Gamers could be key to 3D TV sales

Casey: Vidgame auds prefer 3D experience

Gamers are likely to be one of the key markets driving 3D TV sales, according to research presented Thursday at the 3D Gaming Summit.

Dan Casey, senior VP at research firm Interpret, said the company’s surveys show that gamers prefer to experience 3D playing console games in front of a bigscreen 3D TV. As a result, gamers are showing almost double the interest in 3D TV as non-gamers.

Satisfaction among consumers who’ve tried 3D in any medium remains high, said Casey. However while most gamers are aware of 3D gaming, most haven’t tried it yet. “That’s a huge opportunity,” said Casey.

Despite high satisfaction, 3D gamers were split on whether stereoscopic viewing improved game play. 28% said it detracted from gameplay, while 20% said it improved gameplay.

Casey said consumer education is key anytime 3D is introduced in new products. “3D is a very confusing technology to a lot of people,” he said.

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