Hollywood Award honoree

Though “The Social Network” is anything but a flattering portrait of Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin says he felt a certain kinship with the man on which the film is based.

“I’m shy, and I’m awkward socially,” says the in-demand scribe, who committed to the project after reading three pages of author Ben Mezrich’s 14-page book proposal for “The Accidental Billionaires,” which serves as the basis for “Social Network.” “I feel like I’m on the outside with my nose pressed up against the window. I can feel as much like an outsider as anyone. In fact, when I watch ‘Entourage,’ I think how cool it would be to work in Hollywood. Then, I realize that I work in Hollywood, and I’ve been on ‘Entourage,’ playing myself!”

It was that respect and emotion Sorkin experienced for his flawed protag that helped create a nuanced character study that has received the blessing of critics nationwide and even Zuckerberg himself, albeit with a non-public nod.

“Mark saw the movie, which we know because Jesse Eisenberg has a cousin who works with Zuckerberg,” says Sorkin, whose entire 162-page script made it into the film, without a single witticism ending up on the editing floor. “He liked the movie, which was nice to hear.”

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