Jimmy Fallon, Night 2: The Sweating Continues

Fallon_lowrynew Jimmy Fallon joked about sweating profusely during his opening-night interview with Robert De Niro, but damned if he didn’t look nervous and sweaty again in his second outing as host of “Late Night.”

Foremost, Fallon seems extremely uncomfortable behind the desk. His interview with Tina Fey was less    an interview than like watching two high school buddies reminisce. I’m sure the stories were great, but as we weren’t a part of them, they really don’t mean much to the viewing audience. Moreover, why have Fey stick around for the entire show if she’s going to sit there like a lox, instead of bringing her into the conversation? At this point, Fallon needs all the help he can get.

Fallon’s monologue was a brisk four minutes and, again, mostly fell flat — including a misguided joke about the U.S.’ plans to withdraw from Iraq. Certain topics require a bit more finesse, but so far the writing is blunt and obvious.

Expect viewers to continue sampling the show for awhile (the premiere ratings were strong, not surprisingly, on Monday night), but if Fallon doesn’t start to settle in relatively soon, I suspect the folks at NBC will begin doing some sweating of their own.

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  2. icecap says:

    I much prefer the more casual back and forth conversation to the boring scripted questions whose answers nobody really cares about. Does the audience really want to hear what the guest did last weekend? Just because the scripted questions are the standard in late night doesn’t mean it’s the best method.

  3. Zodd says:

    Fallon is just bad. Anyways won’t bother watching anymore there’s Jimmy Kimmel and Craig Ferguson both owned this guy.

  4. Jeff L. says:

    Look at that stupid baby! It isn’t able to walk on its own, it needs someone else to feed it, and wipe its ass. It doesn’t even have teeth!
    Give the man a break. Jimmy will find his groove, and we’ll all be there to worship his ass. Who knows? Maybe his nervous demeanor will make him enduring.

  5. GOB Bluth says:

    Fallon was terrible on SNL, has no talent at all, and was a horrible pick for Late Night. For the most part, people just don’t like him and don’t want to see him on TV or in films anymmore. He’s off to a bad start and I don’t think it will get better.
    Conan’s first episode was actually pretty good, and even though the ratings were low initially he was still a great presenter and likable person.

  6. Jerod in Nebraska says:

    I’m rooting for Jimmy, but so far I haven’t gotten enough validation. I’m not upset with how he’s doing–he’s had some good moments, but these first episodes have had more painful moments than successes. The ‘unwanted chair’ bit would have made me sweat too, and for that reason alone I’m glad he had Tina Fey onstage to console him during the commercial break.

  7. Janis says:

    Strange. My boyfriend and I both remarked that we thought we’d like him after last nights show. They just need to get their tech crew in gear on making the music sound better. Could have done without the karaoke too. I do agree that Tina seemed like a hostage by the end.

  8. Leo says:

    I thought he was quite funny last night. Sure, some of his segments sucked, and yes, he was a tad nervous. But he did a WAY better job in the interviews than the night before. Plus, the moment with Bon Jovi and the karaoke fan was pretty cool.
    (even though Bon Jovi isn’t…)
    Give him a break, Lowry. It’s only his second night. Conan sucked for an entire two seasons…
    p.s. Santigold and Spank Rock rocked!

  9. Patrick says:

    I wish Jimmy the best. But “Lick It For Ten” made me wonder if his writers are already on strike. And “Facebook Status” made me feel like I was watching Leno.
    I was expecting remote segments on the streets of New York, or sketches with surprise guests. At least something fresh, not a rehash of what seemed fresh 20 years ago.
    The monologues are also flat, but so were Conan’s in recent times, let’s admit it.
    Either way, I don’t think his writing staff is really trying. They’re sending him onstage with THIS? During his all-eyes-on-me premiere episodes?! He’s getting screwed. I can only imagine what Tina Fey was thinking about his material.

  10. Conan4Life says:

    I too support the “Give Falon a break!” comment. Its his 2nd night trying to fill the shoes of a great late night icon. Just let him get his voice and his bearings, THEN put him on the chopping block. Agreed, it took Conan 4 seasons to get his groove….

  11. Brian Lowry says:

    I appreciate the discussion here. Just one small point: If you read my initial review (you’ll find it under “TV reviews”), I do stress that this is a marathon and that snap judgments should be avoided in latenight. That said, the world we live in now is such that people want to know (as I suspect some of you did) “How did he do?” and “What did the critics think?” right away. Just to be fair, I plan on watching Fallon all this week and revisiting the show from time to time over the next several weeks. As for that crack about baby boomers going to bed early, OK, that struck a little close to home. If I could get off this couch, I’d take you down a peg.

  12. Andy says:

    The problem in reviewing one or two shows is that you are treating it like a sprint and not a marathon. Jimmy is likable, he is more connected to new media then any other late night host, and he is connecting well with his audience. Interviewing is not an easy skill but Jimmy has the ability to adapt his own unique style to the process. In the meantime, his bits so far are very clever and fun. I like what I see so far.

  13. imkis32 says:

    Oh no, the Jimmy Fallon superfan got offended!
    I’ll probably watch as I’m up at that time anyway, but late night really doesn’t have a lot to offer now that Conan’s gone. Fallon just isn’t very funny, and Craig Ferguson has his moments, but some of the recycled jokes (do we have a picture of Paul McCartney) get old pretty quickly.
    Yes, Fallon is trying different stuff, but both his ‘lick it for $10’ deal and his ‘facebook status’ thing fell flat after the first audience member.
    I think Fallon will be given a chance to come into his own, but as far as I’m concerned, CBS is in a good position to make a move for the Late Night spot now.

  14. Ryan Sartor says:

    I think that Jimmy Fallon is the best host on late night television right now. He is self-deprecating, honest, and if he talks to his guests as though they are real people, that’s a great thing! If Joaquin Phoenix had been on Jimmy Fallon instead of Letterman, I believe Fallon would have really listened to Phoenix and not just gave him a hard time. I think it will be difficult for Fallon to not become robotic like Letterman and Leno, they all do sooner or later, but for right now, it’s a really entertaining hour of television.
    I hope he never listens to you guys.

  15. mike says:

    @travis – There is simply no comparison to be made between Conan and Jimmy. Conan had NEVER BEEN ON TV BEFORE. Fallon is supposed to be a industry vet having appeared for years on live tv and in films. And yet, he’s doing WORSE then a guy who had experience. Fallon was just a terrible pick. He’s smug and unlikable and clearly wrong for the gig.

  16. Travis says:

    Critics man. Give the dude a break. Does anyone remember Conans debut? No I didn’t think so. It took a while for him to build up steam. You can’t write the guy off because of the second episode.
    Jimmy will come into his own. Plus at his worse he’s better than Carson Daily on his best day. And I think the show is doing something smart and really paying attention to technology and games, something that’s going to stick with the new generation.
    You baby boomers are going to bed after Leno’s 10pm slot anyway.

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