Colin Farrell on Sally Hawkins in ‘Made in Dagenham’

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“Sometimes I see a film. Sometimes I see a film that moves me.  Sometimes I see a film that has a friend in it. Sometimes that friend’s name is Sally. When I see a film with a friend in it and that friend’s name is Sally, that film moves me.  

As it was with ‘Vera Drake’ and ‘Happy-Go-Lucky,’ so it is with ‘Made in Dagenham,’ Sally’s latest film. As Rita O’Grady, who spearheaded the movement that willed into being equal pay for women in the U.K., Sally shines as she always has, striking the ever-human balance between dogged strength and essential vulnerability. My heart cracked, ever so, on a number of occasions as I watched her Rita grow into the leader, stepping delicately from the shadow of her own existence and the existence of those women who had gone before her, into the light of a new day of equality.

As Rita, Sally is constantly being changed, modified, affected by her environment whether rising up against the establishment or breaking down with sadness and remorse at the loss of a friend’s husband.

To watch Sally, to be guided by Sally, through this tale of change and progress, is to deeply feel the emotional center of an important story. As Rita, Sally is so caring and scared, and bold enough to allow that fear to propel her forward into the life that stares her unflinchingly in the face. Change is terrifying. Essential. This story shows us that and Sally embodies so beautifully the voice that heralds such growth.”

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