To be successful, some leave social networking to pros

#Celebs make hay in cyberspace

Hollywood celebs have tweeted insensitive comments about breast feeding in public, circumcision and jokes about the Japanese earthquake disaster — proof positive that not all of their Twitter messages are created or censored by image-conscious handlers.

Indeed, there’s no secret “tweet central,” inhabited by workers grinding out messages for their clients.

Still, while tech-savvy celebrities tend to originate some or all of their tweets, their missives come from a mix of sources: Some are generated by personal assistants or publicists, in some cases dictated by the celebrity; others are created out of thin air.

And some are sponsored messages created by advertisers who pay for their distribution.

Followers can sense bland tweets created by support staff such as “I need a strong coffee today,” “Great rehearsal with the band” and “Don’t forget to donate to my foundation.” To build and retain a following, digital media pros say that celebrities need to originate at least some seemingly genuine and revealing messages.

While generating tweets capped at 140 characters is a skill any celeb can master, posting content on Facebook and personal websites requires greater digital savvy, so many of Hollywood’s finest outsource their management in those areas.

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