Show's procedures ran the gamut and then some

The characters on “Nip/Tuck” often underwent procedures for bizarre reasons. Here is a sampling from the show’s six seasons of some of those, and why they were done.

  • Breast reduction for a stripper

  • Voice lift for a phone sex operator past her prime

  • Testicular implants

  • Nipple replacement after an unfortunate dog bite

  • Tattoo removal

  • Ear transplant surgery

  • Kidney transplant

  • Ectrodactyly hand surgery on a baby

  • A facelift for the afterlife (Mrs. Grubman)

  • Anal retread tightening

  • Breast augmentation in which the implants were filled with lover’s ashes

  • Removal of an identifying mole on a child molester

  • Surgical removal of an obese woman from the sofa she was melded to

  • Removal of two fraternity boys’ faces from a third’s butt cheeks, then grafted the skin on said butt

  • A facelift to a woman whose husband suffered from Alzheimer’s in the hopes that he would recognize her again

  • Facial reconstruction for an AIDS patient who suffered from facial wasting

  • Surgery to restore two female corpses that a serial killer had dismembered and reconstructed in honor of his dead sister

  • A facelift to transform and protect a mother and son in the witness protection program

  • A rhinoplasty for a Down syndrome boy so he could resemble his family

  • Ava Moore received her final genital reassignment surgery

  • Separation of conjoined twins

  • A facial transplant after a girl’s ponytail got caught on a roller coaster and ripped her whole face off

  • A nose job for a teenage girl to make her nose “less Jewish”

  • Microliposuction so Kimber could fit into her size zero wedding dress

  • A routine liposuction that revealed a 13-year-old fossilized fetus in a woman’s womb

  • Replacing a blind woman’s eyes with beautiful but fake eyeballs

  • Christian attempting to perform rhinoplasty on himself

  • Reconstructive surgery on an African model who was a victim of genital mutilation

  • Facial reconstruction for a frostbite victim

  • Hand surgery to repair a woman’s stigmata

  • Sean performed breast implant surgery on a male journalist

  • Creation of a mold of Kimber’s nether region for the “Kimber” doll

  • Removed a scar on a gorilla

  • Christian performed an eye lift for Matt’s high school principal as a bribe

  • Facial reconstruction on an abused woman

  • Made two identical twins look different

  • Corrected Matt’s self-circumcision

  • Performed an eye lift to make a hopeful groom look Asian so his Asian in-laws would think he was a good match

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