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If there is a sense of loss due to the lack of "Twilight" at this years Comic-Con, folks seem to be dealing with their disappointment by channelig their energy into "True Blood." Folks lining up a mere two hours before the event were turned away as hardcore fans began filling the room in the early morning. Most waited thru seven hours of programs just to catch a glimpse of the cast HBO's hit vamp skein.

Moderated by Tim Stack, Alan Ball introduced a montage of clips that offered a look into future episodes and then the cast took questions about season three, their characters and the future of "True Blood."

Sookie seems to be kicking way more ass this season. Why do you think that is?

Comic_con_logo_boffo Anna Paquin: I think she has always kicked ass in her own way, but life has beat her down, so now she is ready to fight back.

What are your favorite gross out moments?

AP: After Marianne took over the house, there was a small, naked man in the sink that was doing something intimate with his intestines. That was interesting.

What does Tara always find the wrong guy?

Rutina Wesley: I think the minute she is attracted to someone, she runs away. It's a security defense she learned in her childhood. I'm hoping the security will come down in the future.

Sam's family is right out of Jerry Springer. Why does he put up with it?

Sam Trammell: Sam wants to help his brother, but it's not the best thing really.

How did the Snoop Dogg video come about?

Alan Ball: I knew he was a fan and wanted to be in the show since the first season, but I was so busy. They shot it one day and brought it in on Monday for me to see.

What celebs watch the show?

Kristen Bauer van Stauten: I heard Elizabeth Taylor is a fan

Charlaine Harris: Anne Rice is a huge fan of the show

What will happen between Jessica and Hoyt?

Deborah Ann Wall: I think you can't love someone until you love yourself. But with the confustion of being a vampire, Jessica doesn't know how to love herself yet.

If Eric had to choose between Pam and Sookie, who would he pick?

KBS: I am his progeny. Sookie is his infatuation. So…choice C.

What is your favorite episode?

CH: "I Will Rise Up." But I find something to love in each episode.

As actors, do you prefer to film the sex or the violence?

AP: Well, you have to fake the violence.

Stephen Moyer: All of us that have to be naked, we starve ourselves. Doing the physical stuff is more fun because you get to eat.

How is it working with animals?

KBS: Skaarsgaard isn't that bad.

What are your favorite lines?

KBS: I have been answering to "hooker" a lot lately.

Nelsan Ellis: I like every time I say bitch.

KBS: Every script is filled with gems.

What is your inspiration for Lafayette?

NE: My mama. I also have four sisters…and they are crazy. I take their crazy and stuff it into Lafayette.

Do you think Sookie and Bill are soul mates?

AB: I believe they are. I think the Bill/Sookie relationship in the books is different than the show because of how in evolved. On the show, their love is genuine and true.

CH: Things are evolving differently in my world. It's two seperate entertainment experiences.

I have been known the ending in my world for about eight or nine years. Please don't capture me later to find it out.

If you can be any type of supernatural, what would it be?

DAW: A witch. To have power and not be 17 forever. Or a virgin.

Any teasers for season four?

AB: Everyone goes to therapy. Everyone goes on medication. Everyone is happy.

Actually, there is a character that doesn't know who he or she is….and maybe someone who once hated him or her now doesn't.

(Pictured above: "True Blood" stars Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin hold a cutout of Alexander Skarsgard at Friday's Comic-Con panel)

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