Sam Waterston saves the oceans

Spearheading a sea change in government policy

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“I’ve loved the ocean all my life. As a New Englander, I’ve seen the nasty effects of the collapse of fisheries on the life of seaside towns,” says thesp and conservationist Sam Waterston, who recently testified on Capitol Hill on the effects of ocean acidification. “Whether this capping effort works or not, the after-effects of this spill in the Gulf are going to be felt for a long, long time to come.”

Waterston serves on the board of the nonprofit Oceana. Founded in 2001, it is the largest org focused solely on ocean conservation.

“The lesson that Oceana would like people to take away from this catastrophe is that there is no such thing as a technology that is failure-proof,” says the actor. “For the time being we need that oil. But this should be the moment to definitively change course. As a country, we need to recognize that the costs of carbon fuels to the environment are too high.”

“I really do hope that this catastrophe will galvanize people into action,” Waterston emphatically concludes. “If people, instead of shaking their heads and being sad about it, were making a noise in D.C., things would move along a lot faster. They would.”

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