Sleuth_275x2671 Stop NBCUniversal before it brands again.

TV Guide Magazine reported Friday that the NBCU-owned cable channel Sleuth has been rechristened Cloo TV. That's Cloo as in Clue, the name NBCU apparently couldn't use for the same reason it's getting rid of Sleuth: Those kind of generic titles are tough to trademark and don't show up first in Google search results.

Perhaps we should have expected this kind of corporate lunacy from a company so intolerant of that yawning chasm between the C and U in its own name that it needlessly smooshed the two words together.

NBCU already displayed a propensity for mangling proper spellings in service of inelegantly lettered but phonetically correct brands when it renamed its network SciFi as Syfy a few years ago. Apparently that act of insanity was not a one-off occurrence.

But where does this madness end? Apply NBCU's logic to the rest of its cable stable and it would seem there's more changing on the way. How on earth can you spell Bravo any differently than it's already spelled? Will Oxygen become Ahksajin? Why not just get it over with at horror network Chiller and call it EEEK! or AAAAH!

And don't be surprised if the Sleuth-to-Cloo transformation unintentionally opens up another problem. Just think back to what was previously the cable industry's craziest story before Syfy came along: the 2003 suit filed against Viacom by Spike Lee, who claimed Viacom was ripping off his name to rebrand erstwhile cable network TNN as Spike TV.

Naming a channel Cloo TV is just begging a lawsuit from George Clooney.

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