“Lost”: Episode 4, “Lighthouse”


“This is cool, dude. It’s very old school — you and me, trekking through the jungle, on our way to do something we don’t quite understand. Good times.”

Well put, Hugo. This sew, “Lighthouse,” did have a heavy old-school “Lost” vibe. It was at least a eight or nine “dude” episode for Hurley, which is always a trademark of quality. And there was a “Littleton” name check, which is always a bonus for this viewer.

But I especially liked this episode because I feel like I’m starting to get a handle on the flash-sideways narratives and what it is they’re telling us about the characters.

As we saw in Jack’s climactic scene with his preteen son, David, the characters in the no-crash 2004 timeline still have plenty of flaws and heartache, but they’re somehow better equipped to deal with their problems.Jack finds the way to communicate with his son (“In my eyes, you can never fail”) — I guess we’re to presume Sarah is the mother? — just like Locke appeared to be on his way to coming to grips with his physical limitations in last week’s episode. And for good spooky fun, they’re salting the stories with a few holy-cow encounters, like Jack running into Dogen at the conservatory tryouts, or Locke running in to Ben as a fellow junior high school teacher. Maybe these seemingly random no-crash 2004 encounters will pay off down the road.

My Variety colleague Justin Kroll posits that the “someone” that Jacob says is “coming” to the island are the 2004 no-crash versions of our characters. Sounds plausible to me.

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  1. -CD says:

    Very nice article. Have you ever thought of the possibility that Christian, Smokey and F’Locke are all the same people?
    Remember that Christian’s dead body was on the plane the first time around (the man in black commandeered Christian’s form) then became the one who guided Locke on how to move the Island and was the one who told him he had to die. In the cave he told Locke he must die because he needed to use his body to get to Jacob; it was the only way. And the only way to get his body to the Island was to get the others to bring it back, convincing them that it will save their friends, when really it was the Man In Black’s will.
    Then when F’Locke first gets back to the Island 1. We haven’t seen Christian on screen once since F’Locke appeared on the beach wearing that blue stary-night blanket, and 2. F’Locke sent Richard to Locke (when he was skipping through time) so he could attend to the wound and tell Locke that he had to die; that was later confirmed to Locke by Christian underground where the wheel was.
    If the Man In Black is also the Smoke Monster then he clearly has powers similar to that of Jacob (he just can’t leave the Island) and has the foresight to get what he wants by using the Oceanic people. Not to mention that he knows who the “candidates” are and that he has to sabotage them to get off the Island.
    As far as Claire goes, it’s very possible that a part of Christian came out and felt the need to protect his daughter since he failed so many times at that in life. Similar to last week’s episode when F’Locke yells at the boy, “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” which could be seen as part of Locke coming out in him.
    I think it’s a great possibility that the Man In Black has had as much of a hand in manipulating these people as Jacob has. After all, it’s a game of Good vs Evil to them.

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