Glee Project

Oxygen's Ryan Murphy-produced "Glee Project" has broken the hearts of theater kids around the country by narrowing the field to a mere twelve of them. Some of these guys and gals were picked out of 34,000 contenders via MySpace audition videos; some apparently have great agents or know people with pull ("was discovered through industry channels" is the phrase); others attended casting calls.

The contenders include some self-taught musicians, a couple of folks who've been performing since before they could cross the street alone (are we going to meet the stage moms? I really want to meet the stage moms on this show), and at least two kids who describe themslves as outcasts in high school. Most appear to fit pretty neatly into a John Hughes-esque character type, or at least to be attempting to do so. It's seemed from preliminary footage of this show (and who knows, since it's only now being cast) that some of the kids will be of types that are already represented on "Glee," which poses a problem for those contestants since it's not clear what the show's writers would do with two plucky everygirls, for example.

Can we just establish right now that there will be no nerds on this show? I realize that "nerd" is now a type, in the same way that "Diva" and "Jock" and "Persecuted-Yet-Fabulous Gay Kid" are also types, but "Sweaty Fat Dudes Who Obsess Over Fantasy Novels And Are Afraid Of Girls" are not somehow appearing on television these days disguised as hipsters in $700 glasses and skinny jeans.

I promise. I'm on the SFDWOOFN&AAOG listserv and there has been no such notice sent out.

The Gents: Alex, 18, from Lynn, MA; Bryce, 22, from Westlake Village, CA; Cameron, 21, from Fort Worth; Damian, 18, from Derry City, Northern Ireland; Maltheus, 20, from Atlanta; Samuel, 19, from L.A.

The Ladies: Ellis, 19, from Grayslake, IL; Emily, 22, from NYC; Hannah, 20, from Charlotte; Lindsay, 19, from Modesto, CA; Marissa, 19, from NYC; and McKynleigh, 19, from Paducah, KY.

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