The yawningly predictable "Caught" throws crumbs to agreeable, attractive players.

Proponents of same-sex marriage will encounter in David L. Ray’s dramedy “Caught,” no challenge to their beliefs or exception to the sunniest of feelings. Visual artist Troy (Will Beinbrink) struggles a bit with the closeted impulses of attorney fiance Kenny (Corey Brill), but it’s a negligible impediment to wedded bliss. Every cause needs cheerleaders, and there’s nothing wrong with preaching to the choir. But the yawningly predictable “Caught” throws crumbs to agreeable, attractive players.

Ray writes in three modes, beginning with sassy repartee. Everyone gets into it, but most often indulging in quips and snaps in lightly singsong tones are Micah McCain as household friend Splenda (so named to set up an “Equal” joke in act two), and sprightly Amanda Kaschak as Kenny’s visiting Georgia niece, whose ready acceptance of her uncle’s lifestyle comes as a surprise to everyone except the audience member.

There are periodic shifts into whiplash confrontation, most often instigated by one of the visiting Bible Belters: Kenny’s sister Darlene (Deborah Puette) and hellfire and brimstone pastor J.P. (Richard Jenik). The outcomes are never in doubt, as Ray grants neither Red State representative any semblance of an argument, just bigotry and Bible verses.

Then come the nostalgic monologues, during which the action stops dead for a character to get in his or her wistful, generally tearful reminiscence, culminating in a hug. Helmer Nick DeGruccio sends his cast around Adam Flemming’s impressive Beverly Hills living room with skill, but these speeches shaped for acting class really demand greater variety of staging and pace.


Zephyr Theater; 84 seats; $25 top


A Buttermilk Prods. presentation in association with Drumfish Prods. of a play in two acts by David L. Ray. Directed by Nick DeGruccio.


Sets, Adam Flemming; costumes, Katherine Hampton Noland; lighting, Lisa D. Katz; sound, Elizabeth Rhodes; production stage manager, Darlene Miyakawa. Opened, reviewed Dec. 3, 2010. Runs through Jan. 23, 2011. Running time: 1 HOUR, 50 MIN.


With: Will Beinbrink, Corey Brill, Richard Jenik, Amanda Kaschak, Micah McCain, Deborah Puette.
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