Synthespians replacing thesps? Not soon

'Apes' has people talking about the future of acting

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  • 'Tyrel' Review

    Sundance Film Review: 'Tyrel'

    Think “Get Out” without the horror-fantasy element, but with a lot more alcohol consumption, and you’ve got the gist of “Tyrel.” Sebastián Silva’s latest is a discomfiting snapshot of an African-American guest’s awkward weekend among an otherwise all-white bunch of strangers bro-ing it up at a cabin in the Catskills. Not an especially pointed commentary [...]

  • Colette

    Sundance Film Review: 'Colette'

    As much as we romanticize Belle Époque Paris, the City of Light was not so enlightened when it came to women’s rights at the turn of the 20th century. Their fortunes nearly always depended on marriage, or else being “kept” by wealthy men (and the former by no means guaranteed that one’s husband wouldn’t also [...]

  • PGA Awards: 'Shape of Water' Wins

    Producers Boost 'Shape of Water' Ahead of SAG Awards, Oscar Nominations

    The Producers Guild of America is the first industry organization of the season to speak up on the year’s best work. The group’s choice: Guillermo del Toro’s “The Shape of Water.” Now what? For a period of time, the PGA prize was seen as a solid Oscar harbinger. Given that it is the only other [...]

  • 'Mandy' Review: Sundance Film Festival

    Sundance Film Review: 'Mandy'

    Panos Cosmatos’ 2010 debut feature “Beyond the Black Rainbow” was the kind of movie that divides genre fans into two camps, the enraptured and the infuriated. Visually striking but awfully murky in the realms of plot and meaning, it signaled the arrival of a talent that might prove formidable, or might turn out to be [...]

  • Leave No Trace

    Sundance Film Review: 'Leave No Trace'

    Like the scrappy Brown Dirt Cowboy to Viggo Mortensen’s six-kid “Captain Fantastic,” Ben Foster plays a renegade dad who insists on raising his daughter on his own terms in Debra Granik’s “Leave No Trace.” For fans of the director’s “Winter’s Bone,” which effectively launched Jennifer Lawrence’s career, this unconventional family portrait shares many qualities with [...]

  • Bisbee '17

    Sundance Film Review: ‘Bisbee ‘17’

    History is written by the victors. That’s certainly true in Bisbee, Ariz., a small border town where, in 1917, a sheriff backed by local mining companies rounded up striking workers and exiled them to the New Mexico desert, never to be seriously thought of again. “Bisbee ’17” addresses that traumatic event in a bracing documentary [...]

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