Orgs and congloms line up on either side of technology

A brief overview of some of the most notable parties who’ve responded to the FCC’s AllVid proposal and their positions stated in their filings on the technology:

Organizations/companies are ordered alphabetically:

Consumer Electronics Assn. (CEA) — Pro AllVid

Advocates a technology that essentially allows consumers to “plug and play” and doesn’t believe that providers need to control the interface. Believes technology will give consumers a genuine choice in the type and manner of content consumption they want to have.

DIRECTV — Anti AllVid

Believes the market is already innovating in ways that will serve the consumer and address consumer needs. Believes mandated technology could undermine the quality of its service and create consumer confusion.

Google — Pro AllVid

Supports the technology since it believes AllVid would remove the constraints of navigating and searching through the available video content on the platform chosen by the consumer.


Thinks there is already enough competition and consumer choice in the marketplace and that this technology may not offer the kind of robust digital rights management required to properly protect content from piracy.

National Cable & Telecommunications Assn. (NCTA) — Anti AllVid

Against this technology because it believes AllVid will hinder innovation in this fast-moving marketplace and will not produce a better experience for consumers. Concerned AllVid could undermine cable’s ability to create its branded experience for consumers.

Sony — Pro AllVid, with caveats

Believes there are opportunities on both the electronics and content side but that technology must be implemented in a way that doesn’t impede innovation and creates ease of use for consumers.

Time Warner Cable — Anti AllVid

Thinks this mandated technology would impede innovation and that the market can best innovate without government rules and regulations.

Verizon — Anti AllVid

States it is already innovating and pursuing new technologies without the push of government rules and regulations.

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