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VIDEO: International trailer for ‘The Green Hornet’

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  • Bizzers Like "Sound" of South-South Co-Prods

    Bizzers Like "Sound" of South-South Co-Prods

    When veteran producer Neil Brandt of South Africa’s Fireworx Media decided to set up shop in Brazil in 2015, he didn’t worry that the company’s creative vision would be lost in translation. Though the two countries don’t share a common tongue, they have poignant similarities. Regional powerhouses and bulwarks of the BRICS trade bloc, both [...]

  • Former IM Global Exec Stuart Ford's

    Former IM Global Exec Stuart Ford's New Venture to Focus on Content

    AGC Studios, the new company launched this week by former IM Global executive Stuart Ford, is fashioned specifically for an era where content, not distribution, is king. Backed by deep-pocketed, international, non-Hollywood investors, the new venture aims to span film, TV, finance and sales, as did IM Global (now merged into Global Road Entertainment). But AGC’s [...]

  • 'Eldorado' Review: A Moving Essay on

    Berlin Film Review: 'Eldorado'

    Two years after Gianfranco Rosi’s “Fire at Sea” won the Golden Bear at Berlin, the European migrant crisis remains the most prominent topic in the continent’s non-fiction cinema, yielding some essential films and other sketchier, more opportunistic ones. In the sincerely felt “Eldorado,” veteran Swiss filmmaker Markus Imhoof easily staves off “just another refugee doc” [...]

  • 'Museum' Review: Dazzling, Heartfelt Mexican Heist

    Berlin Film Review: 'Museum'

    Made of dazzle and wit and melancholy, Alonso Ruizpalacios’ fabulously entertaining “Museum” is loosely inspired by the tale of Mexico’s most infamous museum heist: the theft of 140 Mayan and Mesoamerican objects of inestimable value from the National Museum of Anthropology on Christmas Eve, 1985. In just his second feature after 2014’s cheekily stylish “Güeros,” [...]

  • Touch Me Not

    Berlin Film Review: 'Touch Me Not'

    If anyone is shocked by “Touch Me Not,” they’re not getting the point. In her long-gestating first feature, Adina Pintilie uses bodies of all types to explore the boundaries of intimacy and challenge notions of beauty, which clearly wouldn’t be possible without a significant display of naked flesh. Whether she’s achieved that goal, however, will [...]

  • 'Survivors Guide to Prison' Review

    Film Review: 'Survivors Guide to Prison'

    If ever a proselytizing documentary could be described as assaultive, “Survivors Guide to Prison” might sport that label as a badge of honor. Filmmaker Matthew Cooke (“How to Make Money Selling Drugs”) launches a frenetic barrage of facts and figures, cautionary tutorials, and worst-case scenarios, in the manner of someone wielding blunt instruments to strike [...]

  • 'Mute' Review: The Sound Isn't the

    Film Review: 'Mute'

    Got an old screenplay in your bottom drawer that’s been rejected by practically everyone in town? Now’s your chance: Netflix seems to be greenlighting second-rate “content” like cinema was going out of style (and if the company’s stream-at-home strategy succeeds, it just might). The latest beneficiary is “Moon” director Duncan Jones, who dusted off a [...]

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