Get ready this fall for CBS' new Monday night drama, "Hawaii Five-Zero."

Yep, in what the Eye has billed its "shortest press release in history," the network has informed journos that it's not the capital letter "O" but instead, the number "0," in the show title "Hawaii Five-0."

But yet, that zero is still pronounced "O." As in "Oh." As in, "Oh, we're just effing with you."

This from a network that tried to convince us for years that "3" was actually the letter "e," as in "Numb3rs."

Now, to be fair, "Five-0" refers to Hawai'i as the 50th state, so of course it should technically be a number. But I always assumed that stylishly, it made more sense to type an "O." It looks fuller than a "0," and given that it's pronounced "O," well, shouldn't it be the letter "O"?

Stop playing your numeric mind games on us, CBS!

ADD: Someone also pointed out that there's actually a good reason to clarify letter O vs. number 0 right now: Online. As the network sets up Twitter and Facebook accounts for the show, there needs to be clarity — and execs at CBS say the show's title has always had the number 0, not the letter O, in the title. 

If Google is any indication, however, the letter "O" seems to be used more often. A search for "Hawaii Five-0" (with the zero) yielded 263,000 results; a search for "Hawaii Five-O" (with the letter O) came up with nearly 1.7 million.

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