Royals cause a ruckus traveling across the pond

When it came to preparing for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s arrival at Variety’s Venture Capital and New Media Summit, no stone — or chandelier crystal, for that matter — was left unturned. The Beverly Hilton, an already glitzy hotel, was spruced up for the July 8 event with paint touchups and a thorough cleaning of the chandeliers. The City of Beverly Hills, too, chipped in — sidewalks were fixed and streets were repaved in anticipation of the Royals’ attendance.

Variety’s Linda Buckley was on hand for the William-and-Kate prep: “The security team said to us they’re one minute out and you could feel the excitement in the air, the anticipation,” she recalls. “The lobby of the Hilton was sanctioned off but it was full of fans. And all of a sudden you could hear the helicopters upon us — they were here. You could tell when they arrived because everyone started screaming.”

Everyone appreciated the security, but Buckley couldn’t help but laugh at one intense moment: After one of the Summit’s panels, the seating pillows needed to be touched up — but before Buckley could take to the stage, security took to walkie-talkies, yelling, “Variety woman wants to fix the pillows!”

Buckley was finally allowed to approach the couches after receiving a nod of approval and hearing, “Pillows, copy.”

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