezel stars in this procedural drama about an ex-CIA agent — presumed dead — who teams up with a mysterious billionaire to thwart crime in New York City.

CBS (ABC Television Studios/CBS Television Studios)
Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as a troubled young woman on the lam from the mob. She hides out by inhabiting the life of her wealthy twin sister, until she learns her twin’s life has a bounty on it, too.

CBS (CBS Television Studios/Tribeca Films)
Leelee Sobieski stars as one of six NYPD rookies who are trying to learn to balance their personal lives with their work lives on the streets of Manhattan.

“Pan Am”
ABC (Sony Pictures Television)
Christina Ricci stars in this workplace drama about a group of women and men who work as flight attendants and pilots for a clipper service from Pan American World Airways in the mid-1960’s.

Incentives: 15% of qualifying local spend, or an alternative 25% refundable credit, subject to sales and use tax adjustments and 6.9% income tax; effective Jan. 1, the credit became 25% of qualifying local spend, no longer subject to state income tax.

ABC (ABC Studios and Temple Hill Productions)
In this modern crime drama, shot in Wilmington, a young woman returns to her hometown under an alias years after her family was disgraced when her father was wrongly imprisoned for a white collar crime. Once back in town, the young woman begins to seek revenge on those responsible.

“Hart of Dixie”
CW (Warner Bros. Television and Fake Empire)
Rachel Bilson stars in this Wilmington-shot drama about a smart but socially awkward surgical resident who ends up moving to a small Alabama town to take over a general medical practice after she loses her boyfriend, best friend and fellowship.

Incentives: Up to 10% of Oregon-based wages paid (residents and non-residents, exclude entire compensation if Oregon compensation > $1 million per person), and 20% of qualifying local goods/services other than wages, i.e.,20 % applies to registered loan-outs.

NBC (Universal Media Studios/Hazy Mills)
In this dark procedural drama a young police officer thinks he’s going crazy when he starts to see people turning into monsters. Then he learns he is a “Grimm,” someone who can see things ordinary mortals can’t, he realizes his destiny lies in battling the forces of evil.

Incentives: A credit of 25% of qualifying local spend.

“Locke & Key”
Fox (20th Century Fox Television, DreamWorks Television and Kurtzman/Orci Paper Products.)
In this drama based on the graphic novel by Joe Hill, a group of young people move into their mother’s home in Lovecraft, Mass., after their father is murdered. They discover the home has supernatural powers.

Incentives: The Czech Republic offers 20% of qualifying local spend to companies or individuals registered to pay Czech income tax, and 10% on payments to individuals not registered to pay income tax but who do pay withholding. Italy offers up to 25% tax credit to an Italian executive producer and €5 million ($7.3 million) per project per year, capped at 60% of the overall budget, including up to 30% of European Union spend through an Italian company; Austria offers 25% of qualifying local spend.

ABC (ABC Studios and Little Engine)
Ashley Judd stars in this suspense drama about a former CIA agent who travels to Europe to find her missing son.

Incentives: 40% of qualifying local film spend, and for infrastructure projects, the lesser of 40% of the cash investment or 20% of the budget.

“The River”
ABC (Studios and DreamWorks Television)
In this mystery/drama a group of loyal friends of a famous television naturalist who has gone missing lead an expedition into the Amazon to find him. Could there be something mysterious and deadly that is responsible for his disappearance?!

Incentives: 5% to 15% of qualifying local spend or 8% to 25% of wages paid to Texas residents; if = 25% of filming days are in “underutilized areas,” the grant is increased by 2.5% for the local spend option or 4.25% if the wage option is selected; the incentive is tiered based on local spend: 5% incentive for reality and talk shows with resident cast requirement.

“Good Christian Bitches”
ABC (ABC Studios/Darren Star Productions)
In this family dramedy based on the book by Kim Gatlin, a recent divorcee and her two children return to her childhood home in Dallas where she must contend with her own mother and a gaggle of gossipy friends who are out to spread rumors about her.

Incentives: 25% of qualifying Ontario expenditures (not limited to Ontario labor); Ontario computer animation and special effects (OCASE) bonus: 20% of qualifying Ontario labor related to digital animation and special-effects work. Ontario incentive is stackable with Canada’s federal tax incentive, which is 16% of qualifying Canadian labor expenditures, net of assistance, including any provincial credits attributed to qualifying labor spend.

CW (Television and Reveille)
Two sisters find themselves on opposite sides of a zombie uprising. These zombies have a special and unique power to disguise their grotesque appearance behind beautiful, sexy bodies.

ABC (Warner Bros. Television/Lin Pictures)
Crime drama set in the mid-1840s follows Edgar Allen Poe, a writer and Boston-based reporter who sometimes uses the supernatural to help police in their investigations.

Incentives: 33% of qualifying British Columbia labor expenditures; digital animation or visual effects (DAVE) credit bonus: 17.5% additional credit on qualifying DAVE labor (for principal photography commenced after Feb. 28, 2010). BC incentive is stackable with Canada’s federal tax incentive, which is 16% of qualifying Canadian labor expenditures, net of assistance, including any provincial credits attributed to qualifying labor spend.

“17th Precinct”
NBC (Universal Media Studios)
Stockard Channing toplines show set in a mythical town called Excelsior where magic and supernatural powers take precedence over science.

“Secret Circle”
CW (Warner Bros. Television /Alloy Entertainment/CBS Television Studios)
Britt Robertson and Thomas Dekker star in this drama about a young woman who moves to a new town and discovers that she’s a witch, part of a secret coven and also the key that will unlock a centuries-old battle of good vs. evil.

Fox (Warner Bros. Television and Bad Robot)
J.J. Abrams executive-produces drama exploring the legends and mysteries surrounding one of the most notorious U.S. prisons. The show kicks off when a group of prisoners and guards who mysteriously disappeared in the 1960s suddenly reappear in the present day without having aged. FBI agents are sent to examine what happened.

CW (CBS Television Studios/Fineman Entertainment)
A dedicated young female attorney and a former angel team up to tackle cases at her legal aid clinic. She solves her clients’ legal problems and he tries to save their souls.

“Once Upon A Time”
ABC (ABC Studios)
Ginnifer Goodwin and Robert Carlyle star in this drama about a young woman who is drawn into a town where the magic of fairy tales may be real and could hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of her troubled past.


“American Horror Story” (20th/FX)

“Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea” (WBTV/NBC)

“The Assistants” (CBS TV/CBS)

“Bent” (UMC/NBC)

“Brave New World” (Sony TV/NBC)

“Chicks & Dicks” (20th/FBC)

“Council of Dads” (Sony TV/FBC)

“Damage Control” (ABC TV/ABC)

“Danni Lowinski” (CBS TV/CW)

“Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apt. 23” (20th/ABC)

“Exit Strategy” (WBTV/FBC)

“Family Album” (20th/FBC)

“Family of Doctors” (UMS/NBC)

“Free Agents” (UMS/NBC)

“Grace” (ABC TV/ABC)

“Home Game” (CBS TV/CBS)

“Homegrown” (WBTV/CBS)

“How to Be a Gentleman” (MRC/CBS TV/CBS)

“I Hate My Teenage Daughter” (WBTV/FBC)

“I Hate That I Love You” (20th/NBC)

“Iceland” (Sony TV/FBC)

“Little in Common” (WBTV/FBC)

“Lost and Found” (WBTV/ABC)

“Lovelives” (20th/NBC)

“Mann’s World” (WBTV/NBC)

“Metro” (20th/NBC)

“My Freakin’ Family” (ABC TV/ABC)

“My Life as an Experiment” (Sony TV/NBC)

“Other People’s Kids” (ABC TV/ABC)

“Outnumbered” (20th TV/FBC)

“REM” (20th/NBC)

“Smothered” (WNTV/ABC)

“Suburgatory” (WBTV/ABC)

“Tagged” (Sony TV/FBC)

“Touch” (20th/FBC)

“Two Broke Girls” (WBTV/CBS)

Untitled Emily Spivey (UMS/NBC)

Untitled Jack Burditt (20th/ABC)

Untitled Marc Cherry (ABCTV/ABC)

Untitled Parham & St. Clair” (UMS/NBC)

Untitled Peter Knight (Sony TV/CBS)

Untitled sports radio (CBS TV/CBS)

Untitled Whitney Cummings (UMS/NBC)

Untitled medical show (WBTV/CBS)

Untitled Kari Lizer (WBTV/NBC)

“Vince Uncensored” (WBTV/CBS)

“Wonder Woman” (WBTV/NBC)

“Work It” (WBTV/ABC)

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