So much for Microsoft’s tablet – and maybe HP’s, too

Want a sign of how strong the iPad is? The device, which
releases its 3G version Friday, has caused Microsoft to blink – and cancel its
plans for a tablet device of its own.

Gizmodo, which broke the news about Courier – a folding, two
screen tablet that seemed to show a lot of promise, now has discovered that the
Redmond, WA-based company has decided to halt development on the project.

Microsoft never formally announced Courier – though it has
now confirmed that the project was squashed.

The tablet market is likely to see a lot of new competitors
in the near future. Google is reportedly working on one that revolves around
its Chrome OS. And many technology companies are taking notes about what the
iPad does right and extending onto that.

HP, though, which has shown its own Slate tablet many times,
may be taking a step back. Engadget reports the company has stopped development
of the system – largely due to disappointment with how Windows 7 is performing
on the hardware

HP, of course, acquired Palm earlier this week, so it could
explore using some of that company’s technology in a tablet once the merger is

The iPad, meanwhile, is going strong. Online advertising
firm Chitika estimates sales of Apple’s new product have already topped 1
million units.

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