Production house demos latest tech

Hollywood production and post studio Oasis Imagery has shown a new system for producing live, broadcast-quality stereoscopic 3D. The demo involved placing Oasis Imagery exec Scot Barbour, standing on a green-screen stage, inside a variety of 3D environments along with 3D logos and other effects.

Attendees could view the composited, multi-layered 3D stream and hear Barbour addressing them live from the theater.

The system combines 3D technology developed by Instant Effects and workflow designed by Oasis Imagery. Its inventors say it has implications for the production of 3D films and for TV broadcasts in 3D.

In feature films the system could be used as a low-cost way to pre-visualize 3D scenes either in pre-pro or on the set. As a 3DTV application it could be used to produce live 3D broadcast segments for news, sports and other programming.

“As a pre-visualization tool, the benefits are enormous,” said Barbour. “Instead of working with models on a desktop, you can try out 3D effects on a stage. We can key in a background, place live talent or wireframe characters into that environment, and then manipulate it to see how well it works. It allows you to view effects using the right focal length, the right inter-axial and the right convergence — and, as a result, you can make the right decisions.”

Barbour also foresees applications for the system in game production. “It is an excellent solution for motion-capture material,” he said. “It allows you to see actors moving through a 3D environment and interacting with sets and objects in real-time.”

Its developers claim that the system can take some of the guesswork out of 3D production and therefore make it more affordable and predictable.

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