The official word from Warner Bros. Television is “no comment” on how Charlie Sheen’s Monday night hospitalization will affect the upcoming production schedule for “Two and a Half Men.”Charlie-sheen-rehab

The studio and CBS have been through this more than once with Sheen, and neither wants to get ahead of themselves in trying to speculate how cast and crew might be affected with Sheen’s most recent off-screen tabloid-making encounter.

As “Two and a Half Men” is one of the top-rated shows on television, and a cash cow for both Warner Bros. and CBS, both entities are treading delicately.

According to Warner Bros.-owned TMZ, Sheen is scheduled to fly back to Los Angeles today on a private plane. He was in New York on a scheduled hiatus for the show and production for the next episode is scheduled to begin Monday with the taping set for Friday, Nov. 5.

Time will tell if things proceed normally or if there will be a hiccup in the production sked.

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