Notes from the afternoon: A ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ TV show?

Beverly-hills-cop-41Eddie Murphy told Rolling Stone that instead of a “Beverly Hills Cop IV,” he is interested in producing a pilot of a TV show that would place his Axel Foley character as the Detroit Chief of Police and feature Axel’s son in the lead role.

“I’d do the pilot, show up here and there,” Murphy said. “None of the movie scripts were right; it was trying to force the premise. If you have to force something, you shouldn’t be doing it. It was always a rehash of the old thing. It was always wrong.” Murphy also talked about a now-dormant grudge he once held against “Saturday Night Live” for the show making fun of him.

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NBC midseason drama “Awake,” from “Lone Star” showrunner Kyle Killen, is one of the best new projects of the 2011-12 season — and also figures to be one of the toughest to draw an audience. To that end, Joe Adalian of Vulture reports, exec producer Howard Gordon (“Homeland”) and Killen asked NBC to suspend production on the show so they could have more time to map out the show’s story arc.

“We’ve got (six) scripts and episodes we’re very proud of, but we felt the show would benefit from having more time to plot out where we’re going,” Gordon said. “It’s a very complex show, and since we weren’t under any gun in terms of delivering episodes by a deadline, we asked for (the hiatus).”

On Twitter, Shawn Ryan (“The Shield”) offered reassurance: ” ‘Shield’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ are examples of shows that took in-season hiatuses during Season 1 to catch up. Just more press about it now.”

Mo Ryan of AOL TV has more.

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Two tidbits on “Grey’s.” First, Shonda Rhimes twitlongered her policy on sex scenes for thesps, and let’s just say it was great news for aspiring but never-nude actors like Tobias Funke (right):

“In Shondaland, I have a rule: no actress has to take off any articles of clothing if they don’t want to. If someone wants to do a love scene in a turtleneck and parka, that is fine with me. If they want to do a love scene in pasties and a thong, that is fine with me. A lady has the right to do what is comfortable. And that comfort level is different on different days. So if you see a love scene and someone is wearing a t-shirt instead of being topless, that’s not me. That’s an actress doing what feels right for her on that day.”

— “Grey’s” tidbit No. 2. The logline for this week’s episode includes the following (spoiler): “Owen stresses teamwork and moves his leadership role over to the baseball field when he signs the doctors up for a baseball league, pitting them against their biggest competition, Seattle Presbyterian.” While this sounds vaguely like a Gary’s Old Towne Tavern episode of “Cheers,” the real standard for this kind of thing is the classic “WKRP in Cincinnati” softball episode against arch-rival WPIG.

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By leaving out the quotes from the title of its 10 p.m. Wednesday drama, this press-release headline from ABC public relations became a lot more fun:


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