Fox finally finds a way to kill “‘Til Death”

There’s always that one show in primetime that somehow manages to survive the ax year after year, for one reason or another (we’re looking at you, “According to Jim,” “Wings” and “Becker”).

But eventually, the network gods finally intervene. This year, it was “‘Til Death” that was finally slain. Fox confirmed the news Tuesday afternoon.

The ratings were never in “‘Til Death’s” favor, but the economics were. Fox gave the show a 22-episode order last January after Sony Pictures TV gave the network a break on the license fee — and it wound up being a deal that Fox couldn’t refuse.

For Sony, the pickup brought the “‘Til Death” episode total up to more than 80 — close enough for an off-network syndication sale.

The problem there: “Til Death” has gone through several revamps and cast changes over the years. Stars Brad Garrett and Joely Fisher have remained constant; but “Til Death” originally was about two couples at different stages of life — with Eddie Kaye Thomas and Kat Foster playing younger next door neighbors.

In season three, “‘Til Death” moved its focus to the friendship between Garrett and new cast member J.B. Smoove. But in season four, the story shifted again — as the couple’s daughter (Lindsey Broad) moved back home, along with her slacker boyfriend (Timm Sharp).

Fox actually informed Sony and the show’s cast and crew a few weeks ago that it wouldn’t pick up any more episodes. Brad Garrett confirmed the news to Zap2It:

“The other night, we got an 0.8 [rating],” Garrett reports in his famously deep
voice. “Once your mom stops watching, you’re an 0.4. The network said, ‘What do
you suggest?’ I said, ‘If you give me one more month, I can take you to a zero.’
And there was dead silence.”

Garrett adds that others who were involved
in “‘Til Death” have moved on to other projects: “After year two, when you’re
getting beat by Telemundo, it’s time to go home. I mean, even the show my
housekeeper watches was beating the show that was paying her salary. I’d come in
the room, and she’d quickly turn off Telemundo.”

The show also underwent a producer change in its final season. Don Reo, Dean Lorey, Glenn Robbins, Doug Wald and Garrett exec produce for Sony Pictures TV. “‘Til Death” was originally created by Josh Goldsmith and Cathy Yuspa.

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  1. Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

  2. TDog says:

    I enjoyed the show but honestly have only been watching it the past couple years for Joely, who seems to be losing more and more clothing as the episodes go on. She is still the hottest thing in a pair of high heels!

  3. Tayla says:

    This once amusing show became a complete waste of time. The last few episodes I watched were filled with crude, racial, unamusing and disconnected skits. The racial “comedy” actually made me so uncomfortable that I have removed this program from my DVR. WTF happened to the writers on this show?

  4. Brad Knows Who says:

    Here we go again! Once again it’s all a big joke to Brad -also note the signature racism on the housekeeper. Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t think that it’s Brad’s slovenly, racist, anti-christian and general mental stature -or lack thereof- that is ruining things for anyone who works with him or employs him? Just wondering.
    Really, Fox must appreciate those comments when they’re paying for these shows. Sony too when they’re trying to get a syndication deal done.
    Brad really needs to go back to carrying luggage for someone who really is talented (Ray Romano, Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David).
    When you see Brad call him “Cramer”; me thinks he would appreciate that.

  5. matt stechel says:

    I liked it. I was still watching it. I was quite happy with seeing it every Sunday at 7 for an hour before The Simpsons (even if it was frequently pre-empted by Nascar) Even if the quality of the writing was all kinds of weak sauce i always enjoyed the chemistry between Garrett and Fisher–and they also tended to use their guest stars pretty nicely. I’m thinking of Martin Mull or kevin nealon or gilbert gotfried here.
    I even liked the son-in law Timm Sharp—i liked the recurring recent plotline of him believing himself to be living on a sitcom–i thought that was cute—they even had Blossom as his psychiatrist! BLOSSOM!!! I realize no one on earth was watching it anymore—but i still don’t get why Fox declined another season—i’m assuming the show was still cheap for them–and i know they still have plenty of holes to fill on either Friday night or in the spring on Sunday nights before The Simpsons—i guess its back to reruns of American Dad in that slot next year. Bring Back The War At Home!!!

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