As a Critic, Here’s Good Reason to Kill Yourself

Thanks to for bringing the following clip to my attention and in the process completely ruining my day.

Somehow it slipped by me that Cody Kifford — Kathie Lee’s son — will be reviewing movies for “Today’s” fourth hour — the one his mom co-hosts — as part of his “internship.” OK, good for him, nepotism is a fact of life. But then he had to stick a long spike into my eye by stating the following:

“I think that as you get older, you know, you kinda — no one’s fault — but you get a little out of touch with contemporary issues, films, and whatnot. Maybe not out of touch, you can be knowledgeable about it, but you’re not really — it’s not your generation anymore. And that’s no fault of anyone’s, but I think I can bring, maybe, a little more awareness and, kind of, a relevancy, that maybe isn’t there with older people.”

Sure, and who could have been raised with a more populist touch than a kid like Gifford, who was born on third base and is apparently convinced he hit a triple? Suddenly, Ben Lyons isn’t looking so bad.

He’s right about one thing, though: Right now I feel really, really old — and whatnot.

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  1. Pat says: have captured many with your apt description, “Born on third base and is apparently convinced he hit a triple? ” Am not against Cody, nor against any kids’ who have had a life of protected privilege, BUT DO WISH HIS MOTHER, KATHIE LEE and HODA would consider the impact of some of their off-hand remarks on parents and kids who do not have the above. They make comments with incomplete information. Although Kathie Lee’s kids attended private school and Hoda has no kids, they are fast to support—at the expense of teachers or principals—a student who gets publicity because her school said ‘No’ to her wearing some piece of metal in some part of her body at some school function. We don’t know what that school is facing nor why the rule was instituted. Even worse was the day that they,other talk shcw anchors & newsreaders, chasized a school for sending home a 5 year for bringing a gun to school, that turned out to be a toy; BUT they ignored the bigger,truly important story of caution which occured at the same time: A 5 YEAR OLD BOY IN IDAHO TOOK A REAL GUN OUTSIDE AND SHOT a TEEN BOY ON WAY TO SCHOOL. TV talkers, filling time, are first to complain if a principal or college president has not NOT demanded rules that ‘might’ have prevented some tragedy. Am sure Kathy Lee & Hoda are nice people, but, look back at their shows, this past year. Why do they think their frequent drinking of booze is funny or rewarding to the audience. As a professional counselor. guarantee there are many women, men, teens out here in TV-Land trying to hard to stay sober. Trying NOT to have a drink…but, ‘heck’ why not join Kathie Lee & Hoda. They seem to be having so much fun. Just requesting that they and ALL TV Talkers,not just Kathie Lee and Hoda, research and think before they talk.

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