Hollywood Award honoree

Robert Duvall, with six Academy Award nominations and one win, knows by now that a good role is worth the wait. To play Tennessee hermit Felix Bush, who throws himself a funeral bash while he’s still kicking in “Get Low,” Duvall literally waited years for a brightly burnished script — and then the money.

“This is my wife’s favorite among the films I’ve done,” Duvall says, crediting Chris Provenzano’s “wonderful writing” and how “Charlie Mitchell a true Southern writer from Alabama” took the material and “put it on track.”

A visit to his wife’s home in northern Argentina served as Duvall’s inspiration. “I sat in the mountains looking at the Andes to gain a sense of solitude and privacy. That’s what gave me insight into this,” he recalls.

“Sometimes it’s easier to find $110 million than $10 million,” Duvall says of the long wait to capitalize the pic. “I don’t know why they do remakes when there are so many original stories to tell. But what I always say is something comes around the corner and surprises you. Like ‘Get Low,’ it came and went and finally they had the money.”

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