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The second half of Apple’s one-two punch

If you have even a passing curiosity in the tech world, you
probably heard that the iPhone hits stores today. And even if you didn’t,
there’s a fair chance you passed a long line of people at your local Apple

This fourth phone from the company in four years is already
a phenomenon. Pre-orders were 10 times higher than previous products, including
last year’s 3GS. (600,000 preorders were logged on the first day.) It got so
bad, in fact, that Apple’s site had to keep moving back the ship date for
people ordering online, as it was unable to keep up with demand.

The new iPhone is packed with new features, including the
ability to shoot high definition video and easily edit it on the phone. The
device will record video at resolutions of up to 720p, shooting at 30 fps –
which could make it a possible tool for guerilla video shoots from indie

It’s 24 percent thinner than existing iPhones and has a
screen quality that’s four times that of the 3GS, with resolutions of up to 960
x 640. It also has a better battery life.

It’s already a winner – and it follows another milestone for
the company. Earlier this week, Apple announced that the iPad has passed sales
of 3 million units in just 80 days. That’s twice as many as analysts were
predicting the company would sell this quarter.

Listen closely and you’ll hear investors cheering. 

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