The critics have not been kind to Paramount's "The Last Airbender." Just take a quick glance at or to see precisely how unkind they have been.

Fair enough. Not every movie is meant for critics, perhaps especially one adapted from a Nickelodeon series.

So I was a little surprised to see a positive quote ad for the movie — calling it "A Powerful, Action-Packed, Exciting Family Film" — until I scrolled down to the source.

No offense to the site (which I have never heard of before) or the studio's marketing team, but if that's the only positive quote you can find — and based on a survey of the reviews, that's pretty close to the truth — then why bother at all?

I'd also recommend taking a look at Joe Morgenstern's takedown of the movie in the Wall Street Journal, which veers from a discussion of "Airbender's" lack of merit to a brutal but accurate look contemplating how director M. Night Shyamalan's career could have gone so astray after the promise of "The Sixth Sense" and "Unbreakable." Like all Morgenstern's reviews, it's worth a read, but this one is harsher — and more insightful — than most.

Update: The "Airbender" ad in Saturday's paper does feature a few more quotes from the usual suspects who tend to like everything. But for the record, I went to — and for a second, I was afraid my work computer was going to block it — and still couldn't find the quote that was featured in the ad. In fact, the site's featured review of the movie calls it "astonishingly bad."

Second update: In response to Mr. 'blo's comment below….

Wow, you were quoted in review ads of "MacGruber?" You must be
soooooo proud! That kind of reinforces my point — studios quoting
relatively obscure sources when they can't find praise from better-known

However, I was somewhat unfair inasmuch as the review quote for "Last
Airbender" was attributed to a freelancer, as noted above, which
reflects more on Paramount playing fast and loose than the site. So my
apologies for that, and my best to you and the wife, Josephineblo

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