‘E! News’ goes back to 60 minutes

"E! News" is returning to an hourlong format Oct. 25, with E! canceling 7:30 p.m. companion show "Daily 10."

Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic anchor and serve as managing editors for "E! News," which just posted its highest-rated month and quarter ever. Beth McCauley exec producers.

The hourlong version will incorporate elements of "Daily 10," which premiered in March 2006 and has been hosted by Catt Sadler and Sal Masekela.

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  1. RazorBoy143 says:

    Reality check: E! Network was planning to merge “Daily 10” and E! News into one hour-long program for a long time. Ryan Seacrest, in fact (a co-creator of “Daily 10”), has been hinting about this on his radio show for months now. (I, myself, saw experimental versions of this program air on E! months ago.) So when Lambert fans feel the need to claim that one homo prison rape joke Mike Catherwood tells about their idol got the show canceled, I just have to laugh my butt off, because it’s simply not true.

  2. Patti says:

    My issue is this. This show is not shown live. Therefore the producer’s, and the editor had time to not have this piece of garbage on the air, but apparently they let it pass. It says a lot about that entire organization. Also why didn’t the co-host (sorry forget her name) immediately say something while she was sitting next to him? This show absolutely deserved to be cancelled!

  3. Leigh says:

    Yes, Michele (post above), all decent people are happy that this repulsive group of people have lost their jobs. It’s great to see (for whatever reason) the right thing happen. It was a slimy remark, a cowardly apology, and a disgusting attempt at an excuse. Yes, happy – very, very happy.

  4. Q says:

    I am glad E did the right thing by cancelling Daily 10. I am also glad that Sal was fired for his twitter-fit or what ever the reason. I wish Mike Catherwood would be banned from the airways. I think banning him would be a step in right directions for media accountability.

  5. RLA says:

    I honestly think that it has much more to do with ratings than what happened with this GUEST host.

  6. Roni says:

    yay, good riddance to them! I followed the tweets of the so called apologetic hosts, not conversing with them vbut just taking it all in! I was appalled at the outright ignorance of them and how they laughed off this attack of hate on this fine young man! believe me, you did the right thing by getting rid of them! Its time we took a stand and said, we arent going to accept ignorance, homophobia and hate attacks hidden behind the excuse of humor anymore!!

  7. LambertsLabelle says:

    THAT was the right thing to do,congrats to this desicion!!!
    Even the “apopogyze” made everything just worse and showed that these people did not regret at all.”Lambert is pretty enough to be anyones bitch” and then comparing that Lambert in jail in a room full of men (yes,criminals!!!!) is just the same as sitting in a broken bus with the Lakers-cheerleaders..etc..etc…PLEASE!!!THESE people had to go!

  8. Gleaux says:

    As an international fan of many American television programs, I was shocked and disgusted by the ignorance and homophobia disguised as “humor” recently displayed by the hosts of The Daily 10 program. I was further astonished by the subsequent lies and insincere apology offered by the hosts. Kudos to E! for stepping up and doing the right thing. Tolerance for this type of bigoted rhetoric on national television would certainly have diminished the USA’s international reputation as a progressive country.

  9. Let’s hope this trend continues. There’s a fine line to walk with ‘humor’ and unfortunately, too many times that line is not only crossed, but jumped over without thinking of whom it will hurt. May there be a lesson learned here… Humor is subjective and it is up to the individual, especially in the public eye, to know where that line is. When one crosses the line as in this case, that person should be held accountable for their thoughtless words. For once, the people stood up for what they believe. I hope it will become the norm.
    The USA has a hard enough time accepting differences, sexuality, and diversity without the help of insensitive media outlets spewing more hate and intolerance.
    This is a good day America…Embrace it. The world needs it. We can change the world…Sometimes we just need a little help.
    **Quote: “One of the things I hope to achieve with my type of music is that it includes everybody. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what your sexuality is, what race you are, what your religion is, what your age is. … We should appreciate our differences as opposed to allowing them to keep us segregated.” Adam Lambert

  10. me says:


  11. Peony says:

    I am based overseas and I used to watch Daily 10 a day after it was aired live in the US. I used to like its hosts too. But what happened last week, made me realize that we the audience have the duty to tell the show producers what type of shows we want and will continue to watch. What they said about Adam and the insincere apologies made by them to make up all warranted this cancellation.
    RIP Daily 10.

  12. Jesse says:

    Thank you E! for taking a stand. I do, indeed, hope the homophobic remarks and the moronic “apology” were party responsible for the demise of this show. This issue goes beyond Adam Lambert. He was the catalyst that brought to light the bigotry of this program. The Daily 10’s defense was that they weren’t advocating “prinson rape, just that Adam might enjoy being able to have “consensual” sex with so many men! That is revolting. Adam can have sex with a partner of his chosing without being in prison, don’t ya think? This show was the eqivalent of Jack Ass….idiotic, dangerous, and without any merit. Stop blaming Adam’s fan’s for this situation and take personal responsibility. Opps…That would take a conscience and some maturity….I forgot!

  13. Matt says:

    Thank you E News for making it clear you will not tolerate bigoted and homophobic comments from your staff. I, for one, appreciate the way you have handled this situation and am grateful you take the concerns of your viewers seriously.

  14. Janice says:

    Just goes to show you, the public has no time for bigoted and caustic comments, no matter who the target. Humor is one thing, homophobia and cruelty is another. Some stuff is just NOT funny. Good riddance.

  15. michele says:

    Who are they trying to fool? Sal tweeted yesterday that the Glamberts would be full of joy today, guess what he’s right!

  16. KatieJ says:

    So happy to see there is zero tolerance for bigotry at E! News. Which of course is the real reason for the Daily 10’s demise.

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