“Lost”: Episode 14, “The Candidate”


Ah! Sweet mystery of life.

I’m going to observe some silence tonight in memory of the dearly departed Sun and Jin Kwan, a love story for the ages, and Sayid Jarrah, who tried to redeem himself to the very end by throwing himself on top of the bomb.

Jin and Sun’s moment of death was artfully rendered with the flashing red light serving as the symbol of their beating heart (and that slow “Lost” piano theme that gets me every time). Thank goodness for DVDs, because this beautiful moment, one of the cappers of our long “Lost” journey, was horribly marred by a ham-fisted commercial break that came up entirely too fast and without a hint of a fade-out on this scene of great import.

A few other observations on “The Candidate,” written by Elizabeth Sarnoff and Jim Galasso and directed by Jack Bender, before I completely lose it over the realization that Sun and Jin are in a watery grave. (If there were more than three hours left in the life of “Lost” I’d be more skeptical, but I don’t think there’s time for “Flash Gordon”-style twists without the show losing major credibility. The Sun and Jin that we know, at least in this timeline, are no more.)Lostseason6candidatejacksawyer

** Faith and belief a big theme here, natch. Jack, Locke and Flocke going at it in two different timelines. Jack and Sawyer too.

** Early on in the episode Jack on the island has a flash to Jack dealing with Locke in the alternate L.A. timeline. Is that the first time an Islander has had a flash to that alt-world? I think so but I could be wrong. I’m pretty grief-stricken. If Jack “fixes” Locke in the alt-timeline, will it have bearing on Flocke’s actions in island time? Locke’s subconscious mumblings in the hospital in the alt-LA timeline (“Push the button”; “I wish you had believed me.”

** Now Widmore’s picking up the “I’ve got a list” mantra. I still don’t have a clue what he’s after.

** Jack and Sawyer’s strange bond by the end of this seg is unexpected. Very unexpected, given all the attention paid to the Jack-Kate-Sawyer triangle. Maybe it’s a bro-mance after all?

** Wasn’t it Flocke who noted that Sawyer is the greatest liar? He proved it again tonight after he earnestly told Flocke how he’d misjudged him and then turned around a second later and asked Jack for help keeping Flocke at bay while they head out on the sub.

** Bernard!

** We’re clearly building toward Aaron’s birth in the alt-timeline. Hmmmm.

Lostseason6candidateflocke ** Let’s not forget that Miles, Ben and Richard are also running around the jungle trying to thwart Flocke. Are they the ones that put the C4 explosives in the plane?

** Sayid knew more than he was letting on at the end, based on his rapid-fire instructions to Jack (“It’s going to be you”) as he sprinted away with the bomb.

— Cynthia Littleton

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  1. Shali says:

    That was really sad that Sun and Jin died. And how appropriate that he told her in Korean that he would never leave her again.

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