Fox pic tops 'Mamma Mia,' also hits records for Brazil, Taiwan

Twentieth Century Fox’s “Avatar” continued its high-flying rampage overseas during the Feb. 5-7 weekend, staying on top of the international B.O. with $79.4 million at 10,298 screens in 120 territories and making it the highest-grossing film of all time in 32 territories.Pic’s earnings, down just 20% from last weekend, pushed the international cume to $1.6 billion, combined with domestic totals of $633.6 million for a whopping worldwide cume of $2.22 billion.

“Avatar” became the highest-grossing film in the U.K., surpassing previous record holder “Mamma Mia!” “Avatar” grossed $7 million at 422 screens, slipping 35% in its eighth frame, for a cume of $116.5 million in that territory.

Pic also became the top grosser in local currency in both Brazil and Taiwan. In Brazil, “Avatar” earned $1.8 million at 445 screens, down 25% in its eighth frame, pushing its overall gross to $46.6 million, while the pic cumed an all-time high of $24.7 million in Taiwan.

In Italy, “Avatar” delivered the top market B.O. with $8.5 million at 829 screens in its fourth frame, totaling a record-breaking cume of $69.6 million, followed by Germany with $8.3 million at 707, slipping a scant 3% in its eighth frame for an overall gross of $117.7 million.

“Avatar” beat out the launch of German distrib Constantin’s local title, “Zeiten Andern Dich,” based on the life of rap star Bushido, which earned $3 million at 426.

China and Japan rounded out the top five territories for “Avatar.” In China, pic grossed $7.8 million with a cume of $144.6 million — twice the amount of China’s No. 2 film “2012” with $67 million. Totals in Japan reached $107 million after grossing $6.3 million for the weekend at 648 screens.

In France, “Avatar” narrowly beat out Warner Bros.’ launch of “Sherlock Holmes,” opening to $5.5 million at 719 screens. “Avatar” earned $6.3 million at 659 in its eighth frame for a cume of $142.2 million, second only to China. “Sherlock” grossed an overall $16.9 million at 4,620 screens in 62 territories, bringing the international cume to $242.9 million.

Paramount’s “Up in the Air” saw a sizeable boost after earning six Oscar noms, with $10.5 million at 2,619 screens in 46 territories. The George Clooney starrer has now cumed $48.5 million internationally and $124.2 million worldwide. Pic launched in nine markets over the weekend, including Austria and Germany, where it earned $1.8 million at 242 screens, outperforming the opening for Clooney’s “Michael Clayton” in 2007 by 66%.

In holdover markets, including France and Italy, pic maintained its altitude. In France, it grossed $1.4 million at 313 screens in its soph sesh, while in Italy, the pic fell 13% in its third frame for $1.3 million at 247. French cumes have reached $4.4 million and in Italy, totals are $6.1 million.

After a solid showing last weekend, Disney continued to charm overseas auds with its hand-drawn toon “The Princess and the Frog.” Tuner toon earned $15.5 million at 3,225 screens in 32 markets, with 60% of overseas revenue coming from new markets, including Portugal and Spain.

“Princess” debuted in Spain to the tune of $3.6 million at 374 screens, 31% ahead of “Brother Bear” in that territory. Despite Spain’s robust opening, France topped the toon’s frame with $4.4 million at 674 screens, slipping 32% in its soph sesh after its frame-topping launch last weekend. Overall totals in France for “Princess” have reached $12.6 million.

Warner saw healthy launches for Clint Eastwood’s “Invictus” in the U.K. and Japan. In Blighty, pic opened with $1.7 million at 275, behind “Avatar” and “Princess,” while “Invictus” debuted in Japan to $1.8 million at 320.

Solid openings helped boost the film’s weekend gross to $10.3 million at 2,365 screens in 31 markets. Pic’s cume totals $42.7 million.

Emilio Mayorga in Barcelona, Mark Schilling in Tokyo, Clifford Coonan in Bejing, Ed Meza in Berlin, Lauren Seligman in Paris and Nick Vivarelli in Rome contributed to this report.

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