Fans exhausted with big-budget zombie movies will be refreshed by "Broken Springs."

Fans exhausted with big-budget zombie movies will be refreshed by “Broken Springs: Shine of the Undead Zombie Bastards,” a wonderfully ragtag affair made with scotch tape, sealing wax and digital video by director-writer-editor Neeley Lawson. Borrowing equally from George Romero and Joe Dante for its wit and politics, Lawson’s ultra-low-budgeter suggests what happens to small-town folks when a mine explosion near a military weapons facility releases a toxic liquid that, if consumed, zombifies on contact. Cult fests, send invites now.

In the little burg of Broken Springs, high chooler Ken (an effective Teaque Quillin) is a classic teen alienated from his lousy stepdad, Jimmy (Chris Cutler), and unsure how to ask out a cute girl, Jenny (Ashley B. Maupin). When local moonshine distilled from poisoned water is distributed to customers, all hell breaks loose, starting with Jimmy and on through the town cops, hotties and bingo players. Lawson particularly skewers ranting radio evangelists, who manage to make a terrible situation even worse. Ken’s resourcefulness with his buddies in shop class, plus activists in something called the Zombie Killers Network, wage bloody war against the flesh-eaters.

Broken Springs: Shine of the Undead Zombie Bastards


An Evil Distillery presentation. Produced by Neeley Lawson. Executive producers, Melissa Fogel, Neeley Lawson, Charlie Lawson, Marsha Lawson. Directed, written, edited by Neeley Lawson.


Camera (color, DV), Ron Loepp; music, Jake McMurray, Bryan Tanori, Chris Ingle; production designer, George Segal. Reviewed on DVD, Los Angeles, June 29, 2010. (In Dances With Films.) Running time: 81 MIN.


Teaque Quillin, Travis Moody, Brandon Jenkins, George Segal, Shannon Wallen, Ashley B. Maupin, Debra L. Young, Chris Cutler, Jacob Moore, Debbie Green, John L. Altom, Scott Parker, Jake Lawson, Jeff Bobo. Narrator: Teaque Quillin.

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