PGA, Variety honor leaders in emerging digital entertainment

The PGA and Variety honored 25 leaders in emerging digital entertainment at the Ritz-Carlton in Marina del Rey Monday night.

“Every time you watch ‘Jersey Shore’ there’s a librarian somewhere that falls down dead,” quipped Shawn Gold, PGA’s Digital 25 advisory committee co-chair.

The night’s hostess, Illeana Douglas, joked about her Web series “Easy to Assemble” for Ikea.

“Yes, I do get free Ikea furniture, which I immediately sell on Craigslist because frankly it’s a great way to meet college guys,” said the actress.

Mary Lynn Rajskub explained her new Web series “Dicki.”

“It’s about a 40-year-old woman who hasn’t left home and decides to make friends through Facebook and maybe shows her a-hole in the process. She’s nothing like me,” Rajskub deadpanned.

The night’s in memoriam included Borders bookstores, planking, Chatroulette and your privacy, courtesy of Facebook.

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