Leemajors Add Lee "The Six Million Dollar Man" Majors and Kevin "Hercules" Sorbo to the list of one-time TV stars ready to play exaggerated, parody versions of themselves.

It's the Larry David-ization of Hollywood, apparently. In looking for a few good yuks, Syfy's new development slate — set to be announced Friday at the TV Critics Assn. press tour — includes the Majors starrer "Me and Lee," and the Sorbo entry "Legendary."

I do give both guys credit for being willing to poke fun at their image — and the shows they're best known for.

"Me and Lee" centers on a young man with a bad back who's lured
into a high-tech lab by Lee Majors — who makes the guy bionic.

Matthew Salzberg and Jenji Kohan are writing and exec producing "Me and Lee," which also comes from Steven Pearl and Lionsgate.

And on "Legendary," Sorbo will play Kevin Sorbo, a former syndicated TV star. The half-hour single-camera series, from David Eick and scribes Adam
Karp and Royal McGraw, follows Sorbo as he's recruited by a fan to help
defeat actual creatures that threaten to destroy Los Angeles.

That sounds kind of like a fun idea. Universal Cable Prods. is behind "Legendary."

Sorbo Here's a snapshot of Syfy's other development:

— "Human Relations," comedy about an office temp who discovers that his new co-workers and boss are really aliens looking to destroy Earth.

— "Sherwood," from the team behind "Sanctuary," moving the Robin Hood story to the 23rd century.

— "Ball and Chain" follows ex-lovers who are almost hit by a meteroite — and then imbued with extraordinary powers that only work when they're next to each other. Now, to save the world, they must work together — even though their relationship is over.

— "Orion," described as "National Treasure" meets "Firefly," is a space opera centering on a female relic hunter and he team. The crew looks to sell valuable items on the black market while avoiding bounty hunters.

— "Zeroes" follows the "Zombie Extermination and Removal Operations," which must figure out how to keep the peace after zombies overcome the barrier preventing them from entering the city.

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